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so story in florida and we get a from a of

florida today which is uh... newspaper down there

kids start wearing it peace t-shirts to sta high school

okay makes sense

there into it

but they're not like gung-ho and got less mature guy would be great i think

they can intuit knutson group


and they will are a bunch of friends assignment so the next also soaring one

in there

and then the third one on the floor plan of mentioned is that a group of thirty

or so nice little wimpy seizures and

and they're putting up signs in their lockers

so what happens

bunch of the

turks and school you-know-what out a note to the jacks or with the actually

somewhat darden system where the jobs

they come around and they'll weapon downsizing a lot of course it's the

jocks lost weight


then they start her asking this

the pcs

who attend school

you're american

and then as a reaction

all of those guys that were confederate t-shirts into the school

how those two were connected i'd can't really quiets down tours are per free

sample of

the american politician of the last forty years

and that's exactly what we can bring right there

the today is cited company on

cat can bring it

with a confederate shipping you know what happened

but then this is your exactly right

now there's no peace your salon

in their competitors elaborate no worse

the school band a pc shirts and nothing else

not authorized

because they said no they're for causing trouble

and it's been too was a reaction to the peace teachers that the science

sellable up the pieces are world peace t-shirts

the guys in the confederate supply woodrow swastika on the peace out

and he said of course he did yet because that was a pro-american thing to do yet

but i don t know sis before

award against those masks

and i was four years ago so that when really the american thing to do

is to be prosecuted


and of course the eighty eight kids they're like doing do splurging

tended to look into the good thing

returns of and did you go to surprising

trust all with britain's room

now adding more accepted

they were in the majority

in in that pertain to a school they are

annex in the country now there is a given minority than they've been in

after school admissions for the administration

which is like sorry we're going to reinforce uh... ever examined jockey a

whole uh... diminutive bucket everyday and we don't care by limits a word is

it's cocoa beach junior senior high


what this is the problem pleaded any the southeast org if they were the majority

this story would we get the out that this was two thousand three four or five


i'd be scared to death of the story really yes because this is how it starts

and if you don't get that in the body does say hey wait a minute strong

that kind of

well then it's apparently starting cuz it looks like it was in it and what does

that not all and

is another republican wins like rudy guiliani wants

and this thing so it's a spread

and it doesn't get nipped in the bond and then you have people that are in be


for wearing peace t-shirts or going the like you know they were together guys

the bush rallies member all those guys i got arrested in denver and

and north dakota and all over the country

for just having a t-shirt honorable person rather cart cetera

if this kind to relation with salad

really lose

use america

and what it says for and so it's it incredibly disturbing story

an intimidation goes on

in high schools across america

enclosed in the midwest and i get that and i get that

act like a completely

like it's the socks but i get it now

i know that it's kids it's another topics

but once it gets political like this

you gotta do all you can to make sure did begets combat

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