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[GENTLE] UA, I'm turning myself in.

[LA BRAVA gasps]

[HOUND DOG] For what?

[ECTOPLASM] I've seen him before.

He's that villain who's always posting

those foolish videos online.

[LA BRAVA gasps] Gentle, no!

Who fought you?

No one.

[sniffs] You obviously had some kinda fight around here.

I told you. I tripped and fell. That's all.

It's just you two?

[GENTLE] That's right.

[HOUND DOG] Stop lying!

Someone else was here before!

I've caught the scent of someone from our school.


[IZUKU panting]

[HOUND DOG] What did you do with our student?

[IZUKU panting]

[GENTLE] In my years as a scoundrel.

I committed many crimes.

But my greatest sin was to kidnap

and brainwash the innocent girl you see before you.

My actions were self-serving,

though I claimed to be a gentleman.

For I am one who has lived his entire adult life

thinking only of himself.

[GENTLE] I've lost my will to fight. My dreams...

The only thing left of me is the core of my being.

A heart that can feel, that beats for someone else.

Izuku Midoriya.

I'm grateful that you were the one

with whom I was able to have my final row.

[GENTLE] All the blame lies upon my head.

So, I implore you.

Pardon Manami Aiba.

[LA BRAVA] Gentle!

I know you're doing this for my sake!

But you can't!

Please. Don't!

I love you too much!

This isn't fair, Gentle.

You know I would never go against your wishes

or cause you trouble, but still.

[ECTOPLASM] You're injured, too.

[HOUND DOG] Did you fight this man?

I realized that he was going to play a joke on UA.

So, yeah, we sparred.

[IZUKU] But everything's fine now.


[phone rings]

[SNIPE] Hound Dog. Ectoplasm C. Come in.

[ECTOPLASM] It's Snipe.

[SNIPE] What's the situation?

[HOUND DOG] Some wannabe streaming villain's

turned himself in.

[SNIPE] Sorry, what?

[HOUND DOG] I know. Doesn't make sense.

[SNIPE] Huh?

[ECTOPLASM] Relax. This is not an emergency.

Please continue to do your rounds.

[HOUND DOG] You can tell us more at the police station!

[GENTLE] Izuku Midoriya.

I, too, once trained to be a hero.

This identity, Gentle Criminal, is the result of my failures.

It's for your dream. So what?

Nothing else matters except that?

You'll take the happiness away from a girl

who doesn't even know how to smile yet?

[GENTLE] I'm in no position to say this.

But I hope, through your actions,

you reach those you are hoping to reach.

[GENTLE] I wish you a bright future.

[ECTOPLASM] All Might was worried about you.


[ECTOPLASM] Class A's performance

starts at ten, correct?

That's a little over half an hour away.

But from here,

you can get to school in about five minutes.

Uh, yeah, sorry, but I dropped the bag of things

I left school to buy!

[ECTOPLASM] Where is it? I'll assist you.

[IZUKU] Gentle Criminal. He was a difficult opponent.

[AIZAWA] Wait. Midoriya's not back yet?

All he had to do was buy rope! What's taking so long?

[HAGAKURE] I mean, for real!

[IZUKU] I think I figured out why

I had a tough time facing him.

It wasn't just his strength.

It's because...

...I could've turned out just like him.

[IZUKU] Gentle and I have a lot

of the same thoughts and feelings.

[IZUKU] In the end, what he cared about most

was protecting the person he loved.

As for me...

[gasps] Midoriya! There you are!

[IZUKU] Aoyama! Sorry I'm so late!

Sacr bleu! You look terrible!

[IZUKU] I fell down!

What a clumsy boy you are. Here. Get changed.

Everyone is waiting!

Right. Thank you.

[ECTOPLASM] Wait! Those scrapes!

And do you plan to perform covered in dirt?

Everyone will be worried about you instead of the show.

You have time to get healed up.

Do that first.

[STUDENT 86A] I wonder what Class 1-A's

performance will be like.

[STUDENT 86B] I'm kind of excited to see it!

[STUDENT 86C] Hmph.

Aizawa. Young Midoriya is back.

[AIZAWA] I heard.

We shouldn't have any delays, then.


Deku is still going to dance, isn't he?

Don't you worry. He's gonna get down.

[HAGAKURE] There're way more people here

than I thought there'd be!

[SATO] At least everyone sounds like they're in a good mood.

[MINETA] Well, yeah, stupid, it's a festival!

Is Deku still not back?

That slowpoke better put a fire under his butt and get here now!

[buzzer blares]

[AUDIENCE 86A] This is it!

[AUDIENCE 86AA] We're rooting for you guys!

[AUDIENCE 86B] Show us what you've got, first years!

[AUDIENCE 86C] Yaoyorozu!

[CROWD] Yaoyorozu!

How's this? Can you see okay?


[IZUKU] As for me...

I wanna see your smile!

[AIZAWA] Hope they can pull this off.

[PRESENT MIC] Don't tell me you're nervous!

I'm looking forward to this banger.

[AIZAWA] I don't care what you think.

Besides aren't you on patrol?

I'm only gonna watch, like, one jam.

[AIZAWA] There are some students who blame Class A

for the school's current situation.

And they haven't tried to hide how unhappy they are.

They're not here to have a good time.

This isn't entertainment for them. They wanna criticize.

Or even better, see our class fail.

A song and dance performance, huh?

Even if they don't completely blow it,

they're really just showing off, aren't they?

[JIRO'S DAD] Kyoka.


[JIRO'S DAD] You can do whatever you want.

Now! Start, dammit!

Let's show 'em what we've got!

Get ready, UA.

Our sound is gonna kill you!

Thanks for comin' out today!

What am I to be?

What is my calling?

I gave up giving up, I'm ready to go

The future's left unseen

It all depends on me

Put it on the line to follow my dream


Tried all my life

I've tried to find

Something that makes me hold on and never let go ohhhh

Hero too

I am a hero too

My heart is set and I won't back down

Hero too

Strength doesn't make a hero

True heroes stand up for what they believe

So wait and see

[AUDIENCE 86BB] Whoa, lasers!

[AUDIENCE 86D] He's like a human firework!

Whoa, fast exit.

Where'd he go?

Just keep watching.

I'm sure he'll show up again.

...don't wanna know

Am I doing right?

Am I satisfied?

I wanna live my life like it's meant to be


Tried all my life

I've tried to find

Something that makes me hold on...

Here we go!

[JIRO] ohhhh

[CROWD cheers]

[JIRO] My heart is set and I won't back down

Hero too

Strength doesn't make a hero

True heroes stand up for what they believe

So wait and see

[JIRO] Mom.


I want to be a hero.

I'm not going to become a musician.

I'm sorry.

[JIRO'S DAD] Did you think we'd be upset?

C'mon, kid.

[JIRO] It's just...

It was hard to decide.

Helping out others and making them happy.

It just seems so cool.

I've always admired it.

But, you taught me music,

and I didn't wanna waste that either.

Because I love music, too, so...

I didn't know what to do.


You can do whatever you want.

Just remember this.

Your mom and I became musicians 'cause that's our great love.

But this stuff can take a while.

You have to pay attention to how things make you feel.

Choosing a career is a big decision.

And you have some good options!

Maybe you can help others with your sound.

In that sense, musician and heroes

aren't too different, right?

Yeah, I'll be!

Hero too

I am a hero too

My heart is set and I won't back down

Hero too

Strength doesn't make a hero

True heroes stand up for what they believe

So wait and see

I have met so many heroes...

[MIRIO] Are you seeing this?



[MIRIO] Look at her!

She's smiling!

[JIRO] Now it's my turn to be the one to make you smile

[CROWD cheers]


I am known as Romeo!

The Ghost of Azkaban and a Parisian Count!

You will return Juliet to me!


You must have heard about your father from your mentor Gandalf.

I bet he told you that man was the king of Gondor.

But that is a lie.


I am your true father! Join me!


[STUDENT 86C] That felt a little full, right?

[STUDENT 86D] I thought it was amazing!

[STUDENT 86AA] I don't know, I just couldn't take it seriously.

[ALL MIGHT] Running late isn't a crime,

but at least answer your phone.

I know.

I was just in such a hurry, I kinda forgot it.

[ALL MIGHT] Don't be surprised when you

check your missed calls.

I have a pretty good idea of what happened

based on Ecto's report.

Don't think you made the right call.

Things weren't that grizzly, so the festival's still going on.

But this coulda been real bad.

You're a UA student with a provisional hero license.

You should have relied on us to handle him.

Your teachers wanna protect this school just as much as you.

Yes, sir.

[HOUND DOG] Now put a smile back on your face and beat it.

[IZUKU] Uh--

[HOUND DOG] The fest is on. You better enjoy every minute.

[IZUKU] Uh! Yes, sir!

Hound Dog, I really appreciate you--

[HOUND DOG] All Mi-- Grr!

[ECTOPLASM] He only forgets human speech

when he's truly angry. Perhaps I should step in.

[HOUND DOG howls]

[MIRIO] Hey! Good work, buddy!

[ERI] That was crazy!

At first when there was a loud noise it was scary,

but then everyone was jumping with the dance

and then there was a flash

and Deku, you went away for a little bit.

And a guy started flying in the air.

That's when it started to get cold and I saw birds

and there was a spinning light

and a bunch of people said "Wow!" and you know what I said?

"Wow!" too.

It was so fun!


I'm glad you had such a good time, Eri.

You should be working!

Slacking off now after being late?

Take this ice!

Whoa! Oh, sorry! I've got it!

Mine, too, please!

[STUDENT 86E] Class A!

[STUDENT 86BB] We had a killer time at your show!

Yeah? Sweet! Thanks a lot!

[AGOYAMATO] Hmph. I gotta say...

You did well.

We're sorry!

We just came to see you guys screw up!

Please forgive us!

[KAMINARI] They didn't have to apologize.

[KATSUKI] We won.

I wonder if they're some of the people

Mr. Aizawa said were feeling bummed out.

If they were, our mission was accomplished.

[TENYA] But surely there are those who were unable to attend!

The festival is still young!

We will not rest until every student--

[STUDENT 86E] Dude, take a breather.

We heard about what you were trying to do

when you started planning this.

You totally pulled it off.

[STUDENT 86E] We'll tell the others all about it.

Yeah, seriously, it was insane.

[STUDENT 86F] We'll make sure everyone knows

how much you put into this, don't worry!

That's perfect, aw!

Thank you for your kindness!

Naw, screw that.

Go find the jerks who didn't watch us and bring 'em here!

[OJIRO] Hey. Calm down a little. Please.

[MINETA] Stop screwing around and finish cleaning up the ice!

Yeah, sure! Mineta seems pretty on edge.

[MINETA] Gotta hurry so I can score goods seats.

I will not miss the beauty pageant!

[AUDIENCE 86E] Kendo!

[AUDIENCE 86F] You can take out the competition with one punch!

[KENDO grunts]

[CROWD cheers]

[MC 86A] She stuns with a martial arts demonstration

in a gorgeous dress! Strength and beauty!


[MC 86A] A masterful demonstration of skill!

[KENRANZAKI] Really? Is that the best you can do?

I'm almost offended you'd compete against me

with something so dull!

[MC 86A] It's the support course third year

and beauty pageant queen herself!

Prepare yourselves for a stunning performance!

[ERI] What kind of dance is she doing?

[MIRIO] Maybe I'm not the person to ask about these things

'cause I'm totally lost.

The goal of beauty is to leave your audience dazzled!


[MONOMA] Oh, man. This third year.

Gotta admit. She's good.

Heard your play thing went well.

Nice goin', man!

You too, bro.

[MC 86A] Next, another third year. Nejire Hado!

[CROWD cheers]


You've got this. People are animals.

Imagine we're puppies and you'll feel more relaxed.

[YUYU] Nejire lost last year because she tried

to be flashier than Kenranzaki.

Sure, nobody's gonna out-dazzle that girl.

But Nejire has her own strengths!

[HADO] Aw! It's Uraraka! And Tsu, too!


[HADO] Togata and Eri! Everyone looks so surprised.

This is so wild.

[AMAJIKI] Seeing her up there.

It's really something else.

Hado looks like a fairy or something.

[KENDO] So pretty.

[MC 86A] What a magical air dance!

And I think the audience agrees!

Please vote for one of these eight contestants!

Results will be announced at 5 PM.

[MONOMA] Kendo from Class B!

A vote for her is a vote for the future!

[YOSETSU] You're gonna get her disqualified!

Aw, yeah man! Tonight's gonna be so great!

Class C's haunted maze looks crazy!

--Wanna go? --[ASHIDO] Obvi!

Yeah, no, I'll pass.

There's an obstacle course!

And crepes!

We've still got lots to see, you guys!


[IZUKU] Thanks for coming today!

I loved it.

[IZUKU] One more thing.

Got a surprise for ya!

A candy apple! From where! I couldn't find any.

[IZUKU] Yeah, I didn't see that anyone was gonna

be selling them, so I bought ingredients

when I went out this morning.

It was easier to make than I thought it'd be.

The only thing I couldn't get at the store was food coloring,

but Sato had plenty.

[AIZAWA] It's getting late.

But you two should be able to see her again soon.

It's the best thing ever!

[laughs] I'll make them again.

So you have something to look forward to!

[ERI] I will!

[DETECTIVE 86A] You're self-taught?


[DETECTIVE 86A] I can't believe it! What's your job?

La Brava.

[DETECTIVE 86A] Wouldn't you rather use this talent

for the good of the world?

'Fraid not.

I only care about helping my Gentle in any way that I can.

[GORILLA DETECTIVE] You know it's fairly easy to test

whether or not someone has been brainwashed.

So why don't you stop lying to us?

It's obvious the girl in there really has feelings for you.

And it's true you've failed plenty, but as for the crimes

you did manage to commit, both you and the girl--

I made certain that Aiba was never directly involved.

You can't blame us equally for my schemes.

[GORILLA DETECTIVE] Hm. So, the feelings are mutual.

Well whaddaya know.

Former hero course student. Dropout.

The world twisted you until streaming videos of crime

seemed your only path.

[GENTLE] It was always in service of my dream.

Even if I erred when choosing my path.

[GORILLA DETECTIVE] Then, it's a good thing

you turned yourself in today.

Some people will tell you that there are no do-overs in life.

But that's for those who don't want to change,

or are too impatient and want immediate results.

[GENTLE sobbing]

Hey, you want some tea?

Earl Grey please.

[GORILLA DETECTIVE] You'll get whatever we have.

[IZUKU] Here's the preview!

The Japanese Hero Billboard Chart!

It's a ranking of active heroes based on the cases

they've resolved, their service to society, how much citizens

support them, and other factors all weighed together.

Now that All Might's retired,

the rankings are fluctuating wildly.

And now, we have a new number one!

Next time: "Japanese Hero Billboard Chart."

The Wing Hero: Hawks flies in to make an appearance!

Go beyond! Plus Ultra!

The Description of Let It Flow! School Festival!