Practice English Speaking&Listening with: FULL FACE FIRST IMPRESSIONS IN THE WOODS *Dangerous!*

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hi okay guys good morning I had a dream last night and I want to show you guys

my thoughts... so we're hearing fucking gorgeous Montana and I'm like what are

we gonna do for today's adventure we already did a get ready in my raft and

I'm like okay I have a lot of new makeup that I bought from home

where are we gonna test it out today and I sat here and I go hmmm...

hello!!! we gotta do a get ready in the woods testing out new makeup so I'm like

how are we gonna achieve that I really don't know but there is a local hardware

store here that I want to pop in to maybe we can get a picnic table get a

bench get some chairs and just set up shop in the middle of the woods and test

out a bunch of new makeups so how are we gonna achieve that I have no idea let's

pray we have some picnic tables or something come here girl so I got a new

friend here and we're gonna go to the hardware store we're gonna go try to

find mommy a picnic table aren't we honey all right you guys so let me get

dressed we're gonna hop in the car and let's go see if we can get ready in the

woods switch outfits BAM feelin like Hannah Montana all right

all right we found a hardware store close by who knows what the hell they're

gonna have in here... but let's see what happens! look at a cute little lawnmower

it's very "Thirsty" very on brand right now.. love that! oh I found some strong pieces of

wood oh we got a mesh gate for our baby we haven't have yet well look at this I

think our dogs are like this "Wipe your paws" wipe your paws so in my

element right now should I do it my makeup standing on a ladder okay

Costco we love her it's so weird like trying to put picture it okay it's like

the only what is this one though okay six the tables too aggressive anything

look a tad safer I'm fucking waiting we're all okay sweetie do that one don't

you baby I mean this is soft this has like a soft top that's a hard top I mean

okay let's put this one back yeah you think this'll be good just Rex

Oh resin shelf I mean we're literally leaving Montana in a few days we're just

have to give this to someone do you want your own chair you're good with just one

we have chairs at the house too all right all right

this is actually way easier than I imagined let's go check out maybe grab

some drills and let's see what happens ooh I found this Yeti pink cooler so we

have to get this help me get this cooler stick IRA that

Yeti is very prestigious here in Montana so we're gonna happen is my dad has one

of these he does these are like what's the price on this with a couple hundred

bucks 400 almost you better work but we gotta have this in my tutorial duh

the fact that we found a baby pink cooler is so iconic alright we all good

alright guys I just want to be more humble so I'm gonna sit back here all

right everybody we found a spot in the woods here in Big Sky and I set up a

table we have everything ready to roll we need the beauty room who needs

quino's and lighting about this baby so we got our cooler we have all the makeup

we're gonna try here and of course Ace Hardware gave us a flag Jeffery trying

to dig a hole for five minutes straight this is where a nation step in trying to

ground me like we're on the moon do you ever go in the moon anyone there's doors

this ground is pretty hard baby that's not going in it's okay I think the flag

is actually gonna distract for the makeup cuz I mean bitch up we love

America but um we'll just keep it right here cool alright guys what are we gonna

do where are we gonna start I already wet my Beauty Blender I don't

know what is about to happen out here but by the way I've been getting this

brush tweet to me so many times new it cosmetics superstar foundation brush now

if you haven't seen this yet look at this brush it's a literal star hi that

is crazy so we're gonna try this out today maybe so besides that we have a

bunch of makeup here of course we are here in the middle of the woods you may

hear Birds you may hear jackhammering I don't know what you guys are gonna hear

out here but remember we are very uh far away from the studio so um let's dive in

let's start this full face first impressions alright before we start we

need to get some energy in this blood system fine

hi my blood Sugar's low alright let's hop into the Yeti

we're gonna do one bread bowl and then about five waters you are gonna hear the

wind in this video you may hear some animals some black bears then elk I've

seen so many different types of animals out here I love it so first of all

everybody in the world Cheers all right so of course we are in the Sun

a lot these last few trips so I found the new lemare a reparative face Sun

lotion now this has an amazing SPF in it the price one hundred and thirty five

dollars so if you're like bitch are you out of your mind well we all know you

can get cents we're gonna target but this has an amazing skincare anti-aging

story to it I wore it on the raft and honestly I did not get sunburned I put

it everywhere here everywhere that I didn't put got a little bit more damage

so does it really work I think it does so far I want to use it on camera to see

what you guys think but it does have that kind of like it's just smells

fucking bougie and expensive so let me get this skin moisturized and protected

from the Sun now if you think that this price point is insane and don't worry it

is alright next item we're gonna use is oh my god there's a lot here so the only

thing I didn't grab is a new foundation but I do have the new Tarte reign of the

sea quench hydrating primer you guys know I love staying hydrated so besides

that little moisturizing moment with SPF I do want to add a little bit of this

down oh I heard chainsaw in the background who's cutting down some trees

are doing construction hi girl okay so the Tarte quench hydrating primer is a

$32 and it says that this is a vegan hydrating primer with antioxidants and

has a delicious coconut scent that melts into the skin to refresh and provide

pollution defense well there's not much pollution here in Montana thank God but

we all know an LA girl you can barely see the Hollywood sign some days okay

now this has one fluid ounce it's made in America so oh we love a product that

has a little sealant all right whoo I came right out my god it does smell

really good alright no I don't know how much is too much so I don't want to go

overboard so I'm just gonna press this into my pores and put this all over my


if the primer is on now you never know what happens when you mix primer and SPF

so let's oh group we got a text hey now the thing is remember I did not bring a

new foundation here so I'm gonna go in with my Bujji is fuck do your air flash

I love this there's a little windy so let's see if this will even hit my skin

I'm a little scared look we're the raft again oh wow ok it's working ok now

there is wind blowing in my face so I'm kind of panicking because I want to

hurry and blend as quickly as possible so let's get to buffing alright now we

do got to blend very quickly because we all know the sun's out the wind's

blowing and just like the raft products are drying way quicker just like the air

balloon I was like shook when that concealer dried in like 30 seconds

foundation is blended the lighting is a little tricky being out here in the

woods but so far so good all right now for concealer today we

have the brand new ultimate coverage a long wear allegedly in anti-crease

formula from Becca cosmetics now this is water-resistant full coverage instant

and fully camouflages dark circles blemishes discoloration long wearing

formula ok well let's see it either this is what the component looks like it's

very cute fits standard very Becca you know it's not anything like mind-blowing

but their formulas do tend to kill you okay I might be using this one sometimes

brands never have it like a really light shade for me so we have these three

shades I don't even know honey the lighting is a little tricky okay

we might going with this one this shade is called birch alright now this formula

is $29 let's see what it looks like okay that was a little weird we're gonna zoom

in on this when I opened it up like a lot of product is now not there I know

the wand and when the DOE foot you put it in it's going to push up product a

little bit more see that so maybe that's for the weight and fulfilling purposes

they didn't want to overflow it but okay smells very skin carry nothing crazy

let's do one side in case this is not the right color wow this feels look okay

let's just do one side right here and just see how we feel about it

oh this is full-coverage girl I've tried a few concealers lately and they haven't

really been up to par not sure how it's looking here in the woods but alright

now this is what happens in your outdoors my I just got watery as I was

blending and that never happened it's happened a few times on this trip

where's that paper towel I'm literally gonna take a piece of that and shove it

in my eye this is what happens in trouble shoe and

you click pause we're gonna let you guys see what happens all right now this

concealer is definitely full coverage it did the job and it looks very drastic

from this side to this side so so far so good

how will it wear who the hell knows we will see in a little bit so let me do

the other side and conceal a little bit more alright

as the concealer is like blending out it's a little like weird right here it's

kind of like dry and tugging I know it's supposed to be full coverage and this

Beauty Blender is damp but like if this side looks great I don't know why this

guy has been a little weird I'm gonna add in a tiny bit more hopefully that

doesn't ruin it but this is what happens doing first impressions you never know

what is going to happen if the concealer looks awful I'm gonna cry still be

adding a little bit more where it was tugging and pulling away settling really

weird under my eyes which is a rarity on this channel so alright we're gonna push

through Highfill face I'm a little scared alright before it's too late

let's try to set this now I'm getting so many requests to try the new tart shape

tape setting powder we all know shaped hip concealer has been a very huge hit

in the beauty community shape tape foundation go watch my review alright so

this little guy is there one shade we're gonna have to go look online it's just a

shape tape on the back there's no shade let's open her up okay so you get a

little mirror you get the compact you get the little thing oh we're gonna dig

this out now in these nails oh boy hi can I borrow your chainsaw oh oh oh I

almost got it people with nails at home are like I see

that struggle girl than everyone else is like this is why we don't have long

nails I can't get this yes thank you oh it's like a netting okay so it came

with a brush setting a superpower powder brush you guys know I love using a damp

Beauty sponge but okay um okay this was a very lightweight there's like a weird

little thing to appear no idea what that's for okay

so let's just breasts in here Oh what Lots coming out oh honey you better

watch this Gucci okay I don't know how I'm gonna put this under my eyes that's

a lot of product so I shook it and it all came off I'm so sorry

alright let's try it again now it's saturated let's go in

now I normally would never say this but this brush is almost like too fluffy

where it's not like really packing it on it's just kind of like like huh I also

feel like it should've been a little smaller to put under the eyes this is a

little massive oh yeah the concealer under this eye is worse than this one

look at that oh boy let's try that because this under-eye is not cute oh

okay whatever combo I just used today is not it because this looks rough right

now we're gonna sit everywhere else that I put concealer

alright guys I think it's on is it the best formula on the planet I don't know

because the concealer and the primer and whatever else I did did not mix very

well together so normally this does not happen but you got a troubleshooting you

just got to push through it also you guys remember when I got really high

before the video and I forgot the try this brush I remember that too okay so

we have the foundation on we have the concealer we have the setting Evert

we're set allegedly I also want to set my face all over so there is a new Urban

Decay all nighter long-wear mattifying weightless waterproof setting powder for

the entire face now this is allegedly gonna make my makeup last throughout the

night it feels like nothing yet instantly sets foundation control shine

and creates a blown-out effect so let's open her up oh we love a water droplet

thirsty moment okay honey alright now opening this up it does it

look like this and I'm just going to take a little foundation brush and let's

see what happens

I'm like girl this might be like a good powder because my skin's looking a

little better still we started off very rough them under eyes I don't think it'd

be fixed so I'm gonna pack some butter here maybe - OH

open decay okay girl all right my skin's looking a lot better I feel a little bit

more confident home my lord we will see how this wears throughout the day of

course so we'll put her over here now what are we gonna use bitch I need some

bronzer on this face so today we're gonna go in with the new smashbox ablaze

face palette we have blush bronzed and highlight let's open this up oh there's

two of each okay it feels heavy you guys know we love expensive

packaging of course it is a little minimalistic let's open her up this is

the palette very peachy very summer alright so I'm actually gonna take a fan

brush and lipstick Nick does this all the time and she loves contouring with

the stand brush so I'm going to go in what is a shade called the filtered we

love her hopefully is that the real one or is it suntan

it's called suntan sorry guys alright and I'm just gonna take a little on the

brush we don't know how pigmented this is there's a little bit of fallout as

you guys can see but not too crazy

whoa that bird sounds cute hey girl alright and the woods you guys it's kind

of hard to really tell if I'm going heavy-handed or not now we know bitch

loves us we love some product all right I think that's okay now I love this

trick with the fan brush cuz you can really get in that hairline if the wind

allows us oh wow oh the wind is coming look at I haven't even moved so let me

just take this hair clip alright wow that was heavy-handed we love her we

love being bronzed when I turn over here in the Sun and I'm like oh it's actually

really pretty

hi honey what if she attacks me I get attacked on camera hi darlings trying to

perch up on my brush oh look she's looking at my shoes

uh-huh don't hey girl oh my god she's not moving and I'm like so close okay

girl we're gonna finish this tutorial uh-huh this is a morphe m3 ten great

this bronzer shade is actually really cute now I'm looking at my table and I

don't have a blush thank god there's a blush in here so let's dive into shade

claim to flame alright so now we're gonna dive into this blush shade oh oh

my god why does it want to hang out with me I love this food I got a puppy

underneath me we got Birds behind my head come here girl

so now we're gonna dive into this blush right here this one is called the claim

to flame and let's see how pigmented this brush this brush is let's see how

pigmented this blush is brush blush blush

bear okay it's sheer I don't mind a sheer blush buildable is fine as long as

it's like there we go okay it's cute Maddie this little baby flew one Chris's

hat then flew right over my head and it's been just chilling watching we love

it and a little bit natural subscriber I see you girl looking should we looking

right now to each other Hey that's so funny this palette is very cute I don't

want to use the highlight because I have 12 other highlighters in front of me so

let's move on for highlighting guys we got a headache we have so many

highlighters we have the new glam glow glow powder this has hyaluronic acid

infused powders in here which is crazy so let's take her out a lot of people

said this is very Geoffrey start packaging I love the pink it's like a

weird rubber silicone type of I wonder if it says anything on here and this

feels crazy use a brush sweet powder over your cheekbones bridge of the nose

Cupid's bow and just highlight okay great all right so we're gonna dip in a

little bit here we have the new Pat McGrath sublime skin highlighting trio

this just launched in Sephora and I was like groaning I love me some Pat McGrath

I want to show you this on the Sun it is so stunning we'll hop into sunlight in a

second so let's layer these I have 1/3 highlight this is the new Stila all-over

glimmer heavens due in shade Silver Lake which is a city in Los

Angeles and it looks like this now I snapped this weeks ago and never got to

use it and it will looks a little or but and it is what oh my god I thought the

bird is under me I'm like what's happening hi oh my God look you guys are

we best friends or what what are we gonna name you we're just gonna name her

mom - oh girl let me see oh oh oh the sun's moving okay I might have to scoot

back in a minute you guys but let's try highlighting real quickly all right

we'll start off with the glam glow highlighter this is a $42 all right now

with the morphe m5 ten we're gonna go in between these two shades right here now

you may not see the glow very well in this weird lighting here we will go into

the Sun in a minute did the bird just leave me oh as a friend hey it's like a

truck it's like yeah I need to go have sex bye all right let's try it over here

guys okay kind of hard to tell what smells like the setting spray okay I

want a layer I'm all about layering so same brush we will dip into the Pat

McGrath a little skin trio now this retails for

over $50 come on tax and I'm gonna dip into the middle shade it looks so pretty

what's it called occur all this packaging it is called fine gold a lot

of gold today swirl it on the dome like this and the Sun might be like an epic

Wow in the shadows this highlight does not look cute I don't want a Sun hits it

from behind it's like good morning all right guys I'm gonna put a little bit

more on my face and then let's go in the Sun and see how this will really looks

all right let's put my cheeks in the Sun how does it look Mattie is it oh I have

to close my eyes you guys it's brutal Wow looks so pretty

hi all right son how are we feeling oh wow those intense alright you guys so

also the Stila Silver Lake heavens do we call this the putty highlighter I

reviewed this on my channel but look at this oh my god it looks so pretty it's

like diamonds look at that let's just cover the whole top of my hand

look at that oh my god that is pretty put that all over your cheekbones you

can put that wherever you want look at that glisten girl like what I love to do

is take a little bit of this with the other one that was kind of who doesn't

want to wear three highlighters at the same time snatched all right you guys I

am glowing to the gods we just screw the table back a little bit because the Sun

is creeping in we are out of our element so mixing three highlighters at the same

time necessary this was stunning this is actually really cute I think so many

brands have these shades already so I don't think this is a necessity but this

girl hmm okay so moving forward let's look at my face and see what we're

missing here hi skin looking better all right so shockingly I have no new

eyeshadow palettes here on the table I reviewed a lot of palettes lately but of

course I have my thirsty palette here so I'm gonna quickly pop in a few of the

brown shades on my lid and do a very minimal little bronzy moment I will be

right back

all right we just did two little shades from the thirst actually three kumquat

subtle and filthy-rich very very minimalistic today girl were in the

woods okay and don't try and me now I do have a brand new mascara from hourglass

that I really want to try this just came out this is called the caution extreme

lash I love the component if those expensive

it's gold buzz like a weight let's go wand welcome back see what this looks

like Wow okay that's a sturdy wall baby

alright so I'm just gonna do one eye and then let's see what the difference looks


all right I got a little clumpy on this end let me just fix it there we go all

right so I don't know if you guys can tell a huge difference from all the

crazy lighting in here but here of course is the eye with full mascara and

this has literally nothing so what do you guys have dots it definitely made

them more amplified it gave them a cute look is it my favorite right now no it's

just doing what a mascara does which is making your lashes look a little fuller

is it like extreme where I'm like gagging no so let's do the other eye and

see how we feel all right now this mascara does retail

for $29 is it worth it I don't know yet it's not doing anything like

mind-blowing I know it's supposed to be like extreme god that concealer did not

love my skin you guys I'm looking close up and I'm like whoa girl

I'm fucking looking a little rough over here all right next up we have some lip

products I want to play with I don't know what I'm gonna wear yet but all

right so I have a bunch of lip products I'm just gonna swatch some I don't know

what's gonna happen or what I'm gonna wear but I've been dying to try this new

lip gloss from bite Beauty it is called the French press lip gloss and this has

a clitoral coffee-like in here I don't want to say it wrong so

we're gonna go in the app real quick oh girl what you do Hey

all right guys I'm on the Sephora app one second all right so this retails for

$22 it is a coffee inspired lip gloss that has a creamy shine in warm Java

hues now I was reading something about this and this literally has hydrating

coffee butters pressed coffee oil is in here that is crazy now let's do what

this smells like this is in shade flat white whoo okay cute little component

let's open her up oh my god you like coffee right just smell this please I'm

dying okay besides that you guys we also have the new NARS orgasm full vinyl lip

lacquer how do you feel about it sounds great right so let's swatch this

just for fun looks like a pretty little nude gloss okay now this one let's see

what this looks like okay guys here's this one oh wow that's way more opaque

okay which of course it depends on the look you're going for this is like a

full-coverage lip gloss and then we have these new products from Marc Jacobs this

is the enamored hydrating lip gloss stick on my girl what does that even

mean no this is in shade preach it's a sheer lip gloss in a stick with

irresistible melt on cushiony texture that delivers conditioning color with a

high shine finish girl I don't know what to use there's so many options try this

one first we have a clicker oh I remember my have foundation lips

that they look very nasty so so sorry world this house shine I definitely

should have exfoliated my lips with my own lip scrub before hand I did not do

that you guys I'm so sorry but this is going on beautiful I'm like this looks

stunning I also have another pink shade I want to definitely wear soon but by

the way this packaging a plus love this component oh the sun's hitting me in the

face right now okay you guys we have to wrap this up before the Sun ruins this

video I want to add a little bit of this on here I can't help it like let's just

really take it there let's put on so much gloss my mouth hurts

that looks delicious all right you guys the journey is about to end the Sun is

about the comporting in and I have moved back like three times in the shade here

but we have a full face of makeup on okay guys um I want to give some final

thoughts I want to give a recap now of course this makeup has not been on for

hours it's only been on for a little bit but this of course is a full face first

impressions video so what are first impressions let's look at the table and

let's go down the line primer I have no idea if it really worked because it

didn't feel that hydrating to me now the foundation I'm proud of course was a

dual air flash I've used this forever and normally my skin looks snatch I was

not in love with how it looked today maybe it was the SPF and the primer

together sometimes things don't mix shit happens we know right some people little

scared about is the concealer I would love to try this on a day where I don't

use all those products in one but overall this reminding me of that tart

concealer not shape tape the other one that I tried like a few weeks ago almost

the same formula where just felt almost like to pancake II too like I don't know

it didn't distribute correctly on my skin and it definitely looks draggy and

it pulled here and I do not like this like I kind of want to run upstairs on

the hill run to the house my hob so bad this I love I know this definitely

protected my skin from the Sun it's very pricey so girl now moving on I really

liked this all nighter powder this is the waterproof setting powder doesn't

really work for a full moment maybe we should go to raging waters later but I

really like this formula it was beautiful and it made my skin look

pretty now the under eye shape taped setting powder I wasn't the biggest fan

I definitely want to try it with shape tape but this weird kind of banana a

yellow color I don't know I think they definitely need like 7 more shades for

this you can't just have one because it was not Universal it kind of left a

yellow shadow kind of cast on my skin oh the Sun is coming in hot look at the

highlight though though I'm not mad at it okay moving on guys I really like

this Smashbox a little palette I thought the contour color was beautiful I love

the little blushes easy on the go if you just want to travel moment the mascara

nothing to write home about it's cute I'll definitely like keep it in my

travel kit but I wasn't like blown away by it now be highlighters look at my

you guys it's literally glistening in the Sun it's so pretty

now the glam glow one like I said it was nothing mind-blowing I think that every

brand has a shades whether it's Maybelline or Becca or any brand these

three shades are a staple I think in its so many brands so the formula she's cute

it's creamy it gets the job done and I like the skincare story if it really

does have hyaluronic acid and doesn't work we shall see in the future the

sublime scheme I really love these I love the packaging I love everything Pat

McGrath has been doing lately and these are just so blinding look at that you

guys pure metal what else of course the Stila one was stunning and

the lips I like all the lips I'm gonna recommend all of these these are

beautiful I love this like whatever is happening right here I want to recreate

all the time it is stunning or you guys I don't have any new setting

sprays I'm so sorry but we tried on a lot of makeup today all right you guys

what are your thoughts sound off down below I'm in the middle of the woods

right now so I'm gonna go for a hike we're gonna go eat and then by the time

you guys are watching us I will be back in Los Angeles but thank you for

watching this amazing makeup journey and I will see you guys on the next one