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hi guys Sandra with my watch bringing you my final watch

from the wheelspin I took on the watch gain wheel of watches now if you

remember this was a tier 1 wheel spin the tier to the Herot or Pisces that I

won is already gone I've already gotten rid of that watch it just wasn't gonna

fit into my collection it was a nice watch overall but it wasn't one that I

was going to hang on to and finally two days ago when you saw me review my

Bostock and one rocket which I'm wearing today

and absolutely loving this thing is a beast an extremely extremely comfortable

so before I get started though before we take a look at this guy's don't forget

January 1st 2018 the video that I post will show you guys how you guys can win

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and you'll be notified when that video goes up alright let's take a closer look

at this watch now at face-value right out of box it's literally just a

cardboard box which is fine I mean for this price point I don't know it's a

cardboard box with nothing in it no paperwork no anything pillow and then

the onus Paris Mecca stainless steel band so if we take a look at this watch

give you a walk around it very very very small crown on this watch the watch

overall is extremely extremely thin stainless steel band if you notice I

haven't even taken the plastic off just because I can't bring myself to do it

push-button release clasp it's not a double locking if you notice it's just

push button to release it does have one micro adjustment in the buckle I'm the

face of this watch you'll see it has the day of the week indicator at the nine

o'clock position the date of the month indicator at the three o'clock position

and then that rotating second hand an hour in the minute hand I'll be curious

to see with the pitchers after this video if the kind of layered numbers or

indices on this watch have any kind of loom on them I'm gonna be curious to see

if this watch blows at all so I'll stick around and see if you can see that with

me so the interesting thing about this watch is when I try to find any kind of

information about it there is next to no information about the watch manufacturer

itself I was able to find a old Facebook page for the watch company itself the

watch company was Onis watches and actually had a Facebook page at ominous

watches now that Facebook page had some extremely old posts on it I think quite

honestly I think the most recent post on it was on April 3rd 2016 and they were

just highlighting one of their ads on Amazon for for one of their watches now

in the About section of their Facebook page I was able to find a domain name

for it which is onus dot t AP a k om dot-com now in going to this actual

domain name it's a dead link that that website that sub domain isn't even

in service anymore if you take the subdomain off take the onus off and just

go straight to the domain name kappa calm calm I can't even read I don't even

know what language this website's in I'm based on the images I'm gonna have to

guess that it's some kind of web hosting company but I can't read it I don't know

what language it's in it's obviously not having anything from the US so I'm just

getting off the site because I have no interest in looking at it anymore so

trying to find out the value on this watch with what it's worth where you can

actually buy it I was able to find this watch for sale in a couple of different

places I found this watch for sale on for two hundred and eleven dollars and 49 cents or SATCOM has this

exact model which they call the onus mends all stainless steel sporty design

watch silvertone black and red dial if we jump over to Amazon the Amazon is

actually selling this watch as well they are selling it for a hundred and forty

nine dollars finally if we jump over to ebay you can find this watch on ebay

ranging anywhere in price from two hundred dollars all the way down to

thirty dollars I think the challenge for me with this watch is kind of twofold

one I really really like the design of this watch I think it's a really neat

looking dial but the case material the band material it all feels extremely

extremely cheap it feels like it's gonna break any second and it just that

clearances the tolerances for the band the tolerances on the case everything

just seems slapped together doesn't have any real fit

finish to it to speak of and I think part of the challenge for me with this

watch is I've kind of been we'll call it ruined I guess by Eragon

I see the Eragon watches that I pick up in this exact same price point and the

watches that I pick up from Eragon walk all over this watch from a fit and

finish and overall aesthetic appeal to this watch I don't know if that's a good

thing or a bad thing but I think that I would classify this watch on the same

level as probably the Elliott havoc that I received very good watch in my opinion

for a watch gang original tear so for $30 great watch for $30 I would be

stoked if I got this watch and I only spent $30 now I'm granted it was a tier

1 wheelspin for me so that's pretty much what I spent but I don't know I guess

I'm just used to a lot more out of the watch than than what this one has I mean

when I talk about the faint finish we'll see if I can get it in there you can

kind of see on the log there the metal just doesn't line up and it's it's just

it feels really cheap and I apologize to the people out there that like this

watch I'm not saying there's anything wrong with this watch per se I'm just

saying this is not a watch that I'm a fan of alright guys so that was the onus

Paris Mecca that I received from my wheelspin on the watch game we love

watches overall I really like the look of this watch I think the dial in the

design of this watch is really really neat but the overall fit and

functionality of this watch it just feels really really cheap and the fact

that I can find a whole lot of information about it

makes me kind of nervous um but it is a really really good looking fashion watch

I will probably even wear it once or twice before I pass it on but it's

definitely not a watch that I would spend more than thirty dollars on I

believe these watches were sent out with watch gain original tear also and for 30

dollars I think it's definitely a good buy and I could understand people being

happy with it but anything more than that I would not spend on this watch

again the model feels really really cheap the the clasp feels really really

thin it's probably a really really time movement in this that's mass-produced at

great lengths but the problem is this is why I'm struggling with this watch so

much it's because I love the dial on this watch I love how this watch looks

but I just wish the manufacturing and the materials that they used on this

watch was were better if they use better materials on this watch I would've worn

this watch everyday if you took this same watch took this dial took this case

design took the band and put them automatic in it maybe swap out the band

with a heavier band a band that was a little bit nicer and didn't feel so

cheap I would absolutely spend money on this I love this frigging dial design

but it just feels so cheap and it feels like if I drop it it's gonna shatter

into a thousand pieces which I know is probably not the case but it just gives

me that impression I have no no long-term goals for this watch I don't

even know if I would be comfortable trading this watch but again I'm really

really torn because I love the dial design I wish some of the better watch

manufacturers some of the manufacturers out there that make really

really nice watches could take some of the design cues from some of these

fashion watches that I'm saying that I think that designs blow away what

nice watch companies are coming up with anyway guys that's enough of me rambling

I thank you guys for watching if you stick around I'll post up some pictures

close-up pictures this watch so you can see in a little bit more detail don't

forget to like subscribe comment if you have any questions what are your

thoughts on this watch after seeing it what are your thoughts on my opinion of

this watch I know some people really like them some people really hate them

I'm really torn and I don't know what to think so help me figure out what I'm

going to do with this watch post up in the comments below also don't forget to

follow us on Instagram and Instagram slash watch addiction dive us and

finally you can always reach me on the website at my watch addiction com

thank you guys inhale good day

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