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Guntur Mirchi

Story Begins...

Garikapaadu Guntur district

Dad.. Dad.. Naidu uncle has given toys for me. Come, let's play

Hey.. Your dad can't come So, Go and play near the temple - Okay

Do it, guys. Who will question us?

Gundayya - Yes, Boss..

Keep some fans inside - Okay, Boss

It's too hot inside Look, how it's sweating

To be frank, Sambadu. You are too lucky to have such a wife

If you had paid the interest on time

You alone would have that luck

Now, See the bad luck - Yes, boss

I am not able to pay 15 percent interest, sir

This is the hell with you guys

When you are getting the loan, You say as "Whatever the interest may be"

When you are about to repay, You ask as "Why so much interest?"

Yeah, Right. You guys won't reform - Yes, boss

I am yet to get the yield, sir

Who doesn't have troubles, Sambadu? Tell me

Didn't I have troubles inside?

Huh.. Okay Let bygones be bygones

Send the interest money to my home I can't come again and again

If I come, bad mood will also come - Yes, Boss

Come, Let's go

[Door opens]

To be frank.. You collect the loan balances very well

[Door opens and closes]

There is no man in the entire Guntur district who can beat you

If someone wants to beat Naidu

Even his footstep should be like a thunder

Start the car, Let's go - Yes, boss

Hey Ramana? - Yes - Load those sacks too in the vehicle

We should take them to yard tomorrow - Okay

Have you arrived?

It's been so long, son

Both of you visited me Last month, Right dad? Are you missing me already?

It's been one month since I saw you

It's been 2 years since I came Nothing changed till now

Our lives won't change so easily

Hmm.. What does that mean?

Don't worry about that. Is your journey good?

However, it's an one hour journey Guntur is so nearby

Do you call that as a journey too, mom?

What about your job? When are you leaving to Hyderabad?

I got the offer letter, dad Give me, dude

I need to go to Hyderabad in 2 weeks

What Raju? Did you go home or directly came here?

What will I have in my home, aunty? Yesterday's rice and Onion

But here, You would have Garelu (Vada) and Boorelu (A sweet dish), Right?

I have not cooked these. But, I have prepared Dosas. Come and Eat

Dosas? - Yes - Even, that's okay. Let's eat - Come on, dude - Let's go

He achieved it. My son has achieved something which is not possible by anyone in our village

Is it such a great job, dear? - Then, Isn't it?

He will get a salary of 50000 per month

It's a 3 months earning for me

It will change.. Our lives too will change

Then, You can appreciate him directly, Right?

You react like as you don't care about anything, Okay?

These are all small things. Here on, My son will achieve many big things

Okay.. Stop it. Is he only your son?

It's okay, dear. Our son, Okay? - Okay.. Okay

What mom? Seems, you have cooked something special?

Chilli fritters, son. You like it, Right?

Oh, Yeah. It's been so long since I ate a chilli fritter cooked by you, mom

Yes.. Chilli should be like this

The hotness & the pungency That too your recipe. Superb, mom

Does it taste so good? - It is too good. You cooked it, Right?

I didn't cook it. It was cooked by Radha

As you like it, She cooked it herself

You would name them always, Right? Name it, now

Actually, Why are you too teasing me, mom? Why did she come here?

Why are you asking like that, son? You came after so many days

She came to see you

Am I a tourist spot like Charminar or Taj Mahal to see me?

Yeah, Right. As you got a job in Hyderabad, You turned arrogant now

Actually, I didn't cook it for you I cooked it for my uncle - Hey..

Hmm.. Even She didn't change in this village?

Without twirling like this, What else are you doing?

What can she do, son? A motherless girl

She is doing household chores and taking care of her dad

Hmm.. It's okay, aunty

Do you need to inform him that I am not doing anything? Hmm?

However, She shouldn't have stopped her education - Oh Yeah?

Hey buddy, You said that we need to go somewhere out, Right?

Hey, There is a cover in that room, Bring it - Yeah, Okay

Hey.. Chilli fritters.. - You.. - My favourite

Okay mom, I will come back in an hour - Son, Come before it becomes dark

Yeah, Okay - The roads are in a bad condition

Hmm.. What about you? You won't come, even if you are invited

You came with fritters as soon as your maternal uncle is here

You always stay here He is my uncle after all, Right?

What? Will you marry my son?

There are good muhurthams in the next week Can I arrange the marriage?

Why are you hurrying? Let's talk to your dad, first

No need, aunty. Dad is already okay with it

What? Are you sure?

He is my uncle after all, Right?

[Yawning] Hey buddy..

The count of idiots is increasing in our village, it seems

About whom are you saying? - Not about you, buddy

I am talking about the idiots in our village - Then, it's okay

Hey.. - What? - Come here

Mr. Subbarao is there, Right? - Yes - Naidu has been caught again in his field

His wife was creating nuisance there

Hey, Our buddy is here - Hi, dude

How are you guys? - How are you, buddy? It's been so long since we saw you

You have developed your body strongly, buddy

He grew them thinking that muscles will make his heart stronger

You, Shut up, dude. Both of you are studying in the same college, Right?

He got the job. You didn't get it How are you managing it in your home?

The same way as you managed when I passed and you failed at the tenth grade

Hey, Stop it, guys. What about you?

Why didn't you come here for the past 2 years?

At least, He used to come every now and then

Hey, I thought of coming, dude But, my parents will visit me every month

That's why, I didn't come - Not only your parents..

We are also staying in this village Remember that

Our buddy has brought has something

Buddy.. The belt is too good Is it made of Leather?

Hey.. Do you really need a belt for this bloody pants of yours?

You, shut up, dude Buddy, This belt is too good

I should wear this belt and make every girl in our belt (region) fall for me

Yes, They will fall. After seeing you, They will surely scare for you

Okay, You gave a belt to him But, Why did you give a shirt to me?

Dude, Do you really need a belt for your lungi?

It is flying away, First, take care of it

Okay? You got a job You are going to Hyderabad

Where is the party, buddy?

I need to give party when I am happy Not when I am confused

Why so, buddy? - Hey, I stayed away from this village and studied as dad said

Now, I want to stay in this village and do agriculture

Also, Stay as a companion to my mom and as a shadow to my dad


As Hero Venkatesh didn't study much, I thought that he was blabbering, buddy

But, Seeing him made me realize that they are real

Hey, buddy? - Yes - It is too good

Who? Your uncle's daughter? - You, Idiot. - What?

I am talking about the weather - Is it?

These lungis? - Okay? These vests? - What?

These folding cots - What? These fields..

It's been so long since I slept like this

Whatever, buddy

My sister has cooked the chilli fritters so well today morning

Okay buddy, She is always roaming around you, Right?

You got a job too Why can't you marry Radha, buddy?

Hey.. Both of us grew together

I like her. She looks good when she keeps a sullen face - Okay

But, I don't love her to an extent where I can marry her

Hmm.. You say that you like her and you don't love her

I am not able to understand your statement as M2 subject in engineering course

Actually, I am saying that I don't have the thought of marriage now

Buddy? What type of girl do you really need?

Hmm.. Why are we discussing that now? Leave it

What? Buddy.. Buddy.. Please.. Tell me I want to know it, buddy

What? - Hmm? When I ask, Say it, Okay?

The girl's smile.. should be like the first grain of a new yield - Okay.. Okay

If her hair is floating, It should be like a field kissed by a breeze - What?

With her anklets, She should completely flourish like a harvested yield

Her breathe should smell like the soil's smell on a rainy day

Hmm.. I have many expectations like this. Okay?

When I find a girl with these expectations, I will marry her on that spot


[Cocks crowing]

Ramana? - Yes? How much did you get from Raghavayya?

50000 - 50000

What is it? Both of you are checking accounts, it seems

Nothing. We need to take the yield to the yard today, Right?

We are checking as how much of our loan can be repaid? That's it

Okay, Did our son wake up?

He went to the fields with Raju to sleep there

Okay, Let me know, once he returns back

He will be worried, if he knows that we have so many loans

It's okay, dear Our debts will be cleared soon

The Yield was too good this time

Yes Ramana, Let's go. It's getting late for the yard - Okay, boss

Mom, Is my room ready or not? or Should I go to fields today also to sleep?

Dad.. Dad.. The blue color spectacles are too good, Right?

Get it for me, dad

And the First price for elocution goes to Kshitij, Third B

Mom.. Where is the photo which was taken when Dad took me for the first time?

Not sure, son. I searched for it But, Couldn't find it

What son? Do you like your room?

Mom.. I like it so.. so much - Hey.. Hey..

Gosh.. Keep it aside

You know very well about my wishes more than me, mom

[Mobile ringing] It's enough, son Actually, I didn't do all these..

Hello.. Yes speaking.. - What? Hey?

Aunty.. Don't say it - Huh.. What is it?

What is it? You can inform him that you arranged his room, Right?

Before he came.. What does uncle want.. What does uncle like..

With all these questions, You were torturing me

But, Why are you not telling him and stopping me too from telling him

How many days can you go on like this? It will be difficult, if this continues

I like your son, aunty. But..

Without knowing whether he likes me or not

I am not willing to say to him - Whatever, I don't understand this madness

N.T.R. Agriculture Market Committee

Hey, Can I cut one more? - Enough

Mom, Where is dad?

He went to the market to hand over the yields

You could have woken me up in the morning I too would have accompanied him

Oh god, Why do you worry about all those? He will return in an hour

Huh.. Hmm.. - Gosh.. Hey?

Oh? Is it so? - What?

Go.. Go.. - It's better to leave



Hey, Do you want dinner for night or not? - Yes, I want - Hey, Gosh

Huh.. Leave me, uncle - What? Why are you so arrogant?

Aunty? - Leave her, son - If you complaint to mom? - Your dad has come

What happened? You look worried?

What happened, dear? You have brought back the entire load

Is the market yard leave today?

What is it? Why aren't you speaking anything?

What can I speak?

If an entire year's yield is getting wasted in 30 minutes

I brought it back without selling it

Ramana uncle.. At least, You tell me What happened?

What can I say, son? Farmers problems will be like this

When the price given by the government is already less

Even in that low price, If people like this Naidu eat up commissions

Then, What will farmers like us do? Other than committing suicide

Who is Naidu? - A vulture who swallows these villagers

We need to sell the yield for the price which he says His word is the law it seems

Government officers too take bribes from him and destroy our livelihood

What is this, dad? Were you growing and selling the yields like this?

Without profits?

We are not doing business to built houses with our profits

We do agriculture Gosh.. It is like this

The trust on the mother earth.. The faith on the soil..

You won't understand it

Hey buddy, Visvasam (faith) is actor Ajith's movie

Nammakam (Trust) is a daily serial Your dad has watched both well, it seems

Gosh.. - What?

Hey buddy, Have the tractor ready tomorrow morning. We will go to the yard

Why dude? - We will show them, buddy - What is it?

How will a chilli look like? - Huh.. A chilli will be..

Red in colour.. Pungent & hot in taste..

If a chilli is red, hot & pungent

Then, We'll show them as how a farmer who yields that chilli will be like?

N.T.R. Agriculture Market Committee

Hey, Yesterday, his father came, Right?

Why is he coming now?

Actually, He is not even tall as the gate. What can he do here?

Let me talk to him once

Hey, Isn't it sufficient as whatever we gave to your dad?

You have come now

Keep the sacks for the rate which our boss has said

I will send the money later

Why are you walking away when I speak?

He seems strange By any chance, Will he hit us?

What are you staring at? Will you hit us?

Huh.. Brother? Huh.. Oops..

Who pushed my dad?

Hey, The length of a person doesn't matter

What matters is, Whether he is gutsy enough or not

Both the state (Telangana & Andhra Pradesh) people know about him

It seems, You don't know about him

Huh? Hey Buddy?

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