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You are slapping me?

How self-righteous can you be?

Bella is a wonderful person.

I will not allow you to hurt her like this.

Charlie, I can handle this myself.

I can understand your anger.

Your disappointment and everything.

But it's not my fault that your husband cheated on you with your sister.

So don't take it out on me.

Bella, stay.

She hates you.

And if you ask me, ...

... she has every reason to.

Mrs. Schneider, we're in a fix.

The champagne delivery still hasn't...


You knew about it, Oliver?

For a few weeks.

And when did you think about telling me?

Not at all.

I wanted to wait until Charlie told you about it herself.

And that's what she's done now.

How could she do something like this? My own sister!

She always begrudged me everything. But that she also wanted to destroy my marriage?

And she had to be so insistent on having it!

What do you mean? Bella?

Even back then, there would have been ways and means to terminate that at an early stage!

You better stop ...

... or you and I will have a major problem, okay?

It figures that you would take Charlotte's side now.

This isn't about her.


And if you're STILL taking her side NOW even though she wanted to rob you of your family, then...

I expect you to break all ties with your aunt.

You cannot expect that of me!

Oliver, ...

... have you still not understood what kind of egoistical, heartless person this woman is?

That's enough!

There's only one heartless person here!

How DARE you!!!

It may be that Charlie made a lot of mistakes back then.

But an affair still involves two people and your husband was one of them!

So stop blaming Charlie for everything!


You are completely self-righteous.

Do you really believe Charlie chose all this for herself?

A child with her own sister's husband?

She probably got pregnant by Wolfgang on purpose...

So he would leave me for her.

But she gave me away because of you ...

... in order not to destroy your family.

That's the only reason why she didn't raise me herself. Not until recently did I even know that she existed.

I don't understand how you can even defend this woman.

I won't stay here one minute longer.

Do you want me to give you a ride to the train station?


I'll take a taxi.

Take care, Oliver.

And think long and hard about what I said.


I never wanted to hurt you.

That's why I never said anything.

You've poisoned my memory of Wolfgang. How can I ever forgive you for that?

I can't undo it.

Even if I could, I wouldn't do it.

Excuse me?

Then Bella wouldn't exist.

Henny, and even if you see it differently, ...

... that was the only thing I did right back then.

You are no longer my sister.

But you probably never were in the first place.

You just came to Charlie's defense...

... in front of my mother.

Man Olli, I...

I just don't know what to think anymore.

Every time I think I know, something happens and ...

... everything changes again. It's...

It's total chaos in my head.


But I just no longer believe that Charlie gave me away on purely selfish grounds.

Does that mean ...

... you can forgive her somehow?

Just because I understand doesn't mean I can also forgive her.


Ho! Ho! Ho!

We went Christmas shopping!

Isn't this cute?

Wait! I've got something, too.

Just a second...

Here it is!

Isn't this totally awesome?

That is the original knife of "Satan Klaus" with...

... sound effects!

Well, if that doesn't immediately raise the Christmas spirit.

Do you know what we'll do now?

We'll do something really Christmasy.

We're going to knife someone?

No, we're going to bake roast apples.

Roast apples! Good idea!

Can you even make those?


In the past, I've made those with my mom.

We need cinnamon, ...

... sugar, apples...

So Bella, ...

... how did it go with Olli's mom and Charlie?

Don't ask.

Can I help too?


You can core the apples with Olli.


Your mom will calm down soon.

It will just take a little while.


It's just that she's sitting all by herself on the train now; Charlie is all alone in her apartment...

Well, we can't change that now, can we?

Or do you want to invite her over now?

That wouldn't be such a good idea now, would it?

I'll still go look and see how she's doing, okay?

So your mother is forcing you to decide between her and me.


But she can forget that.

Olli, but I don't want her to break all ties with you because of me.

I'm sure she won't do that.

Oh Bella. Hello.


We're just baking roast apples.

Oh, Olli will be right over.

Actually, I was wondering ...

... whether you'd also like some?

You mean, ...

... come over?

Yes, very much so.

Yes, but let me clarify one thing, okay? Well...

I'm sorry for how things went with your sister.

But her reaction also made me realize that it wouldn't...

...make any sense to keep holding your mistake against you. I mean...

... it's been 27 years after all.

What's done can't be undone.

Maybe we can just somehow...

I don't know...


How about being good neighbors, okay?

Yes, okay.

Charlie, please understand. I already have a mother in my heart; I can't simply banish her...

Bella, I know!

Can you also accept it?

I'll have to learn.

Okay, then come on over. The roast apples are getting cold.

I'm coming too.

Come on!

So, that wasn't bad for starters.

Do we still have roasted almonds somewhere?

You chowhound!

That's right.

Where are the almonds?

They're all in here.

We still had some Christmas cookies left somewhere.

You better not touch my fortune cookies!

Say, has no one done any baking here?

My mom was really good at baking.

Well, like "Spitzbuben", "Springerle", "Schรคumerle", ...

You always have such funny names.

Well, I actually never did any baking.

Then again, I have a wonderful pastry cook at Schneider's.

But somehow, I'm in the mood to try it this year.

I can't remember the last time we all sat together so peacefully,...

... but...

... it feels really good, doesn't it?

We should make a toast to that.

Oh, yes.

To "international understanding"! - Yes.

Could that be reduced some?

I think so.



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