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It was my first time. It was like the colours were really intense.

For me it was like being in a new world.

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The Trip Phone. Hello, this is Dzifa.

Hi, how are you doing? -Hi, what's your name?

Andres. -Andres. And where are you from?

I'm from Sweden. -From Sweden. Cool.

What kind of drugs did you take? -It was LSD. It was a good experience.

Was it the first time you took LSD? -Yes, it was my first time.

I prepared myself before I took it. I was with a friend.

Did she also take anything?

No, there's someone always watching what you're doing because for safety.

People can think they can fly, but fall because they can't.

I think you are a very responsible drug user.

Cool. And how much did you take or how did it go?

I only took one square. I had to put it under my tongue.

45 to 60 minutes later the effects came.

And it was like the colours were really intense.

For me it was like being in a new world, so I wanted to explore the same city...

but with another view, with other eyes. It was really, really nice.

Okay. Were there people around you? Were you in a big city?

In the middle of the city there was this area, an abandoned area.

Ah, you were lucky you found a quiet place.

Yeah, it was a really good place, a really good place. Really relaxing.

Which city were you in? -This was in South America.

Oh, you weren't in Sweden? -No, I was in South America.

Oh, you didn't tell me. Okay, okay. This changes everything.

What did you see around you? You mentioned colours and the sounds...

but did you see the visuals or was everything like normal?

There were some hallucinations, of course.

We sat in a park and then there was a fire.

Not in the city, but far away in another city.

Are you sure the fire was real? -Yes, it was real.

The news came on the television. It was real.

And then my head started to hurt, but really badly. I couldn't speak.

Everything felt wrong. It was like I felt the pain and suffering of those people.

It was like really big and intense inside of me, so I couldn't speak.

It was so hard I couldn't speak.

So when did this bad feeling go away? -After a few seconds.

Oh, it was so short? -Yes, it was short.

But then it came back again after a few minutes.

It was a weight of feeling. -But after this you felt great again?

You were enjoying your trip still? -I was having a good time after this.

My friend thought I was having a bad trip. -It sounds like it.

I can still remember the feeling. It was... I don't know.

There are no words to explain or to describe this.

No, I understand a little bit, but it sounds very, very mysterious.

After that day I really felt kind of 'different'.

Okay, but in what way?

Because it made me see the world with other eyes.

I remember having really good ideas in my head.

I also remember looking at symbols. -Ah, symbols. Yes?

It was all over the place, so I tried to see her face. I couldn't concentrate.

Yeah, maybe some other people have seen the same symbol as you.

I don't know. It looks like a triangle but with legs.

It was something like this. I can't write it right.

So do you think you'll do LSD again? -Yes, definitely.

Nice. Thank you. You made me very excited as well to try LSD...

You have to try it. -Sometime again.

Thank you so much. Have a good day. -Same. Bye.

Thank you for sharing your story. I thought it was very interesting.

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