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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Grant Cardone and Cardone Capital Review - Scam or Legit?

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Cardone Capital you saw but thousands of checks and wires that went out this week

Let's do a cage match me and you fighting on 3 rounds 90 days to prepare for

however wins this thing who comes out give all the money to charity 100 bucks

a pay-per-view it'd be good

Grant Cardone mr. 10x himself your financial Santa Claus the guy who's jacked up on making

you money is right here and today we're looking deep into the businesses of mr.

grant cardone to find out whether he is legit or scam

sit tight fasten your seat belts because this is

gonna get quite bumpy grant cardone isn't your garden-variety online

educator Grant Cardone has been around for many many years and honestly he's

been quite successful independently before he got into this online education scene

there's some serious doubts and questions about the way Grant Cardone

handled his business and the products that is promoting that we really need to

take a look at in this show so as always let's start with Google: Grant Cardone

okay who is Grant Cardone Grant Cardone is a top international sales expert real

estate mogul I love the word mogul and entrepreneur with 100 million plus

annual revenues from all five of his companies 20 million user logins at

Grant Cardone online sales training university raised 200 million for

charities grant cardone net worth 300 million dollars okay so we got grant

cardone right he's a self-made millionaire but the question is as

always like we like to ask for these gurus how did the banker don't make his

money how did grant cardone became Grant

Cardone so here's the thing that's quite interesting he wasn't always the meme he

is right now and if you go back to his older videos from about nine years ago

you would not recognize him Grant Cardone the 2010 version seems

like a really cool down-to-earth guy who wasn't afraid to speak his

and offers some solid sales and marketing advice of course that grant

wasn't flying around the private jets and that grant was definitely not a

household name he was impor by any means but that wasn't enough grant needed to

create a character larger-than-life alpha male billionaire that knows

everything about everything better than anyone else

and that is how we got uncle-ji essentially the question is how the hell

did that car don't learn from this guy my name is Grant Cardone I am a

middle-class guy that came from nothing dude this guy looks like I'm showing up

all the time here's what you don't know you don't see

all the hard work the first signs of uncle G started to show way back in 2012

more precisely on December 4th 2012 okay grant so chances are you may be able to

get somebody in your door right now what can you do to ensure that you get people

into your door right now you're competing with Santa Claus the greatest

retailer that has literally historically ever been on this planet so you need to

take clues and tips from him he this guy markets himself constantly he pervades

every space possible he's relentless and that's how retailers need to think today

like how do I get in somebody's space whether social media TV radio handing

off Flyers whatever it takes to like really create omnipresence for your

product or service or your company like Santa DOS there's your next book grant

how to market like Santa Claus the old grant is still here he is nice and soft

spoken and he is in his suit but if you listen closely this is when grant

cardone realizes what he needs to become I can almost see that light bulb

lighting up above his head as he's talking about marketing and selling like

Santa Claus it was at that moment he realized he will have to become the

Santa Claus of business education listen to what he's saying

create omnipresence for your product or service in your company

sounds familiar however it will take a whole nother year until we actually see

the final product the mean uncle-ji coming out see look

first of all I talk to you about do you need it do you want it do you have to

have it is it essential because I don't think it is August 2 2013 Nomar suit no

more nice guy much more facial hair and a heavy

southern accent all combined into one omnipresent financial Santa Claus

screaming at you do you like money uncle Jia was born that day and he never

left her sense

the thing is that this new uncle-ji persona is all about discrediting and

disagreeing with anybody else giving out business advice except for him even when

he agrees with somebody like ty Lopez for example he says I disagree yeah and

we got our consulate let's do our little debate here's no no wait a minute wait a

minute we got to do our interview first okay now we're gonna do power players

are you guys destined up there we were having a debate and we're gonna come

back to that question okay okay he actually tried to do the same thing to

Jordan Belfort but you know he failed miserably he got way over his head

during that wolf of wallstreet podcast it was really evident who won that fight

salespeople in the real world of practical sales training there are

certain things you see again you can act the average company there all over the

world salespeople typical habits right would you agree with that or no you

don't think is typical habit salespeople have I think it's about people not about

salespeople okay about training your trained salespeople don't you

I train people who train people he even made fun of Dan Pena our dad the mag

daddy yeah I know Dan

he said he coached 25 billionaires did Dan name any the billionaires that he's

coached yeah it's a lot of billionaires dude I think there's only like I mean

that means he's like he's touched like you know a third or something of all the

billionaires on a planet uncle-ji needs to discredit other financial advisors

and gurus so bad and he doesn't really need fact any more alternative facts so

what is Grant Cardone selling these days well a lot

he sells books card on University online courses merchandise he even selling

himself as a public speaker but his most prized line of income and his best

company is Cardone capital so let's go to his website let's read about Cardinal

capital right so I've loved real estate since I was a child what the fuck is

this grand what can a child loves real estate hey

Santa I don't want an Xbox give me some real

estate motherfucker that's such bullshit bro come on that doesn't even seem legit

anyways moving on ok that was a funny meme and I really want to understand

what Cardone capital is about so no more jokes ok as my investment became larger

and larger is this viagra commercial what the fuck is going on grant what I

mean is you're investing became larger and large I'm getting turned on here man

what the hell is this Jesus Christ it's like I'll see your passion sees the real

estate about it I love just seems like out your hash how could someone not love

real estate so let's get real I can touch it I can feel it this is insane I

honestly don't know what's going on obviously uncle G is a character I don't

think that's the real grand I mean I don't know anymore the question is has

he literally drowned in his own kool-aid and became uncle chief real now about

Cardone capital and you saw the thousands of checks and wires that went

out this week that happens so let's take a look at the prospectus I got from the

SEC website about Cardone capital as you can see in the prospectus the minimum

accepted amount from any subscriber is $10,000 that's very low for real estate

investment funds and I'm gonna explain why in a second also as you can see the

transfer of interest is limited there's no real equality here you can't sell

your units you can sell that real estate you're basically at the graces of mr.

Grant Cardone wherever he decides to sell the unit you'll get your money back

the thing is the fund states that it has a 10-year expected investment term but

it has no obligation for the company to sell and cash out also as you can see

here it's not even limited to multifamily complexes they can invest in

pretty much any type of property leaving storage warehouses industrial offices

retail properties pretty much all the properties grant is saying you don't

want to invest in and probably one of the worst parts is

you have no voting rights as an investor the only one who gets to call the shot

is uncle G so if you take a look at the prospectus you're gonna find out that

the fee structure is very aggressive in favor of mr. G your uncle G or whatever

the fuck is name is uncle G is gonna take 35% out of everything just for

managing the fund on top of that is gonna take 1% of anything under

management as the management fee 1% for anything he acquires and 1% for anything

he sells so essentially you're paying a lot of fees that is a very high fee

structure compared to any type of fund that exists out there usually the

managing partner or the general partner or whoever sits in Grant's role takes

20% about 35 so grant essentially saying that his services is worth double than

blackstone of Blackrock for all these accomplished guys that has been out

there for years making a lot of money for their investors and he's saying I'm

gonna beat the market by 35% which is a horrible thing to make beyond that the

management fee is usually about 2% and he's taking about 3% which is a lot of

money because that is coming out out of assets under management not you're

invested funny sorry not you're invested money and what would Ford say I love

just seem to cut your hash how could someone not love real estate so beyond

that you have a serious ethical issue here investments of this type is usually

limited to what you call accredited investors those are people who meet a

certain criteria and 1 million dollars in assets and about two hundred thousand

annual income if you don't meet that threshold you're not allowed to invest

according to SEC rules in investment funds because it's a risky business

it's a speculative investment you may lose your money and if it's your last

money there's no way in hell you should be putting your less money in a real

estate investment or real estate fund or whatever that money should go for you to

spend on food and living costs that is the logic behind the S

regulation and that is why no self-respecting fund will take money

from non-accredited investors that is except for grant cardone grant is what

you called the bottom feeder of real estate investment funds he's gonna take

your 15 thousand based on the fun structure with a lot of fees because you

know somebody needs to pay for that private jet right grant actually seems

to be playing the short term here I mean the reason that big funds like Blackrock

don't take money from unaccredited investors because it's a huge headache

usually the minimum to invest in these types of funds it is half a million

dollars then they don't want to deal with these small investors why there's a

reason why there's an ethical reason they don't wanna be responsible for

people losing their last money but beyond that there is a lot of risk in

getting so much more investors in your fund when you take money from thousands

of small unaccredited investors based on the heavy-duty tube marketing campaign

promise you 10x on your investment as you see uncle G riding around in this

private jet one thing is bound to happen you know once the market crashes and

takes a hit those 10x promises will fade away eventually those small investors

are gonna form a class-action lawsuit and gonna sue uncle G for making

promises he never kept there's gonna be a lot of happy class action lawsuit

lawyers out there there's really two options here and I don't know which one

is worse either Grant Cardone is convinced that is the Jesus Messiah of

real estate investment and he can get you better returns out of all these

firms out there and is gonna rescue all these poor people or grant knows that

this is bullshit and is just preying on the weak taking their last money to make

himself rich as fast as possible and I don't know which one is worse because

honestly both are quite dangerous

so what is the conclusion about grant cardone it's time for our coffee mug

easy number three scammer is the abominable provider or easy legit so I

think the conclusion here is quite clear he's definitely not a scammer but I

think he's disqualified from being a legitimate on an educator and number one

just by virtue of card on capital going after unaccredited investors taking them

a lot of fees promising unrealistic results and just basically grabbing all

the cash they can now so he's definitely in number two in my opinion he's a bum

information provider which you should not listen to but hey that's my

conclusion let me know below if you agree disagree let me know who do you

want me to do next and I'll see you guys in the next video


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