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Welcome to Ball State University's residence halls!

If you plan on lofting your bed in Noyer, Mysch/Hurst, or Woodworth, then this video

may be helpful!

Before you begin rising or lowering your bed, you must first check out a wrench from the

front desk.

To begin the process, first remove the mattress and place it out of the way.

Also make sure all items are removed from underneath the bed.

Using the wrench, unscrew the bolts connecting the bed frame to the posts.

There are four bolts on each side.

Pull out or lightly tap the back of each bolt to remove them from the posts.

Now, insert the bolts into the two holes above the lower ones.

If you are lofting your bed, you only need to to this to one bed post.

Next, align the bed frame with the bolts.

Now tighten the bolts to securely fasten the bed frame onto the post.

With help from a friend, lift both sides of the bed frame and set the end without

a bed post on top of the desk.

Then take the bed post that is not being used and fasten it to the bottom of the other bed


Some beds have pins that are already built in, but others may require pins from your

hall desk to be sure that your bed is securely fastened.

Align the holes on the top of the desk with the holes on the bottom of the bed frame.

Use the unused bolts from the other bed post to secure the frame to the top of the desk.

Finally, replace your mattress.

Now enjoy the extra space in your room!

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