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- Merry Christmas eve.

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- Thanks for being your mythical best.

- We gross y'all.

- Let's talk about that.

(lighthearted music)

Good mythical special holiday episode.

- In years past, we're typically on break this week,

but this year we have decided to give you

another week of shows to accompany you

in your yuletide festivities. - Your yuletide.

We've experienced a lot together this year,

and we thought it would be fun to create some

special episodes to reminisce and relive

some of your favorite GMM moments from 2018 together.

So all week we're gonna take you back through

an entire year of mythicality with best of's

and retrospectives.

- And just a quick reminder,

our Tour of Mythicality special is available now

on a wide variety of platforms.

Including YouTube, iTunes, Amazon,

and most cable TV providers.

It also includes a never before seen

highly personal making of film.

So watch that with your family and friends.

- All right, now to kick off this special week,

we gonna get gross.

We have done a lot of disgusting and vile nonsense

on this show, and usually once we're done shooting

a gross episode, we take long hot showers

and scrub the experience from our memories.

- But today it all comes flooding back

because we are counting down the top five

grossest moments of the year as decided by you.

Okay, let's see number five.

- [Stevie] Coming in at number five

is a clip from the very first episode of 2018,

will it meatloaf?

Rhett and Link taste balut meatloaf.

- Balut is a prime example.

It is a developed, or developing bird embryo.

Usually a duck that is boiled ad eaten from the shell.

- I feel like we should have a little white flag

that we can wave once a year,

and I'm gonna wave it

on day one. - You wanna on day one?

- Should I wave it on day one?

- No. - That's a great idea.

Hey let's do that though. - Maybe.

- Each of us has a white flag that we can wave

just in case, once a year.

Shouldn't do it on day one though.

- We forgot about that.

Maybe the hairy part, maybe that's a really good part.

- Gosh it, it's unpleasant to run a fork through.

It's gotta be unpleasant to actually put in your mouth.

- Run a fork through it.

I've run a fork through many a loaf,

but none as heinous as this.

- Let's not just immediately spit it out.

Everything in your body's gonna tell you

to get this little baby duck out of your mouth.

- Right, this is a new year.

- Yeah.

- We gotta bring our A game to let the people know.

- That's right, it's 2018!

- Whether they should do this or not.

- The year of the duck.

- 'Cause right now-- - Is this the year

of the duck?

Is that a thing?

- The embryo duck.

- This is the year of the duck for us.

- 'Cause right now you're thinking,

hmm, maybe I'll do this,

maybe I'll get a bunch of these baluts and I'll make a loaf,

because who knows. - Maybe it'll be great.

- We gotta tell 'em that's it's a bad idea or a good idea.

This is public service.

Three, two. - Duck it and suck it.

- Sink it.



Lemon juice does help, lemon juice is a very.



- It's the idea man.

It's the idea. - It's the idea.

- The idea is what is making me vomit.

- It tastes kinda like turkey stuffing.

- Think of a new idea.

Think of a new idea.

- This is nothing but turkey stuffing and space.

- Think of Sky City, you remember Sky City in Dunn?

That store that opened up next to Roses?

And my mom was like, Sky City's the new Roses.

- They got everything.

- Sky City man.

- Take me to Sky City.

- Sky City would have never gone out of business

if they had a loaf of balut.

- Sky City was so confusing because it was on the ground.

- And it was in Dunn.

Which is just a town.

- Did it, I ate it.

- I'm coming, hold on.

- Join me in the sky.

- I'm running from the back.

I'm in the toy section right now.

I'm coming, I'm coming up to the register.

- Come on, come on.

You did it!

You know what?

- It's gonna be a good year, Link.

- It was horrible.

It was a good year, but I don't watch these back.

I was there for it.

- And now I remember why I don't.

- In case we didn't, we don't know what these are,

so I don't know what number four is,

but I forgot about the white flag idea.

- People enjoy this, huh?

- Why didn't we build a white flag, guys?

- Yeah, you conveniently didn't remind us about that.

Okay. - I'm so.

- I'm planning this, 2019.

- [Stevie] Our number four clip features

Rhett and Link popping each others pimples

and eating them with doctor Pimple Popper.

- As you can see, we've been pimplified extremely.

Oh there's even some on your back.

I can't make eye contact with them.

- Don't.

- But they're not full of body goo.

Here's the thing, they are full of nasty food goo.

Oh gosh.

- Remember, you have to eat it.

- I do remember that.

- Gotta squeeze it first.

- She's getting into it.

- Come on, use your thumbs.

- There it is.

(yelling in disgust)

- Oh, that looks like pretty much, that looks like--

- Ew that was real looking.

- Are you sure that's not real?

- Taste it and see.

- Everything inside of me is telling me not to do this.

- [Rhett] Eat it, eat it.

- That's a familiar feeling on this show.

What is it Vaseline?

- [Stevie] No that's horseradish.


- Vaseline.


You want some prime rib with that?

- Go big or go home.

- Yeah. - Start here.

- She's loving it.

- [Sandra] He's got breakdown of his.

(yelling in disgust)

- You guys have this very accurate, let me tell you.

That's what it looks like.

This actually is proof, this is--

- I hate everything now.

Is it possible for me to announce my retirement?

Is that up for grabs?

- Sure.

We didn't have to not wear pants, by the way.

- Wasabi, oh gosh.

- Yeah we coulda worn pants.

I mean everything was happening in the face.

What kind of exam did we think she was gonna give us?

- I don't know, but I felt so free.

We should not wear pants more often.

I mean we could not have pants on right now

and nobody would know.

- Well we stand up at unexpected moments.

- Yeah and that would just--

- Be a more unexpected moment.

- More spicy.

- Oh gosh, yeah, that was the only episode

that my wife showed up to set to watch happen.


Why on earth?

- Not because she cared about those pimples.

She likes the doctor. - Yeah.

- Okay, let's keep this going.

- [Stevie] At number three, Rhett and Link

are rubbing cat poop on their arms

in the testing medieval hygiene treatments episode.

- [Rhett] Of course.

- In medieval times, yes the restaurant and the time period,

it was considered beautiful for women to have

high foreheads.

They would achieve this by applying a homemade paste

to their hairline to remove whole swaths of hair.

- Yes, and that hair removal paste was made

using vinegar and you guessed it, dried cat dung.

- So we've got, we've got vinegar,

and of course we have.

- Who's cat? - Josh.

- Josh's cat? - Josh's cat?

- Oh gosh, I haven't even met Josh's cat.

Now I'm gonna rub its do-do all over my arms.

Yeah so just crush it up with a mortar

and then we'll add the vinegar.

Make a nice paste.

- Add some vinegar to this.

- Yeah josh, you didn't dry this enough, man.

Your cat's got some issues.

I'm happy to be here.

- You dropped some right there.

- I've always been a horse lover.

- I'm squeezing the juice out,

and then I'm--

- Oh gosh!

- I was not happy.

There's a reason why I don't live in the medieval period.

- Yeah!

- This is stupid.

I'm quitting.

- Hey man. - I'm not with this.

- Hey this is about testing.

Listen, people used to do this.

Those ladies, those hot ladies put this on their foreheads.

- I'm out man, I am out.

- Don't you wanna be a hot lady?

- Oh gosh, there's juice going under the glove.

All right, no.

- It's hot lady juice.

- Let's dry it man.

- [Rhett] Okay it's somewhat drier.

- [Link] Oh gosh.

- Oh look at that, I've got cat dung on my forearm.

In the anointed place.

- And people put it on their head.

That's even worse, man.

All of that for nothing.

All of the hair is still there, man.

I still can't believe they put it on their,

they put it on their up here.

- Well back in those days,

they were dealing with stank in every which-a-way,

you know what I'm saying?

Everything stank, everybody stank, everything stank,

so putting some more stank on your forehead

wasn't that big of a deal,

but to us modern humans, we don't deal with

stank very often.

We're lightweights.

- [Stevie] Coming in at number two,

Rhett and Link try putting pig blood

through a water filter.

- We heard from many of you in the comments

on our first water filter video.

Conclusion, you are a twisted bunch.

Why did so many of you ask for pig's blood?

What kind of people do you think we are?

We would never.

It doesn't even make sense.

It's totally what we're doing.

Oh gosh.

It splattered.

- Oh gosh.

- What's wrong with you people?

- Why did it get so brown?

- Oxygen man.

- I got some on my freaking shirt.

- Oxygen.

It stinks too.

- [Rhett] Unfortunately it's still pig's blood.

- It looks no different.

Does it pour differently?

Doesn't pour any differently.

Oh yeah give me plenty.

Don't hold back.

I'm getting a headache watching this, I don't know.


- I got the smallest trace.

- It's very iron-y.

- Oh Revolt.

- You now what, I got an idea for a new drink.

Check this out.

What, I don't remember doing that.

It's better.

But it's-- - It's still revolting.

What was wrong with you man?

What happened to you? - Again, I do not remember

taking another swig.

These are all thing that,

I mean don't you wipe all this from your mind,

just like we said at the top?

- Yeah, yes, I do not dwell on these things.

- People ask us, what's the worst thing you ate,

and it's just like, well we don't remember.

It's like, it's, that's the thing we're best at

is forgetting.

- In fact, if you asked me if I had put pig's blood

through a water filter, I'd be like, I don't think so.

- I would remember the cat poop,

but I probably wouldn't remember the pig's blood.

And also, I don't think about it,

I know we're gonna do it ahead of time,

and I don't think about it till it's right in front--

- We've gotten really good at not thinking.

- Sometimes they'll put stuff in front of us

and then you'll be waiting to film

and I won't even look at it because I, you know,

I wanna concentrate at the moment

so that then it's easier to gather and throw away.

- Right.

- Hey you know what, show us something

even grosser than that. - Please.

- [Stevie] And the number one grossest GMM moment

comes from will it cheesecake.

- In order to make cheesecake, you need milk from a cow,

but what if instead of taking milk from a cow,

you took the digestive fluid synthesized by the cow's liver

stored in its gallbladder and secreted into

its small intestine?

Yes I'm talking about everybody's favorite

cow juice secretion, beef bile.

We call this one bile have what cheese having.


- You know what, no matter what happens,

if we don't make it through this,

it's worth it because of the name of the cheesecake.

- It's the color. - It's freaking gray!

- It doesn't stink at all.

- It is a secretion.

I don't, we haven't had secretion very much on this show.

- Yeah this is a

Whole new world

So here's what's in this thing.

Bile filling, bile whipped cream,

and cinnamon graham cracker crust.


And there it is.

So hand me a fork.

- Would you guys like this complimentary

bile caramel drizzle?


- Yes Josh.

- Oh beautiful.

- Thanks for you table side service, Josh.

- No problem.

Thank you guys for dining with us.

- Now this doesn't, it doesn't stink

when I smell it. - That's enough,

that's plenty man!

- Oh I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

- But we were told that this may be

the worst thing we've ever tasted on the show.

Stevie said worst thing we've ever tasted,

Darren said at least top 10.

So boy I can't wait to get into this one.

Number one.

- And sink it.



- Oh gosh, it's not meant for human consumption.

How could that have no smell?

- That's in a cow?

- But it helps the cow eat its own food.

You know what I'm saying?

That's not the kind of thing you should

be putting in cheesecake.

Who's idea was this?

- Really, who's idea was this, 'cause they're going down.

Kevin? - Oh gosh, well.

- [Link] Beef bile.

Will it cheesecake?

- [Rhett] No!

- It's the worst pure taste we've ever tasted

on this show, I think.


Pure. - Pure.

- The worst pure taste. - Pure taste.

- I lost my glasses on that.

- Now that one, for me, personally,

was actually kinda fun to watch

because it just looks like gray cake.

- Right. - Right?

Gray pie.

- And again, I couldn't describe now what it tasted like.

I have eradicated the memories.

Even now that they've been brought back to me,

I'm just gonna purge them again.

- It tasted like evil put into the form of a pie.

It was just sadistic. - Oh my goodness.

Thanks for voting.

Now tomorrow come back because we're gonna count down

the top five BFF moments on GMM.

- Yes, thanks for liking, commenting, and subscribing.

- You know what time it is, but you don't know

what time it is,

because it's present time.

No wheel spin.

This is a special week.

- Oh mixing it up.

- I thought we could exchange presents.

So here's. - I love presents.

- Here's a present for you from me

that, of course, I know what it is,

'cause I got it for you.

I didn't ask the mythical crew to buy

a present, wrap it, and give it to you

without even telling me what it is.

- Right you would never do that.

- Gonna love it.

Gonna love it.

Got it especially for you.

- It is brine shrimp eggs.

And based on the can, it's old.


- Yeah it's aged, man.

I thought you'd really enjoy some of that.

It even says right here, not for human consumption.

- Who's it for?

It says artemia cysts.


- Yeah it's a can of shrimp cysts, Rhett.

What you've always wanted.

- Okay, there's a can opener over there.

I think I'm gonna open it.

- Oh my goodness, do it.

- Does anybody know what year it's from?

- It's vintage. - Vintage.

- Oh man.

Something tells me that the studio

is going to smell like artemia cysts.

- Look at this.

- This is a great way to get tetanus, man.


Hold on.

It's just, it's sand.

It's like the Ark of the Covenant.


- What?

- Oh it's got a smell to it though.

- [Link] What, what?

- That's what happens after many years

to brine shrimp eggs.

- Oh it, it stinks.

- What was it at one point?

- Smell it.


Look how clean the can gets though.

- Okay, well you know what, thanks Link.


My Christmas is gonna be great.

- I thought this was a cyst, but it's literally nothing.

It's nothing.

Well, happy holidays.

- [Rhett] If you missed the Tour of Mythicality,

have no fear, the all new Tour of Mythicality

special is here.

Available now on YouTube, iTunes, Amazon,

and a wide variety of platforms,

including most cable TV providers.

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