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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Vir The Robot Boy | Hindi Cartoon For Kids | The train chase | Animated Series| Wow Kidz

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I am mad, very very mad, till date I couldnt finish Vir, nor I could find the formula.

Boss, why do you need Vir? You have a capable person like me, who can do anything.

If you can do anything, then go get the formula from Dr.Sahay's home on how he created Vir.

That formula will be in some hard disk. Go Timbaktoon, get that hard disk.

But, how can I stole it from his house?

Take this and go, say you are from the Govt Department come to eradicate mosquitoes from the town.

They will have to evacuate from there, If Dr. Sahay denies then spray it on him.

He will be unconscious and you can get the hard disk.

Boss, you are genius boss.

Timbaktoon this time no mistakes.

Boss, does the cylinder have the smoke or not?

Timbaktoon stop it. Stop! You have started making mistakes now only.

Hi Imli, Chulbul.

Dr. Sahay's lab should be somewhere here only.

Let me see it through X-ray vision.

Boss, I am going downstairs, I have switched on my camera.

Madmax his glad, very very glad. I can see you live now, haha!!!

What happened Munnu? Why are you crying?

Faltuganj boy's took away my money. They are standing there and laughing.

Any one who has taken Munnu's money return it, now.

Who are you? Go away and vanish like a Jinn.

If I tell everyone, that you all have taken Munnu's money, all will beat you up.

Who are you?

Friend to goodness and enemy to evils. My name is Vir.

Grandpa are you fine? What happened to you?

Yes Vir, I am fine. Oh! The lab door is open.

Grandpa, the hard disk is stolen.

Vir, the hard disk has a tracking device, we can locate the place, Quickly get into the spaceship.

Vir look there, the hard disk is inside the train and in that coach.

We must go in that direction and follow that train.

Vir can't find us in the train, we will take the hard disk and go far away.

Boss, Vir is chasing us from his spaceship.

Timbaktoon order our robot's to attack Vir's spaceship.

Not this, not even this, no not this too.

Get ready Timbaktoon.

Robo boy suit on.

Vir, where are you?

Yeah!! Hey our friend Vir is back, yeah!!

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