Practice English Speaking&Listening with: (ENG) 동심 찾으려다 음란마귀 낀(?) CIX "애기들이 이런 거 알아요?" [겜처돌]

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Oh my... What is it?

Wait a second.

Hey, grab it... wrap it.

- Don't you feel sorry for him? - I do!

[CRAZY IN GAME] [Content for those who love games]

[Shy] We are handsome idols, two three!

Hello, this is CIX!

Welcome to CRAZY IN GAME, the battle of gaming idol and game-lovers!

[4th episode's guest CIX]

In this episode, we're going to play a game made of CIX's song titles.

[CRAZY IN GAME rule explanation] [1. There are three rounds of the game.] [2. The winner of each round gets a random item.] [3. The final winner gets the chance of promotion.]

- Dol-i team is entering. - Dol-i...

[Dol-i competing against I-dol] [Grand] [Leader]


Two, three! PIKI Only we're enjoying!

[Best teamwork] Hello! This is PIKI Dol-i!

When the idol team wins, they can have a chance of promotion,

and if Dol-i team wins, they'll get a free staff dinner.

[How dare you?] Better than the PIKI Dol-i team...

[Rookie singers]

[Baobab of the gaming world]

[Handsome idol]

[Rambunctious CIX]

[They came to conquer PIKI!]

The first round is CIX's 'Black Out' game!

[1R Black Out Spot the difference] [After a black out of 5 seconds, spot the difference!]

Pick a person with good eyes.

- Good eyes? - I'm good at riding snow sleighs. (Word play)

[Solomon] Okay, you ride a sleigh and go that way.

I'll do it!

[Yonghee VS Dol-i]

[Song playing]

- Wow we're making focus cams! - Please take a nice picture!


[Q. What's the difference?]

I get it! I get it! You became more handsome. During the moment.

[Lol] [Suspicious] Oh he moved!

[Wrong] - Jinyoung pulled out his opposite foot. - No.

- BX changed his foot. - Wait a minute, I think you're just saying whatever.

- Oh which foot? - Ah the foot is different!

- I'm very sure! - Which foot?

Did it get longer?

Ah he was lifting the heel before!

- Oh that's right! - Right?

Hyunsuk was doing like this and it changed... is that right?

[Suspicious] - Yeah, it's right. - Did you stage this in advance? You really remember all these?

[Next Seunghoon] [Right answer] His shoelaces are untied!

- Is there one left? - Jinyoung... Ah...

- Did your arms switch? - No.

[Hint] Ah, he is difficult.

[Right answer] His necklace is gone!

How did you get it? Wow!

[This one] There's a necklace that Jinyoung wears everyday.

[2R next question!] - Let's make it hard. - Now I get this.

[Cute 1 Cute 2 Cute 3 Cute 4]


[Quick scanning]

[Two three] Um... it's the same.

BX has one more hand!

Which hand? Please be specific!

[Wrong] T... this hand?

[Right answer] - He has this hand. - Correct.

[Right answer] Gleaning.

[Level of difficulty ★★★★☆] - Jinyoung was doing this before! - Mine's a bit difficult.

- Is it? - It's about the human body..

[Serious] You didn't pull out a tooth, did you?

[Hint] This is very... detailed.

- You were laughing before, but now you're not! - Wrong!

Oh it's something like that!

[I want to guess] [Why are you..] - You were pouting your lips before, but you're not right now. - Wrong!

You had a booger before, but now you don't.

- Look at that side carefully! - You mean the booger?

[Expectation] Excuse me.

- You moved the side of your face. Like this. - Wrong.

- You leaned to the left. - Wrong.

- You feel bad! - Correct!

[Best condition] - Really? - No!

You're almost there, you're close!

- Your lips were open before? - You're biting your lips!

- You were biting your lips before but now you're not! - Correct.

[Relieved] [Right answer] Unbelievable.

- You have to really look for mine. - It's hidden.

[Hesitantly] - It's hidden? - Yes.

What am I supposed to do?

- What can I do! - Underneath.

- Underneath? How can I... - No, no.

[Very surprised] What am I supposed to do!

- Something you can't see! Something you can't see! - It's hidden.

[Eureka] - I can't see his socks! - Come on!

- You rolled down your socks! - Correct~

[Very happy] [Right answer]

[Double speed dancing] [Before] [After]

[Right answer] Seunghoon's finger is unfolded. BK changed his hand.

[Right answer] - Oh it's right! - Right?

[Amazed] - You're really good at this. - Jinyoung's hoodie is tied?

[Right answer]

[The last one, Hyunksuk] - Is he the last one? - His arm was up here, but it went back.

[Strict] Be specific!

[Right answer] - It was like this, but it changed to this! - Right!

[Agree] You really have good eyes.

- It's 2:1, the winner is CIX! - Is this already finished?

[Dol-i 0 VS 1 CIX]

You're not very good at games.

- I think she's not that good. - I can win now!

- This isn't very fun. - Please subscribe and like.

The second round is CIX's 'Age of Pureness' game!

- Sundae~ - It's delicious.

[2R 'Age of Pureness' Childhood Quiz] [Guess the answer to the question that explains at a child's level!]

CIX, the winner of the first round can use a random item,

buzz when you want to use it!

The buzzer?

[Experienced] You can do it like this.

[Learned a lesson]

[First question of out of three] Okay, then, the first question.

I'm a little scared to go inside when I'm outside.

- What? - A little scared to go inside when I'm outside?

[I'm a little scared to go inside when I'm outside.] - From child's view.. - To go home?

Right! Right! Because you can be scolded by your mother.

[Trying to cheat] Right, do it.

[How dare you] [Embarrassed]

- So inside.. - I think I know this! Oh my gosh!

[Got a feeling] I think I know this!

[Same for here] [Don't care about each other] - Being outside and going inside? - I think I get it.

[Confident] - It's either this one or this one. - Let me guess!

One two three! A slide?

Both of you are wrong!

[Chaos] I think I know the answer!

- Hint! Please give me a hint! - I'll use the hint!

[Adult's level] If one person gets wrong, he will be blamed for everything.

Wait... be innocent.

[Joy] [Despair] This is it~ We're done!

[Bragging Pororo watch] There's no time, no time.

- Oh we got it. - The thing that goes inside... is!

[Don't know what they know but] Got it got it got it got it.

[Let's see] One two three!

[Group jump rope][Dodgeball]

[First question][Group jump rope, correct!]

[Kiss] [Broken relationship] We're pure, we're still pure.

[Boasting] - Ah this one's difficult. - It's alright, we'll go a bit easy on them~

[Cute] [Realizes reality] You eat it through your mouth and it comes out through your tummy.

- Hey let's use that. The random item. - Buzzer! Buzzer!

[Uses Random item!] [CIX gets random item!] Oh it's difficult.

What... what is this?

[Ill-mannered] [Run! She's dangerous] What have you got there? It doesn't look that good, does it?

It's a tool to help us solve the problem.

[PIKI what is this!] [Random item: cool patch] What is this~

- You do it. - You do it all.

[You're supposed to put it on your forehead] You do it all.

[You eat it through your mouth and comes out through the tummy] What is it? What comes out of your stomach? Have you ever done that?

The only thing that comes out of my belly is my love handles.

[Hint] - You don't use this nowadays. - A beeper.

[Deep realization22] - Oh wait... this is epic! - No, it's this.

[Goes straight to cheat] [Close] Oh sir! OMG OMG!

[Bigger eyes] - Wow he's definitely not pure. - I was utterly surprised, is that allowed?

Let's go, quickly please.

[BX / hobby : cheating] [Tattle tale] - Ta da~ vending machine. - What have you got? They copied our answer.

[Very embarrassing] Both are wrong.

- You should've come clean! - Were we this pure?

[Captain of Dol-i's / 10 years old] I'm going to watch Tooniverse at home!

One two three!

[Post office] [Mail box] - What is it? - Post office?

[Second question][Mail box correct!]

- We almost had it... - It's fun but it's difficult.

It's something that my mom does it to dad when she's in a good mood.

If mom's really mad, she does it alone.

[Changing the ownership of the house] - Wait... what does this mean? - Can't this be the answer?

- Let's think... mom... - But for me...

- Go and splash some water on your face. - Get her out.

I keep thinking of something else, let me take a brisk walk.

[Something mom does to dad when she feels good] [Gave up] - I don't get a thing really. - I can't do this well.

Shall I give you a hint? It's among one of our staff's actions right now.

[Meerkat 1] [Meerkat 2] Action?

- Crossing arms! - Oh right~

[Expects to win] Crossed arms! Crossed arms!

[Third question][Crossed arms correct!]

- Why is this something that mom does to dad? - Crossing arms with dad!

Kids know this?

The score is 2:1, so the second round winner is 'Dol-i'!

[Dol-i 1 VS 1 CIX] Subscribe and like.

Last third round is See-at's precious song, CIX's 'The One' game!

[3R The One relay present wrapping][Wrap the mystery moving present in relay!]

[First present, earth jelly] - What is it? I'm curious. - A cockroach?

[Bouncy bouncy] What is this~ ugh how...

- No, don't. - Hey it hatched.

- What... wait... - It's alive?


Send this... with it!

No! Sending it over is...

[Precious] Put it in! Put it in!

[End of relationship 22] Wrap it! Wrap it! Wrap it!

[Wrapping quickly] We're done! We're done!

[Great finish] [It really is] [Hehe]

[First present wrapped successfully]

Subscribe and like.

I hope I won't see what's inside when it comes here.

[Burden 1] [Burden 2] [Burden 3]

[Second present umbrella] Ha... seriously...

But why sir! You should give us something wrappable.

She's mad.

[Quick] - Go! - What is this.

Sir, just because you wrap it pretty doesn't mean it's a present right?

- What is it? - I'm not sure if this will go in.

- Captain said she doesn't want what's inside to show... - You'll be punished if it shows!


- Here it goes! - What the...

Hide it, our captain is scary.

I had these...

[Second present, failed to wrap]

[CIX buzzing] - Ugh it's disgusting~ - Why? What is it?

- It looks disgusting? - Then just bottle it up first!

[Third present, brick] Start!

- Seriously are you kidding? - Why what is it?

She's swearing! She's swearing!

She's mad!

[Quick to giving up] This is... just..

What is this, what is this.

[Sound of popping ASMR]

What is this.

- What is it? - But first... it definitely looks something to be careful of.

Be careful!

[Ribbon villain] - What is it? Why is it dangerous? - Scary.

- Scary? - It's so scary.

[Big heap] - What is this? - You're looking at it!

[Dol-i / Captain of strength too]

Honestly, call this one successful.

A brick that I had ready for you.

[Third present, failed to wrap]

[Team Dol-i / One present successfully wrapped]

[First present, White Day candy]

[Falls down] What... what...


- Shoe laces? - Tie it~

But it's moving.

What is it? Why?

[Relaxed] - Just in case. - Jinyoung!

Ugh what is this. What am I supposed to do.

[Good job]

Hey what are you doing.

[Creative] [Nope] And the result?

We'll throw in the jar too.

[Generous] [Shameless] Put it in the jar if you're not done with the candy.

[First present, successfully wrapped]

It sound like plastic wrap.

[Second present, flowers]

[Yes, a present to let CIX win]

[BX is allergic to flowers, so it's soap flower and the color is also blue roses for CIX] It's coming, coming.

[CIX I love you CIX you're precious CIX forever CIX be healthy CIX be happy CIX handsome] What, what is it?

[CIX be happy CIX so handsome, hehe. TMI, but team Dol-i, who won the second round used their random item, but it was so boring that we edited it out whole]

[Oh right our staff is pulling this wagon by hand. Hehe good luck! Good luck CIX!~]

Just do it! Do it!


[Second gift] [Gets it again]


[Hm?] Ah! What's that?

Hm? Wait a minute!

Catch it! Spin it!

- Don't you feel a bit bad for it...? - Yes...

I feel so bad...

What is that?

Byeonggon, your turn! Byeonggon!


[Kill me already...] They're bullying it...

Stick more on there!

[(Sticker villain has appeared)] He's kind of like me.

Wait. you are going to put that in the box?

[(Box villain has appeared)]

[S... save me...] That's a hat! Not a box.


[Third gift, failed to wrap]

You managed 2 out of 3!

[Dol-i 1 vs 2 CIX]

I want to take this home!

[Idol CIX wins!]

[(Boos)] Woo~~

[(They lost their chance for a live performance & dinner)]

We were expecting to win,

so it was easy~

We aren't surprised!

- I practiced 3 months for this dance! - Me too~~~

We lost 5kg!

We could have won, we could have.

We do want to see their performance, though.

Yeah, we really do.

We play games no matter what we do, in daily life.

Even if we're just putting away drinks, we decide who's going to do it through a game.


That's why this segment was called Game-crazy CIX...

We were expecting to win!

The reason why we won

is all because of me(?)


Everyone in Dol-i also...

Oh, oh...

You're right, you're right..

Everyone in team Dol-i did very well, too,

but it seems that we might have done a bit better today!!

That's right, that's right!

It was fun!

[(Heartwarming)] Thank you for all that hard work.

Shall we end by saying "Game~" all together?

Sounds good!

One, two, three!

[(There are two bloopers after this)] Game~~~!

[Game-Crazy ver.]

[Idol ver.]

[We filmed after doing checkups, sanitizing, and taking quarantine measures for everyone involved, including the staff.]

[(There's one more behind the scenes video)] Comment down below what you enjoyed about our video this time, and

we will send a hand-wrapped gift and a polaroid picture to one person!

We hope for your participation~

Thank you~~

Happy birthday~

Thank you!


Make a quick wish...

Oh, thank you.


Thank you!

Pro idol,

Happy birthday to the "very very very handsome" Kim Seunghun.

- Handsome? - Uh... yes... yeah...

Piki is FIX-ed to CIX for life!

Is that right?

Of course~

That's a promise!

We wanted to get congratulated on-set, like the other artists.

Oh, I'm going to cry...

It feels good.

I'm so touched. Thank you!

Congratulations~ Happy birthday!

The birthday wish?

Appearing on Once Mother's Asleep!

And a free dinner from PIKI!


We want you to allow us to be on any PIKI content

we want to be on.

[Ooh~~~ (Watching out)]

One isn't enough.

If Game-Crazy hits more than 100,000 views...!

Is that okay?


["Gather here, FIX!!! Help us reach our goal!!!"]

Thank you~~

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