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I'm Georgina Goodlander. I'm the exhibition coordinator of the Art of Video Games at the

Smithsonian American Art Museum. The Art of Video Games explores the evolution

of video games as an artistic medium over the last 40 years. We show 80 video games,

over 20 systems and 5 eras. We believe that for video games being and

artwork, it has three voices: It's the artist or designer that created

it, that had a message that it wanted to portray. The mechanics of the game itself is the

second voice. So the game structure, the rules, how you play it.

And then the third one which is the most interesting one, I think, is the player. The

fact that the video game can't be an artwork unless somebody is playing it and that everybody

has a slightly different experience. So we picked five different games, one from

each era of video games and games that we really felt were pivotal in their era. They

influenced all games that came after them and those are:

PacMan, The original Super Mario Brothers, Secret of Monkey Island, which is a personal

favorite, Myst and Flower.

Being an exhibition coordinator means doing a lot

of different things. I was involved in almost every aspect of the exhibition, so I worked

very closely with the curator (Chris Melissinos) as he was coming up with the games for the

exhibition; I had to talk to all the game companies to make sure that they were ok with

us using their games in the exhibition. One of my favorites was the opportunity to

interview video game designers. We interviewed a whole range of people, from the people that

designed the games, develop the games, people that do the writing, the musicians, the artists.

I had to research all the games that were in the exhibition; I hadn't played them

all before. So actually during the day, as part of my work, I got to play video games.

I mean what could be better than that? The Art of the Video Games is travelling to

ten other cities around the U.S. through 2016.

I think if you're interested in working

with art and working in museums, it's just kind of getting out there and experiencing

as many of them as you possibly can. I've always been fascinated with museums. Whenever

I go to a new place, new country, new city, I always check out at least one museum.

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