Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Bohemia 1403

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Oh my god!

Jesus Christ!


Do something!

Quickly! We're closing the gate!

Tell me, boy, who are you and where are you from?

What in hell's name happened?

I've come from Skalitz.

They burned it to the ground - slaughtered everyone.

Who? Who burned it to the ground?

Huge army.

They attacked without warning...

And they weren't Czechs, or Germans either.

Listen to me Hal, listen carefully.

Take the sword, go into the house and grab anything else important from the trunk.

Go to the castle. Hurry! - What about you?

Your mother is in the village. I'll fetch her and we'll follow right behind. - I'll go with you! - No!

You do what I say, right now! Give the sword to Sir Radzig. If anything happens

he'll take care of you. He owes me.

What's your name, boy? Henry, son of the

Skalitz blacksmith. I know him. Did he make it inside the castle?

No! Oh no!

I'm sorry. It's in God's hands now. No one else can help us.

Thank you. For risking your neck to warn us.

Halt! Who goes there? - Lucifer and all his minions! Who else, Robard?

Sir Radzig? What a relief!

Is His Lordship there with you?

Yes Sir, he's right here!

Tell me, friend, how on earth did you manage to get away?

Thank God for this tempest! When it began, Sigismund's Tatars crawled into their

holes and left the storming of the castle for more clement weather. We were able

to sneak out right under their noses. - What will you do then? - We'll march

to Rattay. It's only a short way and there will have a better chance of defense and

enough room for all of these people. -You're right there.

Is that boy still with you? - I'm here, Sir! - You have courage, lad.

That I can't deny. I am sorry about what happened. Would you care to join us?

I'd like to, Sir. But first I have to return to Skalitz. - Are you mad? What do

you want there? I can't leave my mother and father... I won't leave their corpses

rotting in the street. - I'm sorry about your father,

but getting killed as well won't help him.

Next time I won't run.... Do you need some help? We're to rob you of everything

you've got. Especially that fine blade

that's of no use to a peasant like you anyway. - Banish the thought. It is my father's sword.

I don't think he's gonna be needing it anymore.

Listen here, boy. You hand over that sword, I might just let you go. If not, you're in for a family

reunion you really don't want. - Leave me alone!

As you like. Could have just cost you a few teeth...

I've told you how it would end. You should have listened to me.

This is nice work.

Did you help make it? No doubt you did. Such miserable luck to die by the sword

you helped forge.

Hey, gun fuckers!

The games are over.

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