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Ms. Tanchingco is here at the Players' Pub.

Exclusive parties like these are organized

to be a venue for us to get to know each other,

to meet up, to date without inhibitions

or fear that we will be insulted by other people.

He only wants what's best for you.

He loves you.

That's why he had me beat up.

Why can't you just accept the fact that I'm gay?

You're just confused!

You're just confused! You're my only daughter.

If there's someone to blame, then blame me!

Don't infect her with your lesbianism!

She is not like any of you!

For your own good, and for our family's sake,

stop your homosexual urges.


He won't listen to you, Jade.

He's in denial.

He can't accept that his only daughter is a lesbian.

What kind of a womb do you have that

two of our children are defective?

They've already turned gay from the way you raised them!

I'll be the one to take care of Jade!

He must be very important for you

to send us packing without warning.

May we know who you'll be giving this unit to?

I know what I can handle so I will not leave this house.

I want to show my Dada that

I can stand up for my homosexuality.

Yes, I'm a woman but I'm a lesbian, and I like girls!

And if you can't accept that,

then that's not my problem anymore.

Batchi, I'm sorry, but...

is it okay if we stay here?

Are you really willing to live in the apartment

of your boyfriend's friend?

Best friend, there's such a thing as pride.

Don't tell me your trip from London

made you forget what that is.

The decision was made by Al...

Al... my boyfriend.

I didn't want to say anything because

he has done so much for me already.

And besides, he told me that it will only be temporary.

But still. What kind of a guy is he?

Which is why I don't want to be a burden.

Sally, can I ask a favor?

I was wondering if I could borrow money from you?

I promise that I'll pay you back.

I'm really sorry.

It's just that I couldn't withdraw from my accounts.

I think my savings have been frozen.

If I help you, wouldn't your dad get mad at me?

Sally, I don't know who else

I could ask for help aside from you.

I don't like your new boyfriend.

He's making you suffer.

No, don't feel that way, Sally.

My beau is nice, and loves me so much.

I've never been more free.

Ever since we got together.

I'll introduce you to each other when we're ready.

I don't think I'd want to meet him.

A man who makes you suffer is not worthy of you.

Oscar, where is Jade?

Oscar, I asked you where Jade is?

My gosh, you're becoming so incompetent!

You still haven't found my granddaughter?

No, Papa. I already found Jade.

And when is she returning?


We have something to discuss first.

I don't want her to come back unworthy of the family name.

You know, your children are becoming a pain in the neck.

First is Paul, and now Jade.

Problems are like fire,

unless you nip it in the bud immediately or else,

it will grow and consume you.

Bring Jade back home and

we'll send her with Paul to the Mainland.

I don't want them to embarrass our family any further.

- Yes, Pa. - Good.

Our clients have backed out.

We need back-up.

Otherwise, we wouldn't be able to pay our employees' salaries.


We'll talk about this again later.

- All right. - Thank you.

It looks like my Love love is happy.

I have money!

I was able to talk to Sally,

and I borrowed money so we don't have to stay with Batchi.

I mean, I don't want us to impose, living with her.

I don't need that money.

- But, Althea... - Jade.

Are you imposing that I cannot support you?

Your father is already making me

feel small and you do this to me?

What's your point?

That your father was right?

I was just trying to help.

I didn't mean to offend you.

I'm just concerned for you.

For us!

Hey, Althea.

This is just a loan.

We'll be able to pay it back, right?

So take it.

No, Love love.

Thank you, but I can handle this.

Let me take care of our problems.

We have a lot of projects,

it's overflowing, and I've already had to turn down a few.

Just bear with me for a little longer.

Okay, if that's what you want.

So you want me to return the money?

Yes, Love love.

And next time, I hope when you make decisions,

you'll tell me first.



One of our clients filed a case against you.


You have a visitor.


Jade, what are you doing here?

Our mother is here she might see you.

Your mother is not feeling well.

So she won't be coming out of her room anytime soon.

You have time to talk.

Go on.

I didn't know who else to turn to.

I would've gone to Ahya Gabby,

but I know he wouldn't understand me.

You're the only one who does.

Even so.

You still shouldn't have come here.

If Dada sees you here, he'll never let you leave again.

Don't worry, I made sure he wasn't here when I came in.

I'm just so tired, Paul.

He's making life difficult for us.

And I don't know what to do.

How do I fight Dada?

I want to be strong for Althea but I don't know how.

You just have to be there for her.

That's all.

But she doesn't want me to do anything.

I want to help her,

but she doesn't want to accept my help.

You know?

Maybe the reasons our clients have been backing out

is because someone's sabotaging us!

I don't know what to do.

The problem never stops.

And I don't have a cent to spare to solve all of them.

That's what you get for going against

your girlfriend's father.

What does Mr. Tanchingco have to do with this?

He's not related to the client who filed a case against us.

Hello, just connect the dots.

He knows a lot of people, and he can bring you down.

My advice is for you to break up with Jade.

You're so bad!

You act all friendly with her when you're face to face,

and now you're stabbing her in the back.

Your personality stinks, better take a shower!

There wouldn't be a problem

if she had been taking care of Althea!

But she's not.

And she keeps bringing new problems.

When we were going out, I never gave you any financial problems.

That's what I am saying!

Wila, will you stop.

Wila, will you stop.

But you can't argue, can you? Because I'm right.

The problem is your Chinese girlfriend.

So just break up with her and all these problems will go away.

Here, this is all you need to smile.

So go on, break up with that Jade.

- Don't mind her. - I give up with you two.

I'm giving this to my wife.

We're chatting later.

You're crazy!

Let's just laugh because we don't have clients.

I remember she used to hang out with David and Jade.

So they were really close?

Because she wouldn't visit Jade at the hospital

if they weren't that close.

Well Ma, let's just hope they weren't that close

or else Jade might have influenced her lesbianism.

How could they have fallen in love?

It depends on Jade.

Maybe she got swept away with her friends teasing her,

or maybe they influenced her?

Jade was introduced to us by Althea as her girlfriend.

We were shocked too.

But they really are together.

I'm taking you home!

- Let's go! - No, Ma!

I'm not going with you!

I'm going home with her!

Because Althea is my girlfriend!

And I love her!

What kind of a womb do you have that

two of our children are defective?


Here, please eat something.

You have to regain your strength.

I don't want to.

I'll only eat when Jade has come back.

Ma, stop acting like this, please.

Dada will bring Jade back, don't worry.

So can we all not overreact?

Pearl, are you pregnant already?

No, not yet.


You and Gabriel are the only ones

I can count on to make me feel better.

When I see the two of you,

I can tell myself that at least

I was able to raise Gabriel well.

So I hope that you two will never give me a headache.

Of course, Ma.

And that's why Pearl, I hope you get pregnant soon.

Give us a granddaughter.

So you can divert the attention of your dada and grandfather,

away from Jade and me.

Ma, I understand.

Why don't I bring you out?

Come on, let me bring you outside.

So you can get some air.

I keep thinking that when I was with David, this never happened.

But then again, we never had to fight for our relationship,

because Dada liked him.

Are you regretting choosing her over David?


Then forget about David.

Stop comparing them.

Maybe Althea just wants to prove herself to Dada.

Or to you.

I know.

But I just wish I could do something.

Stay with her.

Believe me.

In relationships like this,

it's already enough when you stand by the one you love.

Jade! My daughter!

You came back.

Jade, did you finally leave Althea?


Who backed out this time?

It's the investigator.

The one for Tommy?


We've paid him for until the end of the month.

But what happens when...

When we don't have any more money to pay him with?


Batchi, we'll get through this.

I need to believe that we can get through this.

That's why I'm heading out now

to talk to someone about our financial problems.

That's good, right?

Yes, but things would be so much easier

if our client just dropped her case against us.

Speaking of the devil.

I need to answer this.

All right.


Ma'am please, don't do this to us.

We didn't do anything wrong during your daughter's debut.

Please think it over.

And please let's discuss this first.

Yes, I understand you,

but I hope you'd listen to our side too.

Please, Ma'am.

Ma'am, please come with us.

Who are you?



Jade, did you finally leave Althea?

No, Ma.

I have to go.

Jade, why are you doing this?

Just leave that woman.

Think things over.

Althea cannot give you a good life.

You cannot live without your luxuries.

It's not just about the money, Mama.

It is! Be sensible like me.

I chose to marry your Dada

because he can give me everything.

Althea can give you nothing.

And worst, you will lose everything

if you stay with her.

Let me go, this is kidnapping.

Oh no.

I have no plans of breaking the law for someone like you.

You're not worth dirtying my hands over.

Anyway, let's get down to business.

Wasted time is wasted money.

50 million pesos.


That's what my daughter is worth.

You can't afford her, can you?

But I can give that to you.

50 million for you to give Jade back.

50 million for you to leave my daughter alone,

and for you to disappear from her life

and to never show yourself again.

I can pay that much just so I could have my daughter back.

I want my daughter back.

Is this a joke Mr. Tanchingco?

I'm sorry, but I won't accept this.

I should've known that you'd find that amount small.

How much more do you want?

Another 5? 10 million perhaps?

You must think so lowly of your daughter

to make you think that you can put a price on her?

I'm doing this for her own good.

No, you're doing this for yourself.

Because you cannot accept who your daughter has become.

So you are forcing her to not accept herself as well.

Now, if there's nothing else you have to tell me,

can you stop this car and let me out.

Or do you want me to start screaming?

I love Althea.

You also said that about David.

Who's to say that your feelings for that woman won't change too?

Is staying with that woman worth losing your whole family over?

Ma, I don't know what idea you have about Althea.

But, I'm telling you, she's a good person.

If she's so good, then why is she taking you away from us?

You should've just accepted my offer, Miss Guevarra.

Because let's face it,

it's not every day that you get offered a solution

for all your financial problems.

And what do you know about my problems?

This is not the last time that you will see me, Miss Guevarra.

And I promise you,

I will get my daughter back from you.

Ma, can't you see, it's the other way around.

You're the ones who distanced yourself from me.

Your family aren't the bad guys here Jade.

You're just confused.

Okay fine, let's say I'm confused.

But Pearl, I won't be able to find out

who I really am if I stay in this house.

Jade, don't do this.

Don't do this to your family.


Ma, just let Jade go.

If you can't fight for me,

then at least let Jade have the chance to be happy.

Shut up, Paul!

You're both a disgrace!

A gay and a lesbian!

Why did the Lord punish me like this?

I'm so sorry, Mama but I really have to go.

No! You're not leaving, Jade!

Jade, come back here!

Go after her, Bernard!


Let go of me, Paul!





Sir, should we stop looking after her?

I want you to continue.

I want to know that woman's every move.

Because if I can't negotiate with her.

Then I'll just have to force her to give my daughter up.

By any means necessary.

Jade, he'll do everything just to get you back.

It's not me I'm worried about Jade.

What if he does something to you?

Just continue trailing her.

But as soon as you see a chance,

I want you to do what we discussed.

I'm not happy Dada.

I don't love Pearl.

Guide my husband.

Don't let my daughter get hurt with what he has planned.

Ma, what did you say?

What is Dada planning against Jade?

What he must. What is needed.



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