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Oh, you're not done yet?

Alright, after that, get some water for your Aunt Mikaela, okay?

Go, hurry up.

Its aunt Mikaela again.

Oh, Popoy.

Lets go!

Dad thought nothing aside from that woman.

We are not even sent to Mom, Rodel, and Cheche.

He even brought his new mistress.

Dont say that, Popoy!

Why, brother?

Isn't that true?

That Aunt Mikaela is a mistress?

That's what Mom used to say to the women who were going home with Dad.

Aunt Mikaela is different,

shes nice.

You even just met her yet shes already kind to you.

Shes not hurting us.

Why do you always defend her?

Thats up to you now.

Go and get some water by yourself.

Hey! Come back!

Youll get a punch later!

Aunt Mikaela! Aunt Mikaela!

Heres your water!

Youre so kind, kid. Alright, get in here,

just pour in the tub.

Thank you.

You know, just keep it up.

Someday, you're going to be rich.

Thats what my mother told me.

Your mother is lucky to have you.

Alright, Ill get some water.

Wow. Can you scratch my back?

How far you get water?

Its far, aunt Mikaela.

Its the same with us, the torture of getting water.

It doesn't matter. Next time, well just take a bath together

to save more water.

You know,

even if you search the entire coast,

you'll never see someone like me again.

Of course. Dont worry; youre the only woman in my life.

Just make it sure.

You easily get tickled.

Hey! Youre so clingy!

Oh Bong,

its late at night. Why are you still awake?

Im thirsty, dad.

Is that so? Alright, get some drinks for us too.

Alright, dad.

Thank you, Bong.

At his young age,

Bong couldnt explain

why he couldnt get rid of his stepmother.

As time passed by,

he becomes more comfortable with Mikaela,

until he reached puberty.

Are you ready?

Take courage, chew that guava.


Put that guava, okay?

There you go.

Make it better,

jump again


You can do it.

Oh, chew the guava.

Come near to me.

Oh be brave!

Just like what happened, like an ants bite.

Oh ready?

Look up.

Put the guava.

Let me help you to clean your wounds.

You dont have to.

Ambet, your sons are now men.

Lest we know, they will court someone

then get married,

and have a family.

Thats great so that we can have grandchildren.

But were too young, father.

Alright, youre already men.


now that you're adult,

I'm going to baptize you.

Dad, were already baptized.

No, not that. Baptismal in bed.

Hey, Ambet. They might give malice to that.

Well, let them. Those are my sons.


Next Saturday, when I come home back from fishing,

you must have some girls.

You must have girlfriend, huh?


You keep on laughing, huh?

Youre so naughty.

Go ahead and clean your wounds.

Does it hurt?

I think so. Yes.

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