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Hey guys, I'm Nate we are back at the dome. And once again, we want to try an experiment with molten salt.

We're going to try pouring it into a watermelon a cantaloupe and then just a bottle of fruit juice

To be able to pour salt into our watermelon. I've got a one and a quarter inch spade bit

I'm gonna drill a hole about half way in pour out the extra juice and then we should have a nice little

Channel that our salt can land in

To make it just a little bit easier to aim the salt right down into the hole

I'm also going to use a little knife and carve a sort of funnel shape into the opening

All right, that should do a pretty good job of directing our salt right down into the heart of our tiny little watermelon

Now, let's try the same thing with the cantaloupe

Of course a cantaloupe is a lot more hollow on the inside already

Has a lot of seeds in there, but it's not solid pulp all the way through like a watermelon

With our watermelon raised up right here. We should have the salt pour out nicely down into the gap

Hopefully that'll really fill it up with salt and if we're lucky we'll see an exploding watermelon. The salt is nice and molten

So here's the plan I will turn off the furnace

I'll take the crucible out put it into the steel Cup and then I'll back away a safe distance

Pull the string and hopefully all that salt will be poured right down into our watermelon. Let's give it a shot

three two one

Exploded immediately

Immediately. Oh

boy that was great, I think just the second that the salt hit the watermelon. It was already breaking open

And see why it's still that hot glowing orange

Some toasty salt well, there's half of our watermelon and there's the rest of our watermelon

That just tore itself wide open in no time at all

Turns out watermelons. Don't get along very well with molten salt. Who knew?

All right, our cantaloupe is ready now we're gonna do the same thing salt will go into pouring device we'll secure it in place

We'll pull the string and maybe we'll get an exploding cantaloupe


(combusting )

Think it missed

Not all of it

But a lot of it then a cantaloupe also has a whole lot more empty space inside it then a watermelon

I mean, it's steaming clearly a lot of the salt made in there see some of the salt poured off

I think it actually

Hit the cantaloupe and spilled off the back onto the wood here. Yep, we had some salt running down the back of the cantaloupe

You definitely got salt inside it. You have to crack this thing open, see what it's doing in there

It's kinda cool look at that it just filled in some the gaps that is weird

salt formation

It's pretty fun right there

so we we did get a good amount of salt that went right into the cantaloupe just like we wanted it to

We didn't explode and I think that's because the cantaloupe has a lot more of a cavity then the watermelon

So when there was a little bit of pressure built up in the watermelon

it had nowhere to go and

So it just exploded but the cantaloupe had enough space in it that it was able to just let all of that suddenly forming steam

Escape out the top. I've never smelled burning cantaloupe before

Well, I've got one experiment left and it's not technically pouring salt into a fruit, but it is pouring salt into some fruit juice

I'm just gonna cut the top off of this container and see if I can get molten salt to

Fall down into the juice and I'm hoping for like a geyser of juice or something like that

Three two one.

Oh... It's pretty great

Super hot crucible

And there's our steel cup with some still glowing orange molten salt at the bottom of it. Alright, our juice container

Largely untouched which is about what I thought mostly I was just kind of hoping for a fountain of juice to launch up

But I think we got that pretty well juice or salt whichever one was launching up into the air

It worked pretty well

I think the watermelon definitely gave us the best results as soon as that liquid salt hit the inside of the watermelon that thing

Exploded open it looked pretty great pour you into the cantaloupe

We got a lot of steam out of it, but I think because there was a hollow in the center

It didn't have enough pressure to really tear anything open. We got some interesting cast shapes out of our salt

That's for sure and then pouring the liquid salt into the juice didn't really give us any sort of rupturing effect

But we did get kind of a nice spray of salt in the air

It sounded like an explosion and some of our juice definitely went flying. I think everything is covered in juice right now

I'm curious if it's salty juice


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