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Hello Everyone Welcome Back to My Channel Blessings

I am Maninder Kaur (Special Educator & Trainer)

Today's video is on respond to name

How to teach your child to respond to name?

Target of respond to name is very important

Parents used to ask when will respond to name of my child will come?

Ans is very easy respond to name should come in 12 months or you can say by 1st Birthday

whenever you call your child he or she will see at you

If your child doesn't respond in months or 1st birthday

then you should get alert

Because its a red flag or high alert sign

of developmental delay & Autism spectrum for sure

if your child is not giving respond to name

Eye contact then you should

go for a check

to developmental pediatrician,Child psychologist

or you can go to psychiatrist

if you will go to child specialist

and tell them about your problem

then there may chances or risk factor that you can

be misguided

so whenever there is problem

like eye contact,social smile & respond to name

then you should go to

Developmental Pediatrician,child psychologist

and psychiatrist

From there we can expect you will get

better guidance

now lets take an example

Child A has completed his first birthday

& child is not doing respond to name

Whenever a parent will go to specialist

with this problem they will recommend

the parent to go for BERA test

BERA test is for hearing

to check whether there is any hearing

problem with child

BERA test will clear the doubts of child

about his listening

at which frequency he or she can listen

and then you will go to specialist

with reports & if report is ok

then it means child need therapy

because listening is ok as per BERA test

Now i suppose your child BERA test is ok

and you will come to me

then approx in 15 sessions child will give

respond to name

and you have already tried you level best

for respond to name till 1st birthday or you can say 12 months

that means child doesn't value you

then at that time we will find the things which child values a lot

and that thing will be reinforcement or you can say reward

now how we will start

Most of the parents are doing

same or common mistakes

you all are doing mistakes for respond to name

you are calling you child from far away

from other room

but child is not responding

the mistake here is

we take one to one sessions

see like monday to thursday

and then group session on friday to see

whether the child is responding the same in group

i.e for generalization factor

in case he or she is responding on one to one


he/she is responding in same way infront of 4-5 teachers

thats why we take group sessions on weekends

try to understand on one to one we sit very close to child

definitely you should sit

very close to you child at home

to start respond to name

You should note whenever you are

teaching your child respond to name

The room which you are using should

have very very less dis-tractors

all right?

so first of all we will start by sitting very close to child

& with very less dis-tractors

from there we will start respond to name

one more thing before starting respond to name

we should know about reward of our child before starting

Example I called REET she is not responding

then i will come very close(at her back) to REET and again

I will call REET

because at that time i can take control

of child (REET)

If you will start from far then how can you control your child

Then you will come to child & say i am calling you & you are not responding

In this much delivery of reinforcement

& reward will be delayed

& spontaneous responding will not come

So again i am saying whenever you will

start respond respond to name sit very close or you can say next to your child

example i will say REET she is not seeing & responding i will tap

her back or you will touch her face or move her face towards your face

& you will say i called you REET

You should not say any extra thing just REET


processing of our child is very less

and she is not responding on name

so how can she learn to respond on sentenses


So you should say only Name like REET & tap on her back & move her face towards your face

she see your face at the same

time give her reward give something to her to eat as a reward

see reward is of many types

i will teach you in other video about rewards

but for respond to name i will tell you that

reward is not always eatable see i use

bubbles as reward

if a child will give me 1percent respond

i will start tickling the child

it can be small small activites


musical toy

it can be anything

we will start very close to child

with no distractors

next step in a structured

we will start using few distractors

like in bed room

one important thing

you will introduce any activity when child

is less occupied

If child has autism

& he or she is seeing cars

you are calling her REET REET

then she will not see you because

she is very much occupied in the wheels of a car


So make sure you induce you child

for any activity when or he or she is very less occupied

then you will see how your child respond to you

then will do in structured way like in a bed room

from some distance

then in unstructured way like i am in a kitchen

& child is in bed room

small small things you do

then respond to name will come in sessions

some will learn in 7 days some in 15 days

its upto you

how you will introduce respond to name to your child

small small things like give good reward to your child

if child is not giving eye contact

use your fingers to show your eyes

if child is not giving attention to you then tap on table,clap

first take his eye contact then teach

respond to name

respond to name & eye contact is not different activity

definately these are both different

measures you can say to diagnose

for a particular developmental delay

but whenever we will teach respond to name

eye contact will also come

both activites will work together

so will start close to child/Less gap/at the back of child

speak less

speak only name like REET REET

beacuse we are teaching respond to name

so we should speak name only

speak less

dont do deal or do contract with child if you will see at me you will get this (reward)

REET if you will see at me you will get this

This is a wrong practise

So hopefully you will see this video

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of child has come after seeing this video

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