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- So, Greg, what did you think of today?

- It was fun. - Yeah?

- And let me tell you. I'm not scared of my sexuality.

- Not at all. - At all.

I'm very open and very sexual,

so it was a little easier than what I expected.

- I ain't really had no issues in that area.

I'm a master with these hands, now.

- Oh, Lord have mercy. - Oh!


- Today, you was definitely enjoying yourself.

- I've been pro-Meco and Vairrun.

I thought they would be cute.

I thought they liked each other,

but maybe they really don't.

We figured out that this is his topic.

- He was like, yeah-- - [laughs]

- That was the first time that I've heard him,

like, all, like...

- Yes. Yeah, we were like, he's comfortable.

- Yeah.

- Been dying for some tomato stuff.

Like, I just wanted Italian today so bad.

I was thinking about spaghetti,

spaghetti and meatballs, you know, garlic bread.

- Oh, my God. Shut the [bleep] up.

Just hearing Robin talk, it makes me feel uncomfortable.

Should I call her out in front of everyone?

I don't feel like I should do it.

- Being fake.

- Meco's mad at Vairrun,

but she's putting all of her anger

towards Robin for some reason.

So that's where the anger stems from.

Maybe later. - Robin, are you done?

- I--yeah, do you-- - Let me talk to you.

- O-okay, then.

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

Can we just have a moment?

What's wrong?

- Nothing's wrong with me. I'm fine.

- What's wrong with me?

- I thought you were gonna stop with the fake [bleep].

- What are you talking about?

- Earlier today, you were like,

one of my biggest insecurities is my butt.

- It is.

- But then why were you saying you loved your butt

the night before in the casita?

- I didn't say I loved it. - Yeah, but--

- I never said I loved it.

I said when I did my genealogy, I had 0.03%--

- I'm not talking about just that one time, though.

- No, that is the only time my butt has ever come up.

- Robin's not a bad person.

She has a distorted sense of reality.

- In fact, I told him I hated it.

- You were showing it off to me, honey.

- No, I said I hate it, but it's gotten better.

I said-- remember I said it's gotten--

- You wanted wear it without panties tonight.

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