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[Marlene]: And sauce, sauce, sauce.

- Yes, sauce, sauce, sauce, yes.

- This week on GMM we are doing an episode all about

synchronized dancing and how that may help

your pain tolerance levels, so we need

a synchronized dance for the show.

And it's Ellie's episode, so Ellie went

to our resident synchronized dancing experts,

Mike and Alex, to ask them for some help.

- So the episode is based on a study where

dancing and synchronization with a bunch

of other people increases your pain tolerance.

- Like the Blue Man Group, or?

- Exactly like the Blue Man Group.

I just need you guys to learn a dance

that you can teach Rhett and Link and Me,

and needs to be in perfect synchronization

or else this whole episode is going to be a failure, so --

- Well if you've seen this show before your know

we only do things absolutely perfectly.

- 100%.

- Dance is the body's way of communicating.

- With what?

- Others, you ever dance before?

- Yup, actually.

- You look like a guy who likes to do line dancing.

- No, come on, [Laughter] I dance alone, usually.

- What do you mean?

- By myself.

- Where?

- Anywhere.

- What kind of dances do you like to do?

- Not enough room for that! [Laughter]

Well Ellie's too busy, apparently she's got stuff to do.

So we have to go learn how to dance.

But I got a professional; she's

going to show us a few things.

- I think I'll show her a few things as well.

- We also have an awesome guest on this week,

Mayim Bialik from Big Bang Theory;

or as I know her, Blossom from Blossom.

We're playing a game called What's on My Head

Challenge; and the prize of that game is a head dress,

which is a dress for your head.

Kevin is out shopping for that dress right now.

- Oh yeah, this is good stuff right here.

It's only three dollars; I think that

the price reflects the size of the human.

Oh yeah, look at that; it's like a,

it's like a wedding dress right there.

$3.99, see, I was right; bigger,

smaller, more expensive, cheaper.

Okay I think I'm good with these, I've got plenty,

so we'll just go back and try them on.

Alright, now the hard thing is I can't really see.

I feel like this one looks like a tablecloth.

Alright I immediately like this one

because it just looks like a dress.

Aw man it even sits on the head.

Here's my thing though, it's that

I don't really think any kid should wear this.

I should probably cut eye holes in this

and make a robber mask or something.

Oooh, this one is pretty comfortable.

Again, I can't see it, so I'm going purely off of instinct,

but my instinct tells me this is the winner.

- Marlene, thank you for joining us today.

We're here because we need to learn some basic moves.

Your last text to me said you were

going to bring the swag out in us.

- You already came with the swag.

- Thank you.

- What does that mean?

- Those might be a little too tight.


- I'll show you swag.

- Okay.

- He's coming out the pit.

[Heavy Metal music and Yelling]

- How was that, was that good?

- You know --

- It was emotional, it was --

- It was emotional, you know I'm going to give it to you.

- Let's move on.

- Let's right, left, right, left, right, left, right, left

- It's the athletic stance.


- Mike, you're going the wrong way!

- And shake it, and shake it, this is the sauce, Mike.

[Alex] That's the sauce I'm talking about.

[Mike] What's in it, what's in it?

- If I told you, I'd have to kill you.


[Marlene] That's just the intro, that's the intro.


- One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.

We're stirring the pot here; it's all

in the flick of the wrist, Mike.

- It's a huge bowl.

- You know I might have an idea for the next one,

just trying to work something in, something

that really sticks in my mind from my childhood --

[Mike] Oh no --

- My pet cat, Bootsy, died, so I'm burying her.

[Chatter And Laughter]

Hey you're way too happy, Mike, my cat just passed away.

Do you have an idea?

- Imagine this, you're doing the dishes, it's terrible,

you hate doing it, your back is starting to hurt.

But at the bottom of the sink under all

the foamy water, it's kind of brown

at this point, you find a little left over.

- There's going to be a little grandpa move into it.

- Good yeah, Grandpa will do it.

- So grandpa, grab; grandpa, grab.

- Where's the sweet treat part come in?

- Let's roll it in --

[Alex] Oh! [Laughter]

- You get sick shortly after.

- And then we're going to shake it out.

- Yeah we just keep going on.

[Upbeat Music]

- One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.

And sauce it, three, seven, eight.

Dig the cat, dig the cat, dig the cat, dig the cat.

And walk it out, walk it out, walk it out, walk it out.

Grab, throw it out, and shake it, shake it, shake it,

shake it, pose; I want a pose at the end.

- Good man, we really did it.

- That was really good I'm so proud of you guys.

[Alex] Thank you so much!

- Next time you guys can call me,

and I'll teach you guys how to twerk.

[Alex And Mike] Oh, yes, yes!

- That's what I'm talking about.

- We are also doing a blind chicken sandwich

taste test this week, and the prize is maybe

one of the best prizes we've ever had on the show,

in my personal opinion, they are chicken sandwich

churros that we have invented in house,

and Micah and Lizzie are making them right now.

- We start with that whole stick

of butter there and that's a half cup.

- What if I lick it just for good measure.

- You can lick it, all your lick germs will be cooked out.

- Really?

- Probably.

- If I can't eat this I might as well be a part of it.

- You don't want any lumps, so you've got to sift this in.

Does it smell floury still or is it --

- It smells like chicken goo.

- Great, that's exactly what we want.

- So we just yank the chicken out of this, right?

- Yeah, and bam; and just a little bit for good measure.

- Is that how you zest a lemon normally?

That looks like vomit, that looks so much like vomit.

- And get this thoroughly mixed here.

Let's make the dusting; we've got tomato powder, and then

one part sugar, one part salt, rub your hand in there.

- And we place it right in the fryer?

- Yup, just plug it right in and

it should take the shape of a churro.

They might be a little small right now.

And then they're like nice and golden brown.

- Okay.

- Okay these look pretty good, so while they're still

hot and oily, toss them right into this

little concoction here, plate them up.

- I mean it looks like a churro.

- Right?

- Yeah, I'm impressed.

- Thanks, you helped.

- I did.

- Yeah.

- You're telling me that you guys learned from Marlene?

[Alex] Yeah.

- And now you're teaching us, so it's like a game of --

- Password.

- Yeah and telephone.

- Yeah, yeah.

[Mike And Alex] And one, two, and three and four.

And one, two, and seven, eight.

- Stir the sauce, two, three, four.

- This is like the nursing home macarena.


[Mike And Alex] And one, two, and three and four,

and five and six and seven, eight.

[Indistinct Dance Directions, Gagging]

[Mike] I do feel like I could take a lot of pain right now.

[Alex] I feel like I'm in pain.

I got it, okay we can do this!

[Group Directions] Lunge, step, stir, bury the cat,

bury the cat, dishes, do the dishes.

Grab it, and eat it [Gagging]

Shake it off, shake it off, shake it off.

[Group Cheers, Dog Barks]

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