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Hi guys, girls, good that are watching again. New video!

Today, in my way again to PACTON for the third time

how the building process of our trailer is going.

It will be finished somewhere next week or the week after for sure.

However in order to pick up the trailer; what do you need?

Exactly; a approved and working truck with license plates granted for road usage by the authorities.

But the problem being is that the truck still isn't approved for actual road usage

Which doesn't mean that the truck has failed for the technical exam for the second time..

But the exam was postponed unfortunately

Which was caused due various issues raised earlier, that are still awaiting..

which are all paperwork related issues.

So all of the points or failing items as stated by the authorities, are now administration & certificates..

and all sorts of details which need to be checked before approval.

Couple of example's such as the cabin which is changed in construction..

and more questions arise about details and materials used etc..

All the way to the headlights, and than they say; well, nice that you changed the lights from AROCS to ACTROS..

But if we now see the original paper work work there are different lights mentioned..

How is this possible?

So yeah, all in all it ain't exact science..

and we didn't use a cheap Chinese clone of parts to that matter..

so it's all available.. somewhere

But the challenge is that all of those details, certificates and what not.. need to be collected

So mostly this has taken us quite busy, well, not me personally..

but the involved partners and suppliers had some challenges to this extend.

and all in all we have about 10 companies involved in the total project

So, if you than need details, which most of the times are not relevant, from all of those involved..

this is a challenge, especially in these times we are living in today..

And actually the month of April should have been the month

in which the total concept would have been ready..

However, guys.. girls.. I'm afraid we have to extend it once again with another month

May will be the month the "plan comes together" as it stands now..

Than it should all be finished.. and there are still loads of little items to be done

Mercedes Benz service need to do a last check-up, Special interior have some work outstanding

So that's all due in may as well. As you can tell, we are not there yet..

But it look like we will be in the last phase for sure..

So all levels and details we are finishing and entered the last phase

As we stay positive, and for now; let's hope & pray

That the month of May we can take our concept away..

Couple of storage boxes around the trailer which is ideal for chains etc.

Same look & feel and material as used on the truck so I thinks this worked out pretty well..

Check this out.. haven't drove a single mile and look at the dirt

So the truck also has quite some wheels, combined with these four..

So maybe I need to go buy some cleaning materials and what not..

Yes, this is gonna be one hell of a job..

Well, this is what we name as a so called tilted drive plates

The idea behind this is that when w place the trotter onto the trailer..

When we have a car, even one which is longer than the one I have now.

so we can still load it onto the trailer.

and the reason for this angle is that we drive the car basically over the foot of the Trotter

Where the foot ends approximately here..

we gain this height, and drive the bumper of any car over the foot..

so we don't stick out to much on the backside

So that's why we use these plates here on the design made by PACTON.

So, I like this quite a bit..

and looking at this I do see loads of possibilities for my YouTube channel..:)

So i would say; share your ideas below and what do you think about when seeing this...:)

and also imagine the drive plates on the back side as well..

creativity potentially all over I believe..

And when there isn't a trotter placed on the trailer..

we can use the space for storing the plates in here

and as a result the floor is leveled as well..

and maybe even carry two cars as i can see this now..

So yeah, all in all some little details but thought over pretty well I would say..

This will be another cool and exiting feature to show you

This U profile you can see here on top of the construction frame

in there we will mounts a RGB LED strip

A full blown Led light over 6 meters of length

on both sides

And than I will be able to operate the lights from the container in color, and intensity

so when having shows or something we can enlighten the car which is on the back..

So i think very exciting and awesome, however this isn't done before..

Also here; not ready yet but progressing quite well..

And than I can hear you think: why those spaces between the box and trailer platform?

That has to do with the arms of the support legs..

which are stored in here and i need access to

So this is both practical and a requirement.

Well, as you can see also here at PACTON things are moving the right way.

As it seems we will probably pick up the trailer the 2nd or third week of may

coupling the trailer by than to get the full picture will be very exciting.

and hopefully soon after we can start with the first actual rides..

Trough Holland, Belgium and so further..

But first we have to keep pushing towards the goal line of the building process..

and not only here @ Pacton, but we have work left for the truck, the expandable unit

@ Bazelmans in Veldhoven Holland.

also work in progress, the electrician needs to do some last work as well..

So on various front; not over just yet...

However I do believe, that we have the end in sight

So probably, the second.. third... fourth... week of may..

Well, lets say the month of MAY

that all of the pieces of this concept come together quite nicely..

The full concept, the whole truck with all of it various details, lights and what not..

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Share your thought in the comments below, i'm quite curious..

And let me keep you guys updates on the process..

But please be aware that with a couple of weeks from now we will finally start whit what it's meant for..

and I will show you guys off course how this will go..

See you in the next video!

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