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Hey naturals, how's it going? It's me Gabby your favorite American English teacher here at go natural English. We are

hard-working last week we talked about what not to write in your

business emails and this week we're gonna skip that and go straight into

Specific phrases that you should be using in your professional email writing

The problem is I see a lot of people making mistakes not using the most professional

phrases or not really knowing even how to write a business email nowadays and the problem is that we don't

learn this in

Regular classrooms in our traditional English class. We don't learn how to write a business email

so here you are new to the world of work, or maybe just new to the

English-speaking world of work and you want to know how to write a good email?


You could wait until you receive a bunch of emails and copy what you get or you could watch this

Video and best of all, I've made a cheat sheet for you to download

All of the best phrases that you should use in your business English emails

Lots of phrases that I don't have time to share in this video because I need to keep it

short and it would be a really super long video if I said all

The phrases there's more than 100 that I suggest you you it's not in every single email but for different situations you can download

that PDF

Along with sample emails that you can copy. You can learn from at

Slash email PDF and it's 100% free

So check that out as a guide to help you with your business English emails. So let's jump into it

basically, we have six parts of any email that includes the greeting the

opening kind of social line an

introduction your main

points a

closing line

And a closing greeting so six parts

You may not include all of them in every single email because some emails will be shorter

Some will be longer, but it helps to know at least what we're learning here

That's the big picture. So number one greetings. A lot of people are using

Dear dear Gabby that is very formal

So if you want to sound formal great, but I prefer a little bit more of a casual professional vibe

Which is definitely common and appropriate for all situations. Just say hello Gabby or

Hello, mr. Smith, or whoever you are writing to hello. Its me

I was wondering if after all this time then we could speak

Anyway, you can also say hi. Hi Gabby. Hi. Mr. Smith. You could use these alone

Just hello comma or hi comma but it's always always way much better

If is that proper English

It's always way better

If you use the person's name, you want to personalize your emails what they don't think it's spam

okay, if you're writing to a group of people you could say dear all or

Hello new students or simply to

: new faculty members, for example

now that you have your greeting let's go down to the next section, which is a

Social line. So I think this is nice it builds rapport. You could simply ask a question

Like, how are you? How is it going? What's new? How's work?

If you know the person's family if it's a bit more of a personal professional email you could say

How are you and your family doing?

I hope you and your family are doing well

If it's a Monday or a Tuesday

You could say I hope you had a good weekend

If it's a Thursday or Friday

You could say I hope you have a good weekend

If you just had a holiday or vacation or break you could say I hope you had a great holiday

If it's coming up a few days, I hope you have a great

Holiday, I think you get the idea

It's just a little social line to build rapport and show that you're a thoughtful person as you are now

We're gonna Express that next we have an opening line

This is really where you remind the person who you are, obviously if you're writing to an old friend, you don't need this

But if you've only met the person once or if you've never met them at all definitely

Definitely you want to have an introduction line an opening line here

so for example

If you have never met this person if it's a cold email say I got your contact from Our Mutual Friend

Mr. Smith, if you met in person say it was a pleasure meeting you on

Tuesday last week at the conference remind them where you met that us. You are special and memorable and awesome

But some people's memories need a little

Reminding so do them the favor remind them where you met them

If you just spoke on the phone

You could say it was great

Talking to you on the phone or I really enjoyed chatting with you last week or a few days ago

Remind them of the time and they these phrases are just giving you some structure to build your email in a professional way

You're gonna sound much more professional when you use these kind of structures. Thanks for your quick reply. Thanks for getting back to me

So quickly now if you are late replying to someone if you feel like it's really taking you a long time

you might say sorry for my late reply or I

Apologize for the delay getting back to you. Sorry, it's been so long since I've been in touch or sorry

It's been so long since my last email now

I have several more phrases in this category of opening lines for you, but I'm gonna include them in that cheat sheet again

you can get that at go natural English comm slash email PDF for a complete list of

Phrases and suggestions to write awesome professional business emails in English now, let's get to the point

This is important

Remember your email is not an we want to get to the point quickly

Fairly quickly after the greeting and the introduction your point here

You want to say I'm writing because I'm writing

concerning or about or

Regarding I'm writing to inquire about I'm writing to check in or to ask a question

I'm writing to follow up with you

I'm reaching out to you because if you want to keep the email super short

You can say this is a quick


just to say and

Then fill in the blank with your topic if you forgot to say some information in your first email you hit Send too quickly

We've all been there

You can send a follow-up email and say sorry for the second email or sorry to write again so quickly

But I forgot to tell you I love you moving right along for the body of your email

It's always helpful to have some phrases that show

information that you're including like I've attached below or please see the attachment or please see the

Documents that I've linked to here in the body of the email

It's always helpful to direct your reader by telling them where they can find the important stuff

so if you are attaching a document you could say please find attached or

Please see the attachment below or for your reference. I have attached or

Included or you could say here's the information you requested and then you present the information

if you want to highlight really important information you as a phrase like please note that or

Importance : and then what is important tell us this is really helpful because people tend to read emails

Superfast these days. Do you remember back in the day if you're like around my age?

And you didn't grow up with email?

when it was super

exciting just to get one email and you'd you'd log onto your computer and you'd hear that you've got mail and

I don't like that. I'm so popular. This is so exciting

If you have questions mark your question with the phrase, like I have a few questions if you're answering questions

Maybe if you are working in a kind of customer service role or just answering anyone's questions

Mark that with a phrase like to answer your question or you asked us about that

Uh, here's the answer in response to your first question to answer your question about dah dah, dah

Dah, that is a great idea. So finish out the sentence obviously you might want to

Remind someone of something so you could say just a quick reminder


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if you enjoy these kind of videos next after your main point the reason why you're writing you want to use a

Closing line to wrap things up and it just makes the email feel more

Professional when you use a closing line so you could say something depending on the context like I hope I've answered all your questions

Or I hope this is OK for you

Or let me know if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me here

I look forward to hearing from you soon, or by a specific deadline

I hope we have the opportunity to meet again soon

Or I look forward to seeing you on a specific day

If you're a making plans say have a great weekend. Have a great day or good or wonderful. Fantastic

Awesome day whatever you like to say

Thanks again for your help

And thanks again for the information or thanks again for your patience or something else related to their email

Thank you for being a friend and that brings us to your awesome

Closing I have some opinions on this. I am NOT a fan of yours truly

It sounds like you're writing a letter to your lover who's away at war my personal opinion. I don't like yours

Truly Orson see really it's just a little bit too old-fashioned and formal for my tastes

I would suggest my best regards

Or thank you before you hit Send on your email

Make sure that you click on the link right down in the description or right up there to download your FREE

Business email phrases cheat sheet full of phrases that I did not have time to mention in this video

I want to help you make your best impression when you are writing for

business purposes for professional reasons

You might not realize it because nobody's gonna tell you but this could be the difference between success and failure

In your professional life into English speaking situations. So check that out next week. We're gonna talk about

Phrases to use when you're speaking English in an english-speaking professional environment at work

to sound

Smarter, so I'm really excited for that. Make sure you don't miss out on it hit subscribe and turn on your

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Check out what not to write in your emails right over here or check out

Conversation killers if you want to improve your English speaking skills right over there. Thanks so much for watching

I hope you have an amazing day and I'll see you right over here. Bye for now

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