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RuPaul: Previously on RuPaul's Drag Race...

We're not just having one premiere.

We're having two premieres,

and you lucky seven are the first group of queens.

I--I--I'm a bitch, I--I'm a bitch

I'm a bitch

[cheers and applause]

Literally I would steal that line.

It was some next-level shit.

Widow Von'Du, you're a winner, baby.

[applause] This week, no one's going home.

Made it

Live another day, girl.

Oh, my God.

We're back in the workroom after our "elimination,"

and everybody's gagged.

So what do you guys think happens from here?

Girl, I have no fucking idea.

-Anything can happen. -Yeah.

I think what's gonna happen is

this is gonna happen again, but not with us.


RuPaul: Ooh, girl.

She done already done had herses.

What's happening?

-What? -Again?

What's going on?

I just sat down.

Hey, ladies.

Good job this week.

So are you ready to meet the other queens?


Leave a message on the mirror,

and they'll get back to you as soon as they can.

-Oh! -Oh!

-No way. -All right.

I hope these bitches are ready to eat the leftovers,

because that's usually what you do when you're number two.


-Give 'em a little kiss. -Mwah!

-Yeah! -Yes, honey.

They don't know what's coming to them.

-Whoo! -Whoever these girls are,

I hope they brought their A game,

because we are serving it.

All: We done already done had ourses!

Good luck, bitch.

RuPaul: The winner of RuPaul's Drag Race

receives a one-year supply

of Anastasia Beverly Hills cosmetics,

and a cash prize of $100,000.

With extra-special guest judges Thandie Newton and Robyn.

RuPaul's Drag Race

May the best woman

Best woman win

RuPaul: Welcome to the second premiere

of RuPaul's Drag Race 2020.

All tuck and no play makes Rock M. a crazy bitch.

[laughs] Whoo!


Woop, woop, woop, woop!

I'm Rock M. Sakura, and am I really Japanese?

Who knows? Is it cultural appropriation?

We'll find out. Stay tuned.

Where should I go next?

Should I just sit on the stairs?

A lot of my influences come from anime, manga, and video games.

Rock M. is very indicative of Rock'Em, Sock'Em Robots,

because I got big arms like these.

How sturdy are these tables?

I am a high-energy comedy anime queen

that can dance, sing.

She's just a big explosion of legs and arms

and some other body parts

that you might not even want or care to see.


It's so exciting to be here.

This is my chance to show the world that I'm a superstar.

What's over here?

"We done already done had ourses?"

What does it mean?

Were there people that are already here?

Oh, no! There's already stuff here.

Aah! Aah!

Are you ready to live a little, sin a lot?

I'm Dahlia Sin, and I'm here to take your man.

Eew. [laughs]

I'm from the Haus of Aja,

who you might know from Season 9 and All Stars.

The Haus of Aja is definitely known for drama.

All we do is talk shit about--

[laughs] talk shit about everyone.

-Hi-ee! -Hi, honey.

-Welcome, new sister. -You look gorgeous, bitch.

Oh, mwah. You look like a chandelier,

but like a sexy, denim chandelier.

Oh, oh, oh. Come on, denim, look good.

I'm Rock M. Sakura.

Oh--oh--oh, okay, bitch.

I'm from San Francisco.

-Oh, okay, nice. -What about you?

Well, I'm from New York, but I currently live in L.A.

-Okay. -And we gonna win.

Ooh, ooh.

Don't count out San Francisco yet.

I actually live for San Francisco.

The San Francisco queens are cunt comedy queens.

L.A. is more of a look.

Okay, when I get there,

the first thing they notice is the smell.

[both laugh]

I definitely consider myself a look queen.

My style is very Vanjie.

It's fierce, it's better than all these other bitches

that are gonna be on the show. [laughs]

Hope you saved room for dessert, because I brought Pie.


I'm Sherry Pie, and I am the queen of camp. Ooh.

You're a funny little lady.

Oh, yeah, oh, ooh.

Sherry is a big, loud, Broadway dame.

When you enter a Sherry Pie show,

I expect nothing less than laughs, hoots, and hollers.

Yes, bitch!

-Hi, Mama! -Hi.

I'm so excited.

I want that crown on top of my wig.

I'm, like, gagged, gooped, beguiled,

bewitched, bothered, and bewildered.

That's a musical theater reference

for all you kids out there. Hello.

-I'm Rock M. -Hi.

Rock M. Sakura. I'm from San Francisco.

I haven't really seen the drag there.

What's it like?

My brand is very, like, dumb humor.


If you think about it driving to the gig,

and be like, "This song is dumb.

I wanna do it like this and dress like a hot dog."


Oh, I want a hot dog real bad.

Okay, I'm gonna stare at myself.

[whistle blows]

Oh, oh, oh.

Hey, y'all, let's play some basketball.


I'm Jan, I'm 26, and I'm from New York City.

I hope everybody caught the reference.

If you heard Fergie singing the national anthem

at the NBA All Star game,

you know that she ended that

saying, "Let's play some basketball."


I am wearing my varsity cheerleader outfit.

My look just really encapsulates

everything that I am as a drag queen.

It's fun, it's flirty, but it's fierce.

-Hi! -Hi!

I gagged to see Jan come in.

She's a New York City sister.

She has an amazing voice, she's an amazing actress.

Hi, I'm Jan. Nice to meet you.

Jan, nice to--oh, Jan.

Jan [bleep], right?

Oh, it's just Jan.

-Just Jan. -Yeah.

Just Jan! [all laugh]

Bitch, come on. New York in the motherfucking house, bitch.

Yeah, New York City!

Coming up in the New York City scene,

I really, really wanted to get to the top very, very quickly.

I'm really ambitious, I'm very driven,

and I don't apologize for that.

And I'm just ready to go Team Jan.

What's that mean?

There's messageseses.

Oh, Jesus, people are-- oh, my--wait.

There's already queens here, girl.

Some of these stations are filled.

I'm shocked. I'm confused.

-Oh! -Oh, oh, oh.

Hey, bitches.

She's here!

She is a woman.

Hey, bitches, it's Jaida Essence Hall,

the essence of beauty,

and I'm here to slay the competition.

When Jaida walks in a room,

she's very classy, very bougie, she smells like money.

Turquoise, ooh.

I look fabulous,

I'm wearing something that's off-the-shoulder

so you can catch all of these shoulders

and all of that good zhuzh up here.

Her shoulders. That's all I can talk about

are her gold, glistening shoulders.

They should sell her shoulders at Barney's.


-You look hot. -Thank you.

I'm living for the beat bitch in person.

I have to say this color

looks beautiful on you, by the way.

-Thank you. Thank you. -You look amazing.

She's like, "You're welcome."

Although I support any other styles of drag

and I like the art of it,

for me, drag is exuding, like, feminine energy.

I don't consider myself really too much of a drag queen,

but more of a female impersonator.

Jan: What's your drag like?

I sew professionally. I have, like, a fashion line.

-So did you make this? -Yes, I made it.

Like 99% of the things that I brought I made.

What do you feel like is mainly your style of drag?

I'm a singer, really. That's my main thing that I do.

-Oh, sing something right now. -Yeah.

[bluesy] ♪ Hey-ey-ey-ey-ey

-Oh! -My turn.

[off-key] ♪ Hey... ♪

[all laugh]

How about you sing, and then she lip syncs it?

Five, six, seven--



Season 12 is about to be in-Zhane.

We got a spooky queen.

I am Aiden Zhane,

and I am here to slaughter the competition.

Okay, she's the odd one.

I think the other queens are immediately gonna be like,

"Oh, this is the weird bitch."

People would probably describe my drag as kind of mysterious.

I don't think there's really another drag queen out there

that you can compare me to.

You can try, but good luck.

-Hi! -Hi!

-I'm Sherry. -Aiden.

You can sit next to me. I love crazy.

Tell us what your scene's like.

Well, isn't that the question?

[all laugh]

Do you have the answer?

Atlanta, it's not very diverse, I guess.

You know, I wish there was more room for just crazy.

Is that what you do?

Yeah, I'm definitely a little bit psychotic, so...

-Wow. -Sickening.

So if I'm coming to see you in a show, what do I expect?

I'm definitely an actress, first of all.

Like, I love to emote, I love to give expression.

When you say you're an actress, do you have drama training?

No, I don't have any, like,

actual background training in acting.

Rock: Where do you perform?

See, the closest city for me to perform is Atlanta,

and it's like an hour away.

How many times a week do you perform, then?

None a week, currently.

Well, then how do you do drag there?

[all laugh]

My drag background, I would say,

is a lot different from a lot of queens.

I don't have the same performance background,

because I don't have drag family.

I don't really have that many drag friends.

But don't let that fool you.

We need to talk about

this mysterious message on the mirror.

It says, "We done already done had ourses."

Are we having another Shangela or Vanjie moment?

I think it's a Season 6 moment,

where half of the dolls are already here.

Jan: We should Nancy Drew it.

I wanna try to clock this spoof.

Damn, some of this stuff looks real cute.

Some of it also looks real tacky.

[all laugh]

Can we just take a bunch right now,

since they're not here?

I think we should hide everything.

[alarm] Oh!

RuPaul: She done already done had herses.

Yo, ma'am!

My queens. [cheering]

Remember, it's not about who comes first,

it's about who comes hardest.

So put some Fosse in your posse and razzle-dazzle me.

Five, six, seven, eight--

Oh, wait a minute.

There's only six of you...

for now.

[all laugh] Ooh, bitch!

[evil laugh]

What's a "Fosse?"

Hello, hello, hello.

-Oh! -Oh, my God!

-Oh! -RuPaul!

Welcome to the second premiere of RuPaul's Drag Race 2020.

[cheers and applause]

Now, you may have noticed

that you're not the first queens to arrive.

-Yeah. -I see.

Now, this week, you six get your very own premiere

so we can scrutinize every inch

of your charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent.


So to kick things off, we wanna see what you're packing.

So for today's mini-challenge,

you need to model a Spring and Fall look

worthy of a star-studded Fashion Week runway show.

[cheering] Yeah!

Jaida: I'm so excited that there are two runway looks on day one.

I'm excited to see who the hell is gonna be out here.

I wanna meet some celebrities

and just show these judges exactly what I'm made of.

Are y'all ready to change the world?


I'll see you on the runway. Let's go.

It's faster this way! Oh!

[cat yowls]

RuPaul: Coming up...

Serving Spring eleganza.

That's what drag queens are supposed to do:

give you the fantasy.

You better slice me some of that Pie.

[RuPaul laughs, bell dings]

[RuPaul laughs]

Michelle, it's Andre Leon Talley.

Don't look.

I owe him 20 bucks.

[whispers] Oh, no.

So we have our very first mini-challenge today,

and it's anything but mini.

We have to do a Spring and a Fall look.

I don't wanna have, like, a fashion disaster.

Fingers crossed.

Serving Spring eleganza:

Rock M. Sakura.

Ross: Anime-zing.

I know that RuPaul's there,

but I can't tell who any of the other people are

because I am in focus mode.

Rock M.'s spring look is inspired by Commes des Garcons,

and I can feel my full haraduku fantasy.

I drew this design myself

because I want them to see my full range of talents.

I want them to look at the picture and then look at me

and go, "She is a drawing come to life."

RuPaul: Come on, Afro Puff.

Ross: If you can't wear yourself,

how the hell you gonna wear somebody else?

[all laugh]

RuPaul: Dahlia Sin.

Michelle: Now that's Andre Neon Talley.

RuPaul: Oh, okay. Ross: Sin is in.

I got my drag name based off of the Black Dahlia

and the seven deadly sins.

I'm feeling very sexy with my big, orange pumpkin wig

and my fat ass pose

My body is everything when I'm doing my runway.

Michelle: Her lip gloss is poppin'.

And by her lip gloss, I mean her ass.

[all laugh]

RuPaul: Sherry Pie.

Michelle: Look, it's Sherry Tasselhoff.

She's huge in Germany.

[all laugh]

I wanna come in

as the camp queen who also can do fashion.

So Sherry Pie is giving you some old Hollywood,

some old New York City.

I am dripping in florals for Spring groundbreaking.

RuPaul: Ooh, yeah, honey,

you better slice me some of that Pie.

Ross: That Pie's got cake.

[all laugh]

Jan. No last name, just Jan.

Michelle: Marie Jan-toinette.

Jan: When I do my shows in New York City,

normally I'm in a leotard.

But I'm excited to show people

that I have a different side of me.

You're gonna be getting some looks from me this season.

My spring look is Dolce & Gabbana-inspired,

and it could also be interpreted

as "high on a hill was a lonely goatherd,


RuPaul: Choke her? I just met her.

[all laugh]

Jaida Essence Hall.

Ross: Peekaboo.

RuPaul: She's gonna put somebody's eyes out

with those things.

I love just being really ladylike, very dainty,

but it's still got cute details, and it looks expensive as hell.

You see a little bit of peekaboo,

and you get that little bit of that sexy,

because that's what Jaida is all about.

Ross: Ooh. Oh, oh.

Punch my titties.

[all laugh]

Aiden Zhane.

Ross: Category is Garden Ho.

-Oop. And a-oop. -A-oop!

[all laugh]

Aiden: My Spring look

is very April showers bring May flowers.

Aiden might be creepy,

but she is also colorful and fun.

She loves to be cute,

but she's always got a little bit of freak in her.

Michelle: The rain in Spain falls mainly on Aiden Zhane.

RuPaul: A tree grows in Sylmar.

Well, you know, this season

is all about global warming and bugle beads.

Now, serving fashion for Fall, Rock M. Sakura.

Rock: Koi toy.

For my fall look, I'm feeling very fish.

I'm wearing a classic mermaid skirt

that's made completely of felt.

I said I felt. [laughs]

I actually don't have a lot of connection

to my Vietnamese or Filipino background.

The culture that I have adopted is cartoons, anime.

TV has raised and shaped me into the person I am today.

RuPaul: Don't shoot till you see the white of her eyes.

[all laugh]

Dahlia Sin.

Ross: Inspired by Michelle before electrolysis.

[all laugh]

Dahlia: My fall look is the more high-fashion version of Dahlia.

I give off very bitch face when I'm in drag,

and people will not talk to me. [laughs]

I just can't help it. That's just my face.

I'm not really a bitch, but I can be a bitch.


Michelle: What becomes a legend most?

RuPaul: Alimony.


RuPaul: All right, another helping of Sherry Pie.

Straight out the lovin' oven.

Or was it a Dutch oven? [all laugh]

Sherry Pie's Fall runway is a little bit of Zorro,

is a little bit of Victor/Victoria,

and also I feel a little James Bond.

Girl, I'm giving you all the references,

because that's what drag queens are supposed to do:

give you the fantasy.

RuPaul: Does anybody still wear...

-A hat? -A hat?

Ross: Jan.

RuPaul: Guacamole.

Ross: This fall, from Crocs.

[all laugh]

Jan is the girl next door,

but she's so much more than just that.

A lot of the things that I like are very sleek,

they're really polished, they're sexy.

Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga, Kim Petras,

all those looks wrapped up in one.

RuPaul: See you later, alligator.

Ross: After while, crocodile.

[all laugh]

Jaida Essence Hall.

I used to room in Jaida Essence Hall.

-Oh, at college. -Yeah, in college, yeah. Mm-hmm.

Come on, Tom Whored.

[all laugh]

Jaida: Growing up, I always loved fashion,

I always loved art,

and I never thought that I would have the chance to do it.

And when I found drag, I'm like, oh, my God,

I can do everything that I've always wanted to do

all the time.

And it's like home for me.

Ross: She's such a beret of sunshine.

[all laugh]

RuPaul: Aiden Zhane.

She seems very cozy. [all laugh]

Michelle: Somewhere there's a bunch of tea kettles

that have no clothes on right now.

[all laugh]

Aiden Zhane loves ugly things,

but fashionable things.

I am definitely a thrifty, crafty kind of queen.

I'm not really a seamstress,

but I love to piece things together

and, you know, find one item

and kind of map it out from there.

The return of Shields and Yarnell,

minus Shields.

And Yarnell.

[all laugh]

RuPaul: Coming up...

We need to see how well you can captivate an audience.

Oh, no.

Oh, my God. Have I taken crazy pills?

[RuPaul laughs, bell dings]

[RuPaul laughs]



-Ooh. -Ooh.

I can't wait to see

what you guys look like out of drag.

We have been in drag all morning,

and it is time to reveal the beast underneath.


I really don't wanna see anybody out of drag.


We're taking our clothes off,

I'm looking to the left, I'm looking to my right.

[humming burlesque music]



My favorite part about taking off the tights

is feeling that steam from, like, the third or fourth layer

come out like some sort of Hot Pocket.

-Girl, wow. -[laughs]

That is so gross.

Girl, I about to get a nerf burn.

[sniffing] I can--I can smell the trade in the room.


Dahlia is trade central.


My dumb ass didn't have, like, any, like, underwear,

so I'm like, well, I guess I'm getting naked. [laughs]

Like, my whole ass just right on the first episode, bitch.


Dahlia looks hot in and out of drag.

The bitch turns looks.

Ooh, you bitches are looking mass for femmes.

Say hello to my double chin. There she is again.

Do any of you have day jobs?

What's your day job?

Just a prep cook, nothing exciting.

-What kind of restaurant? -IHOP.

So you're good with knives. That's good to know.

Aiden looks kind of like backwoods-ish.

She looks like she's gonna go huntin'.

You know, go trappin'.

I don't know what people do in the woods.

She's a boy now

Rock M. has the biggest transformation

out of all the girls.

I was not expecting these little muscles,

little tight booty.

I just want to poke her butt.

Aren't y'all happy we all getting along right now?

-I am. -Are we?

Everybody here has brought it, and I don't like any one of you.

[all laugh]

Hey, squirrel friends.

-Hi. -Hey.

Who are you dudes? [all laugh]

That's that RuPaul girl.

Ladies, now that you've shown us your passion for fashion,

we need to see how well you can captivate an audience.

So warm up your jazz hands,

because for your first maxi-challenge,

you'll be performing in an original musical number

called You Don't Know Me.

[cheers and applause]

Now, each of you needs to write and perform

an entertaining verse that tells us who you are.

-Word. -And together,

you need to come up with the choreography.

-Oh. Okay. -Oh, no!

Now, this is your chance to break out from the pack,

so don't fuck it up.

Yes, yes. [applause]

I'm so excited.

It's a Fosse number, it is in my wheelhouse.

I'm like, yes!

Gentlemen, start your engines,

and may the best woman win.

[cheers and applause]

Our first challenge is a Fosse-esque musical number.

I'm super-excited, because I love Fosse

and I'm like, girl, we're about to kill it.

[sigh] She--he--she?


Girl, Fosse is the main character of Chicago?

Is it? I don't know.

I'm bad with this. Don't judge me.


Going into this challenge, I feel pretty confident.

Musical theater is my life.

It's right up my alley,

and I can't wait to bowl a fucking strike.

I'm excited because it's the first challenge

that we get to do and we get to showcase our strength.

I have a show back home

where I do a different musical every single week,

and I drag it up.

So I'm really excited, actually.

The people who look the most confident in this challenge

are sitting right next to me.

[tongue pop]

So I'm thinking how can I set myself apart

in a very interesting and fun way?

Honestly, I've never written lyrics before,

so I kind of want to hide behind a character.

I'm thinking of maybe doing, like, an accent,

like Fosse 1920s.

I'm thinking about Chicago and Fosse

and all I can think about is like a voice,

like... [gangster accent] oh, we gotta make someone

who's nice and cutthroat, see?

Have you seen Chicago before?

Oh, no. Yeah, I have.

The show?

No, the city.

Yeah, I've seen the show. [all laugh]

We desperately need to start on the choreography then.

-Yeah. -Girls!

-Yes, ma'am? -Girls!




Who here has done, like, choreography

and stuff like that?

-I have. -Okay.

Who here has done, like, musical theater choreography, though?

When I was in middle school. Does that count, bitch?

What were you, apple tree number three on the side?

Just like... [humming]

[all laugh]

Does everyone know who Fosse was and what Fosse is all about?

I mean, I wouldn't say I know what he's all about.

I'm a little nervous, because I'm asking these girls

if they know anything about Fosse,

and they're just looking at me like I got six heads.

The only concern I have is bringing the Fosse to life.

He's all about details and being super clean.

Okay, choreographer.

I'm not-- I'm not doing any of that.

Well, Sherry, you seem like you have the most knowledge.

So you're the choreographer. [laughs]

But I'm certainly no dancer.

Does anybody feel good

about kind of spearheading the choreography?

I teach a dance class,

but I learn other people's choreography

and then teach that.

But I know about formations and I know about dancing.

I mean, I would say Rock.

I would actually say Rock.

I'll spearhead it if you help edit me.


Yeah, you could be the dramaturge.

And then does anybody know the style, like, Fosse?

Well, some of the iconic moments

come from the silhouettes of the dancers.


Like very clean, artistic poses.

It's all about those formations, right?

Like what is it-- a Fosse amoeba or whatever,

when they, like--when you move, like, across the stage,

like, all together,

but you're all, like, doing different stuff?


It was so controlled and amazing.

I mean, I think it's like cute to make sure that that's there,

but at the end of the day,

like, we are doing our own rendition of it.

We don't wanna, like, purposely make anybody look bad,

you know what I mean?

I guess we need to decide, like,

do we really wanna stick to the Fosse style

and make sure that that is the thing

that we put at the forefront?

The last thing we wanna do is come out like Broadway babies.

We wanna make sure, like, everybody's comfortable.


Of course it needs to be a Fosse number.

Oh, my God.

This is a Fosse challenge.

Have I taken crazy pills?

Have I lost my mind?

No, you've lost your damn mind.

Oh, God.

RuPaul: Coming up...

Dun, dun, dun, dun, dunPose.

So I feel like that's gonna be a lot.

From the beginning I said

we should have did something simple. Didn't listen.

You said simplify it, but what does that mean?

[all talking]

Girl, shut the fuck up.

We're just going in circles.

[RuPaul laughs, bell dings]

[RuPaul laughs]


-I'm real excited. -Oh, my God.

The time has come for us to learn some choreography

for our main stage Fosse-inspired number.

This is huge.

This is major, actually.

We have to choreograph this number ourselves,

and this is day one.

We just met each other three seconds ago.

Okay, I think for the Fosse style,

we should start off, like, silhouetted first.


So very dynamic shapes and levels.

I'm thinking high to low: high levels, medium levels,

and then the two in the front are gonna be low and high.

I want to make these bitches look fierce.

I want whoever the other girls are

to know that our group is going to kick their asses.

Every time we do a new pose,

I think we should change the levels.

So if you're low, go high.

So I feel like that's gonna be a lot.

But it's only, like, two or three.

Okay. Okay. Good.

Because that just confused me.

I am very concerned, because I know that learning choreography

is not my strongest suit.

So we don't have to really produce a Broadway production,

because we don't have that much time,

and sometimes that can take years.

All right, hit your high poses.

Hit your medium poses.

Aiden, that looks too kung fu.

Go for Fosse.

Because you're like a crazy Fosse character, so be like...

I am a horror queen, not a Fosse queen.

Can we do one of those Fosse blobs,

where we all huddle like this

and she has us to work off of, like a shelf.

I don't get it.

I repeat. I'm not a dancer.

I'm thinking, like, we need to incorporate this move,

and I'm wondering if we do this to start out the first verse,

so it's... ♪ bah-bah-dun-dun



Okay, so that is significantly easier

for everybody who is "high,"

not for somebody who is down here.

That's what I was trying to say,

because I'm like, I don't want nobody, like, struggling.

Let's try one more time and see.

Yeah, let's just figure it out.

Because we need to get off the beginning, yeah.

This is taking too long.

We're running out of time

Jaida feels like we are wasting time

trying to do little details.

But at the same token,

we can't be basic bitches doing a box step.

It has to be good.

Here, I have an idea.

So pose, melt, pose, pivot,

turn, walk to a spot, and hit it.

-I like that. -Okay, then let's do that.

Baby, we done wasted a lot of time.



I'm getting a little frustrated

because it's really hard to learn the choreography

when it's always changing.

Bitch, let's do this and get it moving.

I have-- I have a really crazy idea.

Because this is just the beginning.

-We gotta get this done. -Okay.

I think we should just do

a good, old-fashioned click, click, unh, unh.

And it's mean, you're mad, you're angry.

Keep it simple and detailed. That's what Fosse's all about.

Not about doing, like, ooh, ah, ee, pblblbl.

That's what I've been saying.

I definitely feel like maybe my opinions are not valued.


-Let's--let's-- -From the beginning,

I said we should have did something simple. Didn't listen.

Then now we stuck here.

The simplicity is now, like, out of the window.

Like, it doesn't really matter if it's simple

if people did not catch where they should be

when they should be.

Do you not feel like you know the transitions?

-Not really, no. -Me, neither.

Dude, like, it's really just walking and blocking.

If you're used to doing that, then it's walking and blocking.

But if you're not used to walking and blocking,

baby, it's gonna been--

But it would have been that either way.

Either we would have had all the time

and it would have been walking and blocking--

But the thing that I'm saying is if we walk and blocked

when we had time to walk and block,

then people would have had time

to learn where we were walking and blocking to.

But you're not really contributing that much

to what we were trying to do.

From the beginning,

I said we do not need to produce a Broadway show.

I said we need to make sure it's nice and simple.

You saw that I had offered advice several times.

I even said, like, hey, is anybody listening to me?

You said simplify it, but what does that mean?

I said simplify, and I offered advice.

Girl, shut the fuck up. Everybody stop arguing.

We're just going in circles.

It's making me so fucking nervous,

I am like on the verge of tears at this point.

Are we doing a last run or--

No, we're done. We don't have time.

Well, all right.

All the time has been spent arguing.

What are we going to do now?

We're all just gonna stand around

and be like... ♪ You don't know me


I don't have any choreo, yeah


Oh, my goodness, we're gonna fail this so hard.

I feel bad because I feel like I'm responsible for this.

[whispers] Sorry, guys.

I was put in charge,

and I basically sent everyone off a cliff.

Listen, we're all actors here.

Even if you don't claim to be an actor,

you are an actor.

You're a drag queen.

So sell it,

even if you don't know what you're doing.

It's time to buckle up and get ready.

I do not know what's gonna happen on the main stage

after this rehearsal.

Are you gonna complain about it

or are you gonna rise to the occasion and figure it out?

Ooh, bitch.

RuPaul: Coming up...

I have a whole bunch of triggers.

I feel kind of odd in leadership roles.

It puts me in a dark place.

It'll mess with you a bit.

[RuPaul laughs, bell dings]

[RuPaul laughs]


First time there's boys in the workroom.

Our very first maxi-challenge

is to perform in a Fosse-esque number

called You Don't Know Me.

And today, we have to perform it in front of the judges.

It's all in the bag.

I don't know if the girls are gonna be able to bounce back

from that rehearsal that we had,

but I believe in myself to be able to deliver a performance.

I'm gonna be fine.

Last night I was really nervous,

but the thing about it is is that I'm a professional,

and, bitch, I'm gonna make it work and turn it out.

Is anybody nervous?

We didn't end too cute on our rehearsal.

Staying up all night in my room,

every commercial that came on, putting my headphones in.

I'm nervous for all of y'all except me.

[all laugh]

Listen, as long as Jaida doesn't scream at me anymore,

we'll be fine.

And I'm here for that, bitch.

-Aah! -Okay.

[bleep] her highness. [all laugh]

I feel like I need to let the whole room know

why I've been shutting down a little bit.

I learned a lot about myself during rehearsal.

I have a whole bunch of triggers,

but I, like, kind of feel kind of odd in leadership roles.


I never wanna be put into a position

where I lead someone to feeling bad.

A big thing when I was growing up

was my mother was addicted to meth.

And she was, like, completely addicted to drugs.

She took me aside a couple times,

and she would say, "I'm addicted to drugs because of you."

"Because..." [sobs]

"Because of you, because of you kids, I'm doing drugs."

And I didn't realize it until yesterday

that I have these triggers.

When I feel responsible for other people,

it kind of puts me in a...

it puts me in a dark place.

That always stuck with me,

because when you love someone so much

and they tell you

that you're the reason for their unhappiness,

it'll mess with you a bit.

Honestly, you are not responsible

for anybody else's, like, baggage.

Like, in life,

you are only responsible for your own actions.

Like, what anybody else does is not on you.

Remember to make sure you take care of yourself first, always.

And, Rock, you have us now, bitch.

This is new beginnings for all of us.

If anything, yesterday I was more offended by your farts.

Those are what you should have apologized for,

but you did not, bitch.

There's more coming.

These girls are starting to understand me

a little bit better than I can understand myself,

and they really care for me,

even though we haven't known each other for very long.

-Thank you. -You're welcome.

Get shorts that are a little bit longer next time, okay?

And walk like this?

Oh, my God!

[screaming and laughter] Girl!

She brought her cookie-cutters, baby.

Oh, my God.

I'm so excited, because my first number

that I did in New York City in drag

was based around Chicago.

Oh, word.

And so I'm like this is so serendipitous.

Like, all right, bitch, you're in the right spot, let's do it!


See, you have, like, so much character to you.

-You're so bubbly, and just-- -Thank you.

I like to think that I'm just a cheerleader

on too many caffeine pills,

like the bitch from Saved By the Bell

who's so excited.

Like, that's me.

I'm a little concerned right now for Aiden

because Aiden was so in her head in rehearsal about the dancing.

-Aiden. -Yeah?

How art thou feeling?

I know you were, yesterday, feeling like a little--

I was literally on the verge of tears yesterday

at the end of rehearsal.

I hope that wasn't my fault.

It wasn't that it was anybody's fault, exactly.

I know how you were feeling,

and I would never want you to feel like that, so--

You have to shake all that off

and just leave everything on the stage and just kill it.

We gonna go out there,

and we gonna be giving them some Fosse realness.

Jaida: We had better.

[all laugh]

[RuPaul laughs]

Cover girl, put the bass in your walk

Head to toe, let your whole body talk

RuPaul: And what?

Welcome to the main stage of RuPaul's Drag Race.

Michelle Visage, it's our second big opening.

I could smell it from here. Yeah.

The hilarious Ross Mathews.

Now, are you a song-and-dance man?

No, but I am a little light in the loafers.

[all laugh] Jazz hands.

Thandie Newton. Darling, you made it.

I did. My bucket list is complete...

once I get the chicken out of it.

[all laugh]

The amazing Robyn is here. Hello.

Hi. [speaking Swedish]

Wait. Squeeze me? What does that mean?

Ru, it's just "don't fuck it up."

[all laugh]

Good advice. I'll take it.

This week, for our second season premiere,

we challenged our new queens to introduce themselves

with an original song and dance, You Don't Know Me.

Gentlemen, start your engines,

and may the best woman win.

RuPaul: Coming up...

You think you know me

But you don't know me

Ooh! [RuPaul laughs, bell dings]

[RuPaul laughs]

RuPaul: Curtains up, light the lights.

It's the world premiere of You Don't Know Me.

You think you know me, but you don't know me

Everything that you heard is wrong

You don't know me

Aiden Zhane, oh, that's me

A little bit insane, hmm, maybe

Crawling from the shadows and into Technicolor

If you don't know me now, you sure will later

Cute and sick

And that's just the half of it

I've got multiple personalities

Just imagine it


Aah! Hi, boys.

I don't know you, but you definitely know me.

I grew up in a big city full of sin,

where everyone knows my name:

[whispers] Dahlia.

I've won titles, sold out venues

Took their money and their guys

And now I'm here to claim my rightful prize: the crown

You think you know me, but you don't know me

Everything that you've heard is wrong

You think you know me, but you don't know me

I got my secrets in my bra

You don't know me

Yeah, it's Jaida, the essence of beauty

The gowns, the face, and tons of booty

But don't you be fooled by the perfect facade

She always rises despite the odds

She's funny, she's witty

She's got talent beyond recognition

And that's how mother dear will slay the competition

Marsha, Marsha, Marsha, move over, sis, it's Jan

The girl next door with so much more

There's no choice but to stand

Work so hard to get here, but I still want more

Push farther into mainstream than any queen before

My stunning look, this sickening hook

I can do everything

And did I mention you'll be gagging when I start sing? ♪

You think you know me, but you don't know me

Everything that you've heard is wrong

You think you know me, but you don't know me

I got my secrets in my bra

They're in my bra

You don't know me

The name's Rock M. Sakura, see? ♪

Back in San Francisco, I'm famous for a couple of things

Dipping down low, splitting like there's no tomorrow

And so much white liner, it masks my inability

To establish a deep, personal connection

But most of all, my dazzling 23-skidoo 'do

A high kick to a fart

That can send a grown man back home to his mama

In a nice, little cab

Sweeter than Sherry

Hotter than a Pie, ouch

This campy queen will serve it

Till you bust your gut and cry

And I'm high-calorie

I'm full of fat

No, I'm not gluten-free, eew

So open up, get ready for a mother-tucking show

I'm fully baked and I'm ready to feed you till you blow, oh

You think you know me, but you don't know me

Everything that you've heard is wrong

You think you know me, but you don't know me

I got my secrets in my bra

They're in my bra

You don't know me



[cheers and applause]

Michelle: Amazing. Amazing.

RuPaul: Category is Tulle.

First up, Aiden Zhane.

Oh, my goodness, I can see her tulle from here.

Michelle: I pity the tulle.

Aiden: I am serving you a lime-green princess,

but as usual I'm still very wicked in the face.

I feel like a badass.

Ross: Whose lime is it anyway?

Thandie: Kermit is rolling in his grave.

[Ross laughs]

RuPaul: Dahlia Sin. Now, her tulle is red and engorged.

[all laugh]

There's an ointment for that.

Dahlia: My look is very inspired by the eighties.

It's very glam, it's big, it's rocker.

That bitch that walks on the runway,

its just like, damn,

I'm gonna go to what I know best: sex.

Ross: Those boots are kinky.

Robyn: They are so kinky.

[all laugh]

RuPaul: Jaida Essence Hall.

Michelle: Would you pull that crap with Annette?

[all laugh]

Jaida: I'm ready to show the judges

exactly how elegant I can be.

I feel like a big, yellow, floaty cupcake

coming down the runway.

Light, airy, and I have these sickening shoulders

to accentuate the whole look and tie it together.

Ross: Butter? I hardly know her.

Michelle: Very good, Ross.


[all laugh]

RuPaul: Jan. Simply Jan.

Ross: Well, she wore her tulle-belt.

Thandie: She did doubles. It's a double entendre.

Michelle: No, it's a double en-tulle-dre.

Jan: I am bringing the T-O-O-L to the T-U-L-L-E,

and I'm giving you a fashion-forward silhouette.

I want to do things

that other people aren't going to think of doing.

It's a win.

Ross: Oh.

Well, that throws a wrench in my plan.


Ross: This is embarrassing, but I can see her manhole.

Michelle: Oh, no!

RuPaul: Rock M. Sakura.

Oh, tulle's out for summer.

Michelle: She's acting quite a-loofah.

Rock: They told me to do a tulle runway,

I'm gonna do a tulle runway.

I'm wearing 800 to 900 yards of tulle.

I have dynamic silhouettes and big ideas.

Michelle: Welcome to the netting zoo.

Robyn: She's a fluffer.

[all laugh]

RuPaul: Sherry Pie.

Michelle: Oh, no!

RuPaul: Somebody left Sherry Pie in the rain.

Michelle: Aw.

Sherry: I'm just crying my big bum down the runway.

I just feel like a little cumulo-nimbus cutie.

It's campy, it's clever,

it's just kind of whimsical in the best way.

Ross: Does she remind anyone else of Stormy Daniels?

[all laugh]

This is what global warming looks like.

Yeah. [all laugh]

RuPaul: Coming up...

This red is so gorgeous on you.

It was a great, great lip sync.

You had a very meaty tuck.

[RuPaul laughs, bell dings]

[RuPaul laughs]

RuPaul: Welcome, ladies.

Now it's time for the judges' critiques,

starting with Aiden Zhane.


In the fashion show, you were a sunflower.

It was very, very cute.

You managed to keep things campy and fashion,

which is a difficult line to balance.

And then your other look was very Thanksgiving-y.


The centerpiece of a table, perhaps.

You had a very meaty tuck.

It could use some work.

-Do you know that already? -Yes.

Listen, a little duct tape will fix all those things.

[all laugh]

That dress is making my body talk part one, two, and three.

[all laugh]

There's a kind of Grey Gardens vibe.

I'm a little frightened, but fascinated.

Right out the box I was really impressed

with what I saw in that performance.

It was very Sally Bowles.

It was a great, great lip sync.

Your lyrics say that you have multiple personalities.

Well, honey, I cannot wait

to see who walks around that corner next week.

Thank you.

Up next, Dahlia Sin.

In your fashion show,

you gave us the fabulous neon green with the red hair.

That was a really great pairing.

I loved your Sissy That Sasquatch fur number.

I thought that was so fun.

This red is so gorgeous on you.

I just wanna make sure that you are painting loud enough.


Remember, nothing's subtle in drag.


You've gotta pop like you're Soju

in the first week.



In your performance tonight,

you felt a little nervous to me.

I could feel a little bit of holy shit.

-Mm-hmm. -Did you grow up in Vegas?

Because in your lyrics, you said "a big city with lots of sin."


[all laugh]

You've won titles?

What are those titles?

Mostly just, you know, being on the train, being a whore.

Those are more my titles.

-Uh-huh. -That's it.

So what I'm saying is I didn't get to know much of you,

and I'd like to get to know you a little bit more.

-I got you. -Okay.

Up next, Jaida Essence Hall.

Any relationship to Arsenio?

Not yet. [all laugh]

Yes, it's Jaida, the essence of beauty,

the gowns, the face, and all that booty.

Those lyrics were spot-on.

Like, I learned so much about you.

What I felt when I watched you lip sync was your playfulness.

You have that way of moving that feels very, very natural.

It made me really happy.

It made me smile.

Thank you.

In the fashion show,

I specifically loved the Fall look.

I thought that was super-duper chic.

But at the end of the day,

the confidence would have sold any garment.

-Thank you. -Mmm.

What a delight. Just beautiful.

You remind me of a Bollywood princess, and...


And Josephine Baker all combined.

-Thank you. -I love the tone of that yellow,

and I love that you chose the pink nails with it,

because it looks like you'd wear it

to the gayest Easter ever.

[all laugh]

Thank you.

Up next, simply Jan.

Just Jan.

This tulle look was really smart,

because you knew that everybody was gonna come

in these frou-frou Vera Wang numbers,

and it was smart to do something different.

It was smart to pull out the tool.

You have a lot of skills in your tulle-belt.

[all laugh]

You've got frigging traffic cone earrings.

-I mean, come on. -Ooh. [laughs]

You're a feast.

I just really, really wanna pay attention to the details.

This is my favorite show.

I listen to the critiques, and I wanna apply them to myself

every time I step on the runway.

And it needs to be different every single time.

And you did all of that the first time we saw you.


When you were out doing the lip sync number,

I felt Demi Moore in the height of her heyday,

this ambition.

Even in your lyrics, you say,

"push further into mainstream than any queen before."

Hmm. I have a little issue with that.

[all laugh]

You have a lot on your to-do list.

I do.

-One thing at a time. -Yes.

-Show us who you are. -Yes.

-But don't try to do too much. -Yes, thank you.

Up next, Rock M. Sakura.

Hi, hi.

Let's talk about your fashion runway looks.

The first one, you came out with the anime-loving Spring look.

I drew the illustration that was on the side.

-Oh, you drew them? -Yes.

It's anime on acid. It's amazing.

Your performance was very interesting,

because you did kind of 1920s, see,

and then you went into scat and... fart humor, yeah?


-Because is that-- -Yeah, that's part of me.

At least, like, 10 times in the workroom, I've farted.

These poor ladies had to keep reapplying their makeup.

It kept melting off.

You said, "A high kick to a fart

that can send a grown man back home to his mama."

That's right.

That's always the sign for me

of someone who has something important to say.

It's true, yeah. [all laugh]

This look tonight, you sort of remind me

of any guy who goes on a date with Michelle Visage:

you are getting swallowed.

[all laugh]

Can't even argue that.

[all laugh]

It's a lot.

I would love to just edit everything down just a skosh.

I love this outfit.

I love how huge and ostentatious it is,

and the same with your makeup.

It's performance art, it's not trying to just be beautiful.

So you go for it.

All right, up next, cut me a piece of that Sherry Pie.

I love a queen that can make me laugh,

and your lyrics made me laugh right away.

POV, OMG, and LOL.

[all laugh]

If Meryl Streep could be a drag queen, it would be you.

It would. There's something there.

In the fashion show, the first look was lovely.

You know, it wasn't dynamic, but it was beautiful.

Then she turned around and came out as Zorro the Gay Blade.

[all laugh]

I loved everything about it.

It told us a little bit more of who you are.

Your dress is amazing, because it does something when you move

that is really pleasant to look at. Yeah.

[all laugh] Thank you.

Thank you, ladies.

I think we've heard enough.

Now, while you untuck backstage,

the judges and I will deliberate.

All right, now just between us squirrel friends,

what do you think?

Aiden Zhane.

I think Aiden knows that she is different,

and that that's a cool thing.

The lip sync was great,

but it was also how she was telling the story.

It was almost listening to, like,

a children's book being read or something.

She defines originality.

Ross: Aiden is a natural.

Watch out for her. She is so memorable.

She's got something, and it's important for her

to fine-tune whatever it is that is.


Dahlia Sin.

This is a beautiful girl who knows how to walk a runway

and who knows how to put a look together as well.

Dahlia is beautiful, Dahlia is sexy,

but Dahlia tries to be sexy.

Because I'm not 100% sure Dahlia knows who she is yet.


I feel like she's limiting herself

to just thinking about the aesthetics.

-Mm-hmm. -And I think that sometimes,

when you're kind of hemmed in by what your aesthetic value is,

you know, looking gorgeous, it makes you a little stiff.

RuPaul: Jaida Essence Hall.

Jaida Essence Hall Pinkett Smith.

[laughs] Zeta Jones.

Zeta Jones.

She is just so much fun to watch.

She makes me feel like I want to also get up and dance,

which is very special.

I was a little concerned, because Jaida has so much poise

that she wouldn't be able to let go

and kind of get dirty and have fun.

But that lip sync showed me she was down.


Ooh, Jan wants to win.

I think Jan wants my seat.

-Yes, she does. -I think you're right.

Jan pulled out all the stops

to say, I can do this, I can do this, I can do--

It was like her résumé, which I can't blame her for.

I actually kind of loved that she did all that.

She was a wonderful performer,

and hitting that great high note.

The positive energy was so apparent, strong,

and then also a lot.

A lot at the same time.

-[laughs] -Yeah.

She's got so many things going around in her head

that maybe she's not being present enough

to focus on what's happening right now.

Rock M. Sakura.

I loved Rock M.'s spring look,

especially when I found out that she drew it herself.

That, to me, took it to this whole other level

of, okay, this girl's got something to say.

Her performance was good.

Um... Fart humor makes everybody laugh.

I just don't know if it was the first thing

she should come out with.

Tonight on the runway,

I actually liked that tulle dress that she had on.

It's a very smartly constructed outfit,

because she did have a waist.

Michelle, I have to disagree with you. I just--

Her whole body was shaped out.

What you talking about, Ross?

This is the challenge

where you're supposed to show us who you are.

I couldn't even see her,

let alone Sherry Pie standing behind her.


Sherry Pie.

I live for this kind of queen.

I mean, this is the kind of queen

where you're using the urinal and you look up,

and there's a flyer for her face up on the wall,

and you go, "Oh, hey, what are you doing tomorrow?

She's performing." I mean--

Wait, who are you talking to at the urinal?

Who am I not talking to at the urinal?

That's the easier question.

Her performance was so fantastic.

Every little nuance that she could throw in, she did.


She's so excited by what she does.

There's a delightedness in her eyes, and a sparkle.

I'm really excited to see what comes next.

All right, silence.

I've made my decision.

Bring back my girls.

[RuPaul laughs, bell dings]

[RuPaul laughs]

RuPaul: Welcome back, ladies.

I've made some decisions.

Jan, you're a sharp tool, and, girl, you can belt.

-You're safe. -Thank you.

Aiden Zhane.

You have multiple personalities,

and tonight, all of them are safe.

Rock M. Sakura.

Your heart's in the right place,

but you could have left your fart in San Francisco.

You're safe.

Thank you so much. [sobs]

Dahlia Sin.

Beauty is only skin deep.

We want you to go deeper.


are safe.

You may join the other girls.

Thank you.

I'm confused.

How did we end up in the bottom?

Jaida Essence Hall, Sherry Pie.

I'm not sorry, my dears.

Because you are the top two queens of the week.

[laughter and applause]

Come on, yellow.

Oh, my God.

Nobody is going home this week.

[cheering] Yes!

I'm like, yes!

I'm so excited.

But--and it's a big but--

[all laugh]

There will be one winner.

Two queens stand before me.

Prior to tonight,

you were asked to prepare a lip sync performance

of Call Your Squirrel Friend--

I mean, Girlfriend, by Robyn.

Ladies, this is your last chance to impress me

and win a cash prize of $5,000.

-Mm. -Ooh!

-Oh, my God. -Make it rain.

The time has come... [thunder]

for you to lip sync...

[echoing] for your life!

Sherry, girl, you cute,

but, bitch, I'm gonna get this money.

Good luck, and don't fuck it up.

[music plays]

Call your girlfriend

It's time you had the talk

Give your reasons

Say it's not her fault

But you just met somebody new

Tell her not to get obsessed

Second-guessing everything you've said and done

And then when she gets upset

Tell her how you never meant to hurt no one

And you tell her the only way her heart will mend

Is when she learns to love again

And it won't make sense right now

But you're still her friend

And then you let her down easy

Oh. Oh.

Call your girlfriend

[cheers and applause]

It's time you had the talk

Give your reasons

Say it's not her fault

But you just met somebody new


And now it's gonna be me and you


Call your girlfriend

It's time you had the talk

Give your reasons

Say it's not her fault

But you just met somebody new

[cheers and applause]

Yes! Yes!

Oh, my goodness, that was fantastic.

I'm sure Robyn is very proud right now.

I'm so glad. Thank you.

RuPaul: Well done.

Ladies, I've made my decision.

Jaida Essence Hall...

you're a winner, baby.

Oh, my gosh!

[cheers and applause] Yes!

Shantay you slay.

Thank you. Oh, my God.

RuPaul: Con-drag-ulations.

You've won a cash tip of $5,000.

[tongue pop]

I feel, like, $5,000 heavier right now.

I'm, like, so excited.

Oh, thank you.

Sherry Pie, you're safe to slay another day.

[deep voice] Yeah!

Con-drag-ulations, ladies.

And remember, if you can't love yourself,

how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?

And speaking of somebody else...

I think the time has come

for you to meet...

your competition.


Here they are, the other group of girls.

It's like a clash of the titans, bitch.

Same, same, same, same, camp, camp, same.



I am 100% getting a vibe

that the girls in the other group

think that they're better than us,

and that's really cute. But cute next to gorgeous,

gorgeous is gonna, you know, devour cute.

-Meh. -Meh.


Did these bitches just "meh" me?

I don't know who these queens are,

but I'm ready to show them what I'm made of.

There's too many bitches in the workroom.

We gonna send them home like dominoes:

one after the other.

RuPaul: Next time, on RuPaul's Drag Race...

So far, you've all been safe from elimination.

That's about to change.

You'll be improv-ing a show we like to call the World's Worst.

We are... All: The Fruity-Patooties.

You're broccoli, but you're in the fruity group?

I'm a fierce Brocc-ella.

I loved what you did on the runway.

I would love if you could merge your beautiful art that you do

with your face. [all gasp]

We were carrying you.

These girls, some of them are a little bit fake.

Us bitches are about to start going home one by one.

I am American, American, American

I am American, American

The red, white, and blue

I am American, American, American

I am American, American

Just like you, too

Am-Am-Am-Am-American, American, American

I am American, American

The red, white, and blue

I am American, American

Just like you, too

The Description of You Don't Know Me