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what's up guys. Today we're going to

be transforming Richard the betta fishes old

aquarium here which you can't even really see because of the light


something that looks a lot better has a ton of really awesome plants.

We're also going to talk a lot about betta fish in

general and their care

and whatnot.

So let's go ahead.

Let's get started.

Also guys important side note aquashella Dallas

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This crazy new convention called Aquashella

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The first one was a huge success. They're doing it again it's

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but just make sure like you don't

want to miss this there's going to

be a lot of live coverage still.

You should try and go if you can make it.

It's going to

be a blast. So this is Richard's old

home. This is an

aqueon ascent six gallon aquarium.

You can see that it has this weird kind of sloping

here from back to front.

It's a little different but it's been a tank that I've

kind of liked actually I ended up getting this thing at

Petco. But you can also find on Amazon.

So I'll put a link for it just

in case you're curious maybe you're looking for a new betta fish


I think this is a pretty good one size wise

and the

dimensions aren't that bad either.

Really hard to see and hear a lot of reflections just

because we have all this Sylvania covering

the tank so let's get rid of that real

quick bettas do like floating plants.

But this is just this is too much.

It just really choked everything out in here.

And that's why we don't really have hardly

any plant growth in here anymore.

I do want to save some

of this stuff though so let's throw him

down here in our little tub

here. There we go.

That's a lot easier to see now guys today on this re-scape

we're gonna be doing pretty

much a complete overhaul so we're gonna be taking out all

the materials that you see right now the dragon Stone the plants.

Let's get a focus

and we're going to be bringing in all new

stuff. We are gonna keep the existing equipment though.

We have a fluval nano LED

up here

and we have just this

really small azoo.

I believe it's a 60.

Hang on back filter a smaller one you

can see it's really clogged up.

So we need to clean that out

and get a little bit better flow going through this

thing. But this

is a good filter. I like it for a tank this size because it

doesn't create a ton of flow and you can always adjust

it to

be more or less flow depending

on how your tank is set up bait fish in

general do not like to have hardly

any flow in their tank it's going to bother them if they're

being blown around. So this is a filter that I've

come to like for betta fish.

There's certainly some other ones that are also

really good as well.

All of this is going to stay the same though.

We just need to get work in on tearing

down the tank.

Now that we have the tank empty it's time we

do a little bit of work on the substrate.

So in here right now we have a combination

of random sand

and a little bit of fluval Stratum.

What I want to do is kind

of mix it up a little bit clean it removal.

Kind of like most of it not

all of it

but just enough to where we can put in a new layer

of some new stuff that's going to help our

plants to have everything that

they need to grow.

We're gonna go ahead and leave a decent amount of substrate

in the aquarium because it's already chock

full of good bacteria that this

tank is used to

and it's going to help to seed the new stuff that we

put in.

Speaking of the new stuff we're going to start

here with a little bit of BrightWell

aquatics laterin base.

This is a clay product it's going

to be really great for a root feeding


I'm just going to sprinkle in a little bit here

in the front

and you'll see just how much this stuff kicks

up a bunch of red clay.

That's all right. That's not going to be there for forever.

Ideally you would wash this stuff first

but it's not a problem we're gonna

go ahead and just push this older

substrate over the top of it.

And then do another little sprinkling

here in the back.

We're gonna do more than a couple of water

changes when the tank is all

set up so we'll get rid of all this


Stuff in the water.

No big deal.

Now we're gonna cover that up

with a little bit of new substrate so this

is the Rio esquro.

This is the fine version.

So it's going to have a little bit smaller granular size

and it is of course this black color

to match what we already have.

The substrates done we got that

and now we have to do is build our hardscape

for this aquarium is gonna be

ultra simple.

I'm only going to use one rock

for this whole thing.

It's this smooth rock right

here. It's a sentimental rock to me.

That's all I'm gonna say.

We're gonna position it in the tank

and then everything else is gonna be plants.

So it's gonna be kind of like a Dutch style tank

when it's all said and done that's my idea

at least we'll see how it turns out but.

That's pretty much all we have to do.

So here's

the finished product guys I put Richard back in

and then I left the tank set allowed did

a couple water changes

and then waited a couple days before

I wanted to show it off.

Just so everything was super crystal

clear and you guys could really see the

tank over

the last eight months or so Richard's been having a little bit

of color changes going on on his fins you

can see that he has quite a bit of red now


both his top and bottom finish and it seems

to be just part of his genetic makeup

his natural maturation


At first glance you might say oh

that looks like it could be fin rot but no he's

perfectly fine. He's been doing great.

He's always super energetic always

eating and he

doesn't have any of the other signs that go along

with fin rot. So this just

seems to be part of his

development process. If you look extra extra close

at the red areas of his fins you

might be able to see that it looks like there could be pin holes

which is a sign of fin

rot but in fact it's just some of

the leftover black coloration that

his fins originally had.

Soon as I noticed that before I had a really good understanding

of what was going on he

did go through the deluxe treatment for fin rot

and you know nothing changed because

again it's

just part of what's going on with him naturally.

And another interesting thing is that his

scaling has also receded slightly.

So before you looked

like he was developing scales covering his eyes which is not

atypical for these dragon scale bettas.

But since then everything's just kind of reversed

itself a little bit.

Again he's still very happy healthy

and doing absolutely fine.

It just seems to be part

of what's been going on with him as he's gotten older.

Richard is lovein this tank.

He's always cruising around just

checking out the new space that he's in getting

used to all

the different new plant locations and whatnot and kind of learning

like where he likes to hide out.

So in this aquarium you know we

use the dwarf paragraphs down

here at the bottom for mainly

aesthetics you know but then the plants that

we have over here like the one that I can't remember that

kind of looks like a crypt is

there because it has big leaves

OK betta fish like plants

that they can rest on this is

a great place for him to relax kick back

and just enjoy himself.


also lots of other hiding places for him. Like over here in the rotala.

And don't forget the Altenanthera renekii.

That's over here is also going to

grow up fairly tall as well.

So once this tank grows in there's gonna

be just a ton of places for him to

chill relax hide

and lay on stuff that's

really important for betta fish. The only hardscape piece

that we have in the tank is this one

smooth rock here.

And so again there's nothing sharp in the tank.

He's not going to be poking

himself on anything with the fish like

this particularly this type of beater

that doesn't have super long finish.

It's not as big of a deal

but if he was you know like a veil tail

or something that has really crazy fins then we

wouldn't want to have anything sharp in this tank but we don't anyway so

it's all good.

Sorry guys you're going to have to deal

with the reflection of the camera in here

no way around it

but one thing that we

didn't talk about on this aquarium was the heater.

I'd already removed it right after I

took Richard out

but this

is a flat style heater it's made by aqueon

and I believe it's seven point five watts.

I've heard that people don't like these heaters

just because they don't have the thermostat.

And I would agree with that

but because I keep this room at

like 70 to 73 this heater

seems to be just fine. If we take a look here at

the digital thermometer it's

about 77 these

things aren't the most accurate things in the world but that's

pretty close. And so that's a really great temperature.

If you have a betta fish of any kind you

want to make sure that you're keeping it as close to 78

and even as close to 80 as

possible. They really like those

warmer temperatures. It's just going to help them not

get stressed out and they're gonna

be better off healthwise.

I decided that I was gonna keep some of this Sylvania

in this tank. I'm

going to try and keep it at this amount though so as new stuff grows

I'll remove it.

I definitely don't want it to get overgrown

and choke out the plants below it like it

did last time especially cause a lot of these plants like

to have higher light.

Another reason why I like this Aqueon

ascent tank is

that it comes with the lid. I've

made some modifications to it.

I had to take the LEDs that were stuck onto it off

because I was again going to

be using a different light source the fluval light

and then I had to scrape off the black

coating that was over it

but moral this

story is a lid is

always a good idea to have on a bait fish tank.

Richard doesn't

seem to have jumping in his personality too much other betta

fish can be the opposite of that though so

no matter what you do.

I think a lid is

always a good idea. Another good idea for a betta

fish aquarium is to add something that will produce tannins.

So in this case I have some Indian almond

leaves that are behind the Rotala

I don't know if you're gonna be able to see him.

It was one that was already pre soak the one

that was already in the tank before we started.

But here's

a pack of a few dried I have they will float in

initially but after some time they

will sink. And this is going to help to increase

the tannin load in the aquarium.

They're also going to slightly turn

the water a little brownish which I

know a lot of people might not like but that doesn't last forever as

you do water changes it'll

get a little bit more clear and it's just something that the

fish is really going to appreciate.

So I make sure to always have

at least one in there even if it doesn't produce a

super Brown coloration.

You know it's

still a source of some tannins that the fish is

going to appreciate. But yeah guys that's pretty much going

to do it. I think for the re-scape

of Richard's tank I hope you enjoyed it

and maybe learned a couple of pointers

for your own betta fish

tank. You

know it's definitely something that you want to learn about before you

rush into getting a betta fish

but it's not super complicated.

Just try and get your hands on as many plants

as you can.

These fish love to be in a

jungle they don't like a ton of open space.

Richard does have a lot of room in this aquarium

but as the plants grow

and it turns into more of a jungle it's

going to get even better for

him. He's going to like it even more.

The Aquabro's

or the members of the channel got

to see this tank a few days ago a little sneak peek so

if you like what I'm doing.

If you want to help support the channel consider

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kinds of sneak peeks of what I'm doing.

Anyway guys I think that's going to do it for today's

video. Hope you enjoyed it.

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just like Richard.

He's got probably more fans than

I do and he way.

Guys thanks so much.

And we'll see you next time.

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