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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Rhodes Island Needs ROACH | Roach Plays Arknights

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- [Roach] The doctor is in!

Hey there, Roaches, and welcome back to

another episode of Roach Plays.

Today, we're taking a stab at a brand new mobile game

that just came out, Arknights.

This episode has been lovingly sponsored by them

and I've been plugging away at my account to show off

my brand new tactical RPG skills.

See, in Arknights, I'm playing Dr. Roach.

I used to be some kind of cool military officer,

but then I lost all my memories.

And Amiya here, the girl with the rabbit ears has been

helping me catch up on what I've forgotten.

Apparently, the world of terrors and peril after a

natural disaster, Originium has infected some of the people,

and it's my job to work with Amiya here to recruit the

operators into Rhodes Island and

to help them defend the innocent.

We'll also be running into the mysterious organization

Reunion, which is mysterious, and I don't know anything

about them, because they're mysterious.

So I put down some road blocks and

those should help me defend.

Arknights is a real-time tactics game,

so I need to send in my operators when their counter's ready

so I can keep those creepy Originium slugs

from getting inside our base.

Every operator has a different class,

there's even (mumbles).

I'd like to think of it as different kinds of food.

Some foods are really spicy and do a lot of damage

to your tummy, but other foods are for healing and

make you feel better, and some foods are so tasty

and confusing you don't know what they do,

but you're still willing to try them.

I'll throw Hibiscus in there too so none of my

units are low on health.

Man, the art designs in this game are crazy.

(Japanese voice over)

(gun shots)

(Japanese voice over)

There's Amiya, we got her at the very beginning of the game.

She's a caster, so she can deal ranged Arts Damage.

Some enemies get roached real hard by Originium Arts,

but others are actually really strong against it.

Yes, yes!

Unleash your power!

(laughs loudly)


It's a roach range out there!


I love hearing all the operators' battle cries.

Really makes the stat boost thing get more effective.

I also really like the fast forward feature,

seem familiar, roaches? Ha!

Woohoo! All enemies eliminated!

- [Narrator] Roach Royale.

(Japanese voice over)

(upbeat electronic music)

(gentle electronic music)

- [Roach] Ah yes, "welcome home, Doctor",

the words I love to hear from my new pal

who's also a half rabbit!

They grow up so fast.

Oh yeah, after you earn some loot from the missions,

there's usually a new operator waiting to be hired

from the main menu.

Let's see who we got.

(gentle electronic music)

Hey, it's Fang! Oh, she's so cool!

A really effective Vanguard unit.

Welcome aboard, Fang, Dr. Roach is happy to have you.

All right, who's gonna be our second recruit?

Reveal thyself!

Oh my roach! It's Gitano, a four star character!

In the meantime, we've got an exclusive outfit for Fang.

(slow electronic music)

(gentle electronic music)

And of course, if waiting isn't your style,

you can always spend your in-game currency

to go head hunting.

Let's go get us ten brand new faces to "ooh" and "aah" over.


Visual stimulus overload! My gosh!

Okay, we got a brand new sniper class.

Hello, Miss Shirayuki!

Ooh, another duplicate. That's okay, Gravel,

we can just power you up a little bit more.

I really like using her early on in the fight

because the Specialist class allows you to do

all kinds of attacks.

A little bit shy, are we?

Don't worry, Melantha, we'll get you roaching in no time!

Medic classes are nice, but I actually prefer to have

more heavy hitters on the playing field.


Kawaii! Look at her giant baseball bat and her little beret!

You're gonna be so roaching all those slugs, Cuora.

Yes, you are!

Whoa, this design is so intricate.

Vigna the Vanguard, has a nice ring to it.

Cool, a Supporter class, they should be able to help buff

my teammates, I wonder if (mumbles) can do that.

Eh, duplicate, not interested.

Wait, oh my roach!

It's a six star operator!

Wow, hi, Siege, you look like you're ready to do some

damage, welcome to Dr. Roach's humble abode!

Aw, hi, Beagle! I already have you but,

thanks for the extra tokens.

All right, not a bad haul

from the head hunting mechanic,

it's cool to see all the character designs lined up

next to each other.

(gentle electronic music)

Let's take a closer look at Siege here.

Level up time!

All right, enough chat.

I think it's time to have a little

"reunion" with our enemies.

(crowd booing)

Our squad's looking tight!

We also get one extra operator from another player to

help boost our chances.

(Japanese voice over)

- Ah, right, Reunion thinks what I'm doing with my teammates

is the wrong thing, so they fight to destroy what we're

building to make it a safe place for themselves.

I'll put Shirayuki down here

to keep the higher ground covered.

Can't forget about healing Hibiscus.

Okay, Cuora, it's your time to shine!

Show us what that bat can do!

Aw, I wanted to play more operators!

- [Roach's mom] Now now, honey, you have to learn to be

patient or no supper for you!

- Uh oh, I see W is on the move from the

top right corner of the screen!

Better be on the lookout!

Eep, another Reunion member and he throws molotov cocktails?

Didn't your mother ever teach you not to play with fire?

Can't forget about the secret tunnel!

Blast them away with your Arts, Gitano.

Oh no, W flanked us, but I'm fully prepared.

All right ladies, teach that Reunion boss a lesson.

Phew, pulled that one off just in the nick of time!

Go everyone, use your special moves!

All right, we did it!

Ooh, some plot development!

We finally meet face to face, W.

Doesn't seem like she takes orders very well.

Oh, (mumbles) guard. I wonder if they were able to hold back

the big boss so we could escape in time.

Ace doesn't like crybabies! Roach up, my dude!

I'll be honest, roaches.

I don't that guard made it back alive, press F in the chat!

The end of chapter 1.

But there's no time to be sad,

because we got a new operator! Yes!

And they talk themselves right outta the screen!

(Japanese voice over)

Now that we powered up our characters in battle,

I think it's prime time we gave my

bunny BFF Amiya a promotion.

She's already a five star and elite rank 1,

so now all we have to do is promote her to elite 2.

Whoa, what a beautiful design!

She's getting more and more badass

every time we promote her.

Yikes, seems like she gets more edgy when promoted.

Maybe all the power can make her sad.

Cannot relate.

Oh, so she bottles up her feelings and gets power from it.

Putting emotional issues to good use since 2020.

And I'll give a boost to Earthspirit as well.

(gentle electronic music)

The music in this menu is really relaxing.

(Japanese voice over)

Don't forget to collect your resources, roaches,

you never know when you might

wanna upgrade someone's skills.

After a long day of completing missions,

I like to sit back and organize my base.

Each operator can help produce more materials,

more currency, and morale for each other.

It's a great way to maximize

your downtime away from the game.

(Japanese voice over)

(Japanese voice over)

You could also decorate your base with furniture

to give it a sweet personalized feel.

I'm going for a sort of

abandoned warehouse theme right now.

Beautiful, just like Grandpappy's basement.

- [Roach's grandpa] It's too bright down here!

- I see my lil' angel guy was hard at work trading items

for more Lungmen dollars.

- [In-Game narrator] Resources received.

- Another operator hard at work.

All right, roaches, my operators need to replenish their

morale and I need a little roach rest.

Thanks again to Arknights for sponsoring this video.

Arknights is available for free right now

on Android and iOS,

so give it a download and let me know what you think of it

in the comments section below.

Until next time, roaches, I'll see ya!

(inspiring upbeat music)

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