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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Fake It 'Til You Make...A Baby (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

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Please be seated.

Hello, Your Honor.


This is the case of Watson v. Mahoney.

Thank you, Jerome. Good day, everyone.

AUDIENCE: Good day.

Mr. Watson,

you are in court to prove

that you are not the biological father of the defendant's

four-year-old son, Kevin.

You say that while you were away,

Ms. Mahoney was having sexual relationships with

two different men

and either of them could be the father.

Yes, Your Honor.

Ms. Mahoney, you say you are 99.999% sure

that Mr. Watson is the father and deny his accusations

of infidelity.

Is that correct?

Yes, Your Honor.

So, Mr. Watson,

you say today's results will determine the future of your relationship.

Yes, Your Honor. It will, um...

I've known her since we were kids.

If... We need to get these results because

you know, we are engaged and I would like to marry her

and I really hope

this is my son.

JUDGE LAKE: And you say the relationship's on the line,

meaning if the results don't turn out the way you would like,

the relationship, the marriage, everything...

It's out the window, Your Honor. It's over with.


Yes, ma'am.

Ms. Mahoney, how is this

paternity doubt affecting your child?

Hard. He takes it hard. He looks up to him a lot.

Sometimes he gets real short-tempered with him and...

He just, like, kind of... He'll sit by him and...

He'll move away and it's hard as a mother to see that. (SNIFFLES)

JUDGE LAKE: And Kevin's four?

So, he understands this rejection.

Yeah, it takes him really hard.

He kind of... He's sheltered now.

And so, Mr. Watson,

you are rejecting the child?

Yes, Your Honor.

I'm not the dad, that's why.

When I... When I was away...

When I came back.

She was cheating and...

She has a bad reputation of being,

basically, as I'm gonna say it, the neighborhood hoe.


Okay, we gonna try to use respectful language, but...

Let's say, she had a reputation

of being very promiscuous.

Yes. Yes, Your Honor.


And so, you were away and you came home.

What did you find when you came home?

WATSON: She had two men staying with her and...

They were showering her... Showering her with gifts.

And taking care of her. Now, me as a man personally,

I'm not gonna do that for no woman...

Being a man, though, you shouldn't have left me.

I never left.

Ms. Mahoney, did you have two men living with you?

Yes, ma'am.

You did?

I had no job.

(CRYING) I had nothing to fend for myself.

They were close family friends.

And they just wanted to help me, help them.

WATSON: No, they weren't.

I agreed to let them stay and I if I needed a...

Some toilet paper, down... You know anything.

They would help provide it.

And so, were you providing them with anything

besides a place to stay?

A bedroom. That was it.

I would not...

JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Watson,

you are shaking your head. You don't believe that?

They were... They were not close family friends.

That is not true, Your Honor.

I've known them since I was 13.

That ain't no family friend. 13, nothin'.

So, did you ever ask him

are you sleeping with...

Yes. Your Honor.

Oh. You did?


And what was his response?

He said yes.

There's been many girls doin' it to the same...

We have a problem where, there's lots of people that were in our life,

tryin' to split us up.

So, he said he was having sex with Ms. Mahoney?


You confronted her about that?

Yes, multiple times.

What did she say?

And when I asked him... I told him

we can go together in front of this person

and ask them

and he doesn't wanna...

But when I say

let's go in front of him, she never does.

He doesn't wanna do that.

He stalls out.

That's not true.

(CRYING) Our family is on the line.

And I just hope we have...

So, why was...

Why was... Why would that other guy say he's the father?

He says that's my son.

There's a difference between a father and a dad.

Just know that.

What you mean? He the one talkin' about that's his kid.

He provided for him.

Okay, I was away.

I couldn't.

When I called you and he was hungry...

Then what?

I was away. I could... There was nothing I could do.

Like I said, there's a difference between being a father...

Okay, so if he was my... If he was my kid, so bring other men around my kid?

Mr. Watson,

I do wanna make a clarification.

Did he say he was the biological father?

Or did this man say he was stepping up to be a father?

No, he said that... No.

Pretty much, Your Honor.

He said that was...

He takes that how he wants.

He said that was his kid.

And that he's in love with her and that's his girl.

He always says that. Even to this day he says that, Your Honor.

That is true. He has said he loves me.

And he's in love with me.

But like I've said, I cannot control somebody else's feelings

and as long as I'm doing what I'm supposed to do as a woman

to my family,

there is no reason.


And I'm just so ready to get all this...

But, Ms. Mahoney...

Why would a guy say to you...

I believe he probably does love me.

But I don't love him and I needed help and all he wanted was a room.

That's all.

But why would he say you were having sex with him

if you weren't?

Because he knows

that if he were to tell him that.

That he's gonna walk out and he's gonna leave me.

And that's what happened.

So, you're saying, he just kept saying that to break you apart.

And I'll be crying, you know, upset...

You know, cover me.

And I don't want that. And I don't want anybody else with Tevin.

It was basically crazy and, like...

Her friend, you know... Her and her friend fell out.

You know, and the friend called me one day

and was like I wanna... I wanna tell you everything.

And she basically told me everything. How she was...

What she did was lie to you because you and her had sexual intercourse.


Did you not?

No. We did not.

She... No. That did not happen?


We did not have sexual...

What did her friend tell you, Mr. Watson?

The friend told me how she was sleeping with multiple men

plus the two staying with her.

And how men were crawling through the window,

late at night.

But it's my house so, why would I have to have somebody crawl through a window?

And this is what her former friend told you?

Yes, Your Honor.

Because I just found out they had sexual intercourse, under a bridge.

Okay? Under a bridge.

Did you have sex with this friend, Mr. Watson?

Don't lie.

No, Your Honor. No I did not.

Not sex.

What did she do?

Be honest because this is our chance to clear our water

and make our family either complete or separate.

I did not have sexual relations with that women in any kind.



We've heard that before.


Was there sexual contact?

Yes, Your Honor.

So, how can you not expect this woman

to do that?

Because that was her best friend. That was her ride or die.

They were together every day of the minute.

Who doesn't tell their best friend secrets?

JUDGE LAKE: You felt

she gave you the inside scoop?

Yes, Your Honor.

And then she wanted to get close to you but she gave you a scoop, all right.


So, when you found out Ms. Mahoney was pregnant,

what happened then?

You found out you were pregnant?

I found out I was pregnant

and it was kind of little iffy, at first.

But he, you know... He switched and he was like,

no, you had these men here.

I know you were sleeping with them.

Your best friend... And that's around the time I found out

what had happened between them.

He just was really upset and told me I couldn't name him a junior.

Till I came... Kevin.

That's really close, you know.

(SOBBING) And that I'd been sleeping with him and they're his kids.


So, I went... (SOBBING)

And we got DNA.

You took a DNA test?

Yes, ma'am.

What happened?

I went... I was on government assistance

and child support.

Then we had to comply with them.

They asked me who the father was.

I told them who he was.

And he ran from all the things.

Then finally they found him.

And had him go up there and take the DNA.

What did the DNA test say?


That Mr. Watson was Kevin's biological father?

Yes, ma'am.

And the State

put him on that birth certificate.

JUDGE LAKE: Did you bring that test result with you?

No, I didn't.

Mr. Watson, why don't you believe those results?

I even posted it on Facebook.

'Cause, first of all, Your Honor,

her friend forged papers.

When she walked up showing me these papers,

first of all, I didn't see no...

No government stamp on it and when she showed me it

quote me on this if I'm wrong,

when I read it, it read like, 99...

Of the black population.

Of the black population.

That was my response.

Of the black population in America,

that he's 99... (CRYING)

I'm sorry.

And that DNA took about

seven, eight months just to get here.

And there was no...

It took seven, eight months?

They couldn't find him.

To get his DNA.

And they already had ours.

So, you believe she forged these results?

Yes, ma'am.

So, when this court contacted your home state,

because we do our own investigation, as well.

MAHONEY: Yes, ma'am.

We wanted to find out how long it should take to get results.

And we were told

that it takes about two weeks to one month.

So, Ms. Mahoney, why would it take seven months...

I don't... get these results?

I don't know why

and we were together and they showed up.

If you're confident,

why wouldn't you take a sealed envelope to Mr. Watson

and say, "This is the paperwork."

But, Your Honor, we've been through so much

and spent so much in our life. I'd never expected him to think of me that low.

I would never do that, but...

That's low of a person.

So, you never thought he would question paternity.

Ever of...

They're documented government papers.

When your friend's forgin' papers, what do you want me to do?

My friend, she forged DNA documents.

When we were younger.

And... And it was real. It looked real.

So, I mean, I understand,

you know, the fact that...

You... And that would be in my mind, as well, but...

It's just... I wanna get this done and...

I want the results and our family to be happy.

So, Mr. Watson, this is a little bit too close to home for you.

Yes, Your Honor.

You have a witness. I'd like to hear from her. Please stand, ma'am.

State your name for the record.

Yolanda Watson.

Ms. Watson, you are what relation to Mr. Watson?

Tevin's mother.

You are his mother.

Yes, ma'am.

So, ma'am, you've heard the testimony that we have

presented thus far.

Uh. what can you tell us about this situation?

(SCOFFS) Well, I heard the rumors when they were... When it first came about.

I'm confused also what...

What all has been said and what's all goin on.

Did you ever hear this information about

papers being forged?


DNA papers, you've heard that?

Yes, ma'am.

MAHONEY: She knew her too.

Yes, ma'am, and I did not care for her.

Do you believe that biologically Kevin is your grandson?

I am now questioning more and more.

That's never been in my heart before and it is now.

And it's really bothering me.

Thank you so much for your testimony, ma'am.

Thank you.

Ms. Mahoney?

Yes, Your Honor.

You say this relationship is on the line now.

It's been more than on the line.

That everything is riding on these results.

And I want to marry him and I want to have a future.

And I want our son to be happy.

But we fight.

All the time over this.

And he loves his dad. And I know he loves him.

And I...

For four years, this has been

hanging over your head?

All the time.

Yes, Your Honor.


Anything. We can be mad about our sandwich was cold

and we're gonna end up fighting about this.

There's a lot of bad water under our bridge.

And we were young, we've done a lot of things, you know,

to each other that we're not proud of.

But I want it to be over with now. I want to move on.

I want... I want the answers.

There's no way

to clear the water under the bridge unless you tell the truth.

That's why I'm here.

Is there something

you have not said?

Is there another man

that could potentially be Kevin's biological father?

No, ma'am.

Are there any other men?

No, ma'am. I have... We have broken up

and I've had other, you know, relationships with men

but never around when I got pregnant.

How close in proximity

to Kevin's conception

did you have relationships with other men?

It was after, Your Honor.

WATSON: Not true.

It was after...

After he was born or after you got pregnant?

It was after he was born and he was

already probably about two years old.

Get out of here, man.

Not gonna argue.

You're right. I'm not either. I don't wanna argue.

We've done four years of arguing.

I just... I wanna know where to go from here. What to do.

Our family is on the line.

So, Mr. Watson, do you wanna make this work if

Kevin is your biological child?

Yes, Your Honor.

You wanna make this family work?


Of course, I love this woman.

And if he's not?

I don't know. I don't know.

Everything's just...

Be honest. You're gonna leave.

Yeah, I'm gonna leave.

We'll never see you again so...

From fifth...

(SNIFFLES) It's like we never had anything.

You can't just walk out on somebody like that.

JUDGE LAKE: I think there's so much at stake here.

We can't wait a moment longer.

(SOBS) Please, Your Honor.

Well, Jerome, let's get these results.

Here, Your Honor.

These results were prepared by DNA Diagnostics and they read as follows.

Yeah, I'm gonna leave.

In the case of Watson v. Mahoney,

when it comes to four-year-old Kevin Watson,

it has been determined by this court,

Mr. Watson,


are the father.


MAHONEY: See? I love you.

(CRYING) I love you so much.

I'm sorry, baby. I love you.

I love you so much.

I love you. I'm sorry, baby.

I know.

It's okay.

It's okay. (CRYING)

YOLANDA: Come here. Come here.

I love you.

I love you guys, too.


I'm better now.

JUDGE LAKE: You relieved, Mr. Watson?

Yes, ma'am.

Can we go home and get married now? (GIGGLES)

Yes, we can.



It can be better.

But you have to do the work.

MAHONEY: That's why we're here.


I was just about to say... Ms. Mahoney, you're so correct.

This was the first step.

Took you four years to get here.

To just get clarity.

From a situation that's just been hanging over your head

and destroying your lives.

It's been so hard.

And not just your life.

Kevin's life.


I'm gonna make that way better. I'm...

I'm gonna step up.


Swear to God.

JUDGE LAKE: And that right there?

And I believe him and that's why I wanted to be here, too.

But listen, what you have to understand is a child knows when they're being



So, now, we don't know what Kevin is feeling inside.

So, you all have the obligation now.

To do the work necessary to just...

Not just repair your relationship.

But to help repair the damage that has been done to him.

MAHONEY: Yes, Your Honor.

We have counseling and resources for you that are gonna help you

just get on the right path to a better future.

For yourselves and for Kevin.

I know you love him. I can see that.

So much.

Now, you just have to do what you have to do to create the foundation

from which he can launch

and soar, right?

All right. I wish you all the very best.

Court is adjourned.

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