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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The GOP's New, Even Worse Healthcare Solution

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Pre-natal care...

Maternity care...

Is your health insurance covering chick stuff?

Ha, gross.

You're not a lady.

So why should you pay for insurance that covers babies and...

These weird things?

Introducing Just Erectile Dysfunction insurance.

It's the insurance plan that makes sure that you're

only paying for the one medical condition

that you care about:

Having blood in your flesh tube,

and not having to worry about it!

JED pays for your medicines,

your dick checkups,

and saxophone lessons for your

"still got it" old guy band.

At JED, we cover every part of your turgid cock.

To cover all your erectile needs,

we even provide you with terrible things

to think about while you try not to cum.

Things like:

So, definitely don't cum in Texas, or you might kill a woman.

Oh! And:

So... Think of that too!


Did you know that men can get breast cancer?

Who knew!!!

You certainly won't, because you can't get a mammogram.

Just Erectile Dysfunction insurance.

F*ck everybody!


F*ck everybody...

The Description of The GOP's New, Even Worse Healthcare Solution