Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Meet the Inaugural Community Council

Difficulty: 0

>>Tom: Hey guys. It's Tom.

>>Sarry: It's Tom!

>>Tom: TLG847. Tom.

>>Sarry: Who knew.

>>Tom: And you are?

>>Sarry: I'm Sarry Crey.

>>Tom: Sarry...

>>Sarry: Crey.

>>Tom: Sarry... Crey.

>>Sarry: Mmhmm. You can call me Sarry.

>>Tom: Sarry.

>>Sarry: Or "Hey, you."

>>Tom: How long you been on YouTube, "Hey, you?"

>>Sarry: Um. Well. Seven months I've been uploading videos.

>>Tom: Baby huh?

>>Sarry: Yeah. It's sad.

>>Tom: Well.

>>Sarry: I mean not everybody can be, y'know, cool oldschool.

>>Tom: Old... well old. Thanks. Thanks for the old comment.


>>Tom: That was good. We really liked that part. That was one of the best...

>>Sarry: You want me to think of something else?

>>Tom: Sure. Think of something else.

>>Sarry: Um. How about you're from the Bronx?

>>Tom: I am. I'm from the Bronx.

>>Sarry: He's a survivor.

>>Tom: Yes.

>>Sarry: Is that better than oldschool?

>>The Bronx is like the definition of oldschool. When you go to the Bronx, you better be ready

for oldschool.

>>Sarry: Okay.

>>Tom: And you're not from the Bronx.

>>Sarry: No. No. I'm from Florida.

>>Tom: Florida.

>>Sarry: Florida.

>>Tom: Florida.

>>Sarry: It's real hot there.

>>Visiblemode: Wow it's really neat to hang out after all this time.

>>Bradofarrel: Yes. I'm very close to your face right now.


>>Visiblemode: Yes.

>>Bgirl5: We're in the Jack's Flame room right now.

[Overlapping indistinct chatter]

>>Visiblemode: At YouTube headquarters.

>>Bradofarrel: This is Braves girl. Right?

>>Bgirl5: This is Bradofarrel.

>>Bradofarrel: We don't know who this is.

>>Visiblemode: I just wandered in and they haven't kicked me out yet.

>>Bradofarrel: It's visiblemode.

>>Bgirl5: Hey.

>>Bradofarrel: I'm sorry. I ruined it.

>>Visiblemode: I've been on umm... almost 2 years I guess as a member but I've been

posting for a year and a half.

>>Bgirl5: Yeah same with me. Year and a half ish.

>>Bradofarrel: Yeah I joined like a year and a half ago. One of the big friends of onnagirl.

Cuz she was real.

>>Visiblemode: At the time.

>>Bradofarrel: At the time. She was so real. Wow I was just like, "That girl is real."

>>Visiblemode: Yeah I like how she was like nnn nnn nn.

[overlapping indistinct chatter]

>>Sarry: You guys need help.

>>Tom: You all need help.

>>Sarry: For the love of God.

>>Bgirl5: What did we do?

>>Tom: Hey. Here's your community council. Right here.

>>Visiblemode: Everyone's here now.

>>Bradofarrel: I'm uncomfortable:


>>Tom: We're off to a great start.

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