Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Semifinalists from Teams Blake, Kelly, Legend and Nick Competing in The Voice Top 9 - 2020

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-Your semifinalists will be revealed tonight!

For Team Blake...

-Oh, my God! Todd! You are the Karate Kid.

You are one of my favorite artists

that I've ever worked with

in 100 years of doin' this show.

You're a blast to be around.

You deserve to go all the way, man.

-...Team Legend.

-Oh, [ Clap ] Zan.

You have such artistry, such a gift.

Such a journey you took us on with this song.

Thank you so much, Zan. -Zan, it's the best version

of the song I've ever heard, girl.

-Wow. Alright. -That was so good.

-You go, Kelly. Throw that in there.

From Team Nick...


For someone that can't whistle

has never been able to whistle I'll just say

I was envious of it,

but also felt like it was the joyful thing

that just lifted this thing of in the perfect way,

so way to go, kickin' it off.

I'm so proud of you

and I'm so happy you're on Team Nick.

-From Team Kelly...

-You're so special.

I mean, your tone,

how you can float through different genres.

I would be shocked if you weren't in the finale.

You're so incredibly talented.

I know Demi Lovato probably heard that and was like,

"Whoo! Alright."

-From Team Blake...

-This is a competition, so I'm just gonna say it.

I think that's the best vocal performance of the night

You really owned the story the personality,

and you have the chops to do it.

It was so good, sis, yeah.

-Thank you so much, Blake. Thank you.

-Whoo! Yes!

-[ Chuckle ] -Yes!

-...Team Legend.

-You taking on this song

was such a challenge, but you nailed it.

You knocked it out of the park.

I gotta talk about your tone

because it's so buttery, so just --

oh, honey butter!

-From Team Nick, it's...

-Allegra, you have been a force

in this competition from day one.

And, with this performance from your own home,

not letting the nerves get to you and the --

all the elements that make this challenging

you owned it and you brought it.

I think this was your best performance.

-From Team Kelly...

-Micah, you are one of the best vocalists

in this entire competition

You are so incredibly gifted

it is insane.

That is a big song.

And, I mean, the fact that you were just like so effortless

about it, like jumpin' all around in your range,

like you're incredible.

-To complete the Top 9, your Wild Card artist is..

Joanna Serenko. Congratulations.

You're in the Top 9.

-Yeah! Yeah!

I actually caught myself, just now.

I was hopin' my audio didn't come through

while she was singin'

because I actually said, out loud,

"Oh, my God! She's such a good singer."

-[ Chuckle ] -It's just amazing,

how smooth your voice is, how warm it is,

and how just accurate your are

-We'll see ya next week.

Join us on Monday.

It's Fan Week. Thank you for watchin'.

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