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Hi, my name is Michael Künstle.

Im the composer ofJagdzeit“ („Open Season“) by Sabine Boss,

and today Im going to show you through my musical world.

For me, good film music connects with the dramaturgic core of a movie,

and gives the film an original note.

I always work with live musicians, since I truly believe,

thats the only way emotions can come through to an audience.

The instrumentalists in London are just absolutely incredible.

So, Sabine told me, that she imagined a rhythmic element to the movie.

We see Alexander striking a Newtons Cradle several times before he starts his night shifts.

So I sampled one and built the rhythmic world around it.

Then I added weird percussive instruments to it,

such as a monitor stand or strangely hitting a viola.

As a drummer I found this very exciting.

As the film begins, Alexander gets a gift from his new boss:

AHagakure Book“, the bible of the Samurai.

He gets obsessed with this book,

so the [musical] motif is slowly losing ground - just as he is.

The interesting thing about the Hagakure Book is its Japanese origin.

And since the script already introduces this element, I thought:

What if we put a Shakuhachi - a Japanese flute - against these cold office images?

What is utterly important for me is sound quality:

For several years now, I work together with recording and mixing engineer Daniel Dettwiler,

the owner of Idee und Klang Studio.

Jagdzeit was a really great project.

First because the collaboration between me and Michael is always very good,

because I work with him at a very early stage.

We usually start a movie by talking about the sonic landscape

and figuring out how and where we want to record.

I want to understand, what emotionally he wants to get

for people listening to the music,

and then I start to make a concept with which microphone could I record

to get that emotion at the end.

So the Shakuhachi for example was recorded in a very small and isolated room

to capture this feeling of isolation.

Opposed to that we recorded the brass in the wide AIR Studios.

Brass instruments have traditionally been associated with hunting or war.

The way I introduce them inJagdzeit“ („Open Season“) is like a warning signal from afar.

They become more and more violent as Brockmanns and Alexanders fight evolves.

Thank you very much for watching!

And if youre interested, watchJagdzeit“ („Open Season“) and let me know how you like it.

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