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*opening credits*

Episode 6 : Pyker`s Commotion

Taby : So here we are. Mash : This is the Pyker`s Village

Taby : Pyker`s Village Mash : Isn`t it crowded Taby : Yes.

Chelah : This place is beautiful!!

Taby : This place is peacefull and safe..

Chelah : It`s on the top of the mountain.. Harious : *agrees*

Taby : No monster ever invade this village.. Mash : Exactly.. This village is peacefull and calm..

Harious : How long do you lived here?

Taby : Since we were little..

Mash : We`ve been here around 2-10 years now...

Harious : You guys are indeed the local people here..

Mash : Now let`s go to our house.. Shall we?

Harious : But, where are the others?

Harious : It`s too quiet...

Chelah : But , it must be fun right Mash : Now you mentioned it, where are they , exactly?

Mash : Brother do you know where they went? Taby : Hmmm

Chelah : -to live on top of the mountain..

Taby : I don`t know, before we left , they were here..

Mash : Yes , it is fun , Chelah Rihaz : *screams*

Rihaz : Run!! Run!! Taby : What`s wrong Rihaz?

Mash : Rihaz , what`s wrong


Taby : What!? Rihaz : It`s the Pyker`s Monster!!

Taby : It can`t be!

Rihaz : It attacked ,like a snake mixed with a dragon!

Mash : How is it possible , that the monster can find our village and attacked it , Brother?

Rihaz : Run and save your live quick!

Chelah : Is it big.? dangerous?

Rihaz : IT IS BIG!!

Taby : It is so un-usual for it to come here...

Rihaz : RUN AND SAVE YOUR LIFE! Mash : I know , right...

Rihaz : The other has already run to safety!

Taby : We should stop it! Chelah : No wonder the village was so quiet...

Mash : No wonder the house is empty Harious : yes

Rihaz : *screams* *panic*

Rihaz : *wet pants with pee*

Rihaz : Save yourself! Mash : Don`t panic , Rihaz!

Taby : Let us destroy it..

Mash : So what now brother?

Harious : Taby , let us stop that monster!

Chelah : But... It is too dangerous! Taby : Mash..

Taby : Mash go and hide.. Mash : Yes brother..

Harious : Chelah you too go find a place to hide..

Mash : Okay brother, come Chelah.. Harious : Try and called your powers..

Chelah : But..But...BUT..

Mash : Careful brother!

Chelah : This is badd... so, bad...

Mash : Chelah, come on and summon your power!

Chelah : B..b..b ..But.. *tries*

Chelah : Nothing!...

Mash : Why is it working..

Chelah : It won`t come out!

Chelah : Maybe , I was panicked..

Harious : What should we do now?

Harious : Our weapon seems useless on it..

Harious : What now?!

Taby : The only weakness is the head.. We need to chop the head from it`s body!

Taby : Yes , our weapon is not strong enough to penetrate it`s hard head.. We need something more powerful..

Harious : What should we do now? Taby : I think Chelah`s power is strong enough to bring it down..

Harious : But, she can`t summon it yet..

Taby : It`s okay, I`m sure she can! Harious : We need to stall it a lot longer..

Mash : Taby and Harious can`t stall for more time!

Chelah : Okay I`ll try it again!

Mash : Try to calm down.. Chelah : *panicked*

Mash : Chelah don`t panicked..FOCUS!

Chelah : Alright!

*closing credits*

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