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In the last episode you could see how we explored a giant resort in Tunisia, where many hotels are abandoned since the terrorist attacks of 2015.

In this episode we continue our search for abandoned resorts.

Unfortunately we couldn't find much information about the resorts.

We start the day with an old hotel. -Do you bring your bag? -Yes.

Abandoned for a long time.

Strange that nobody makes pictures of these. Maybe because there are barely Western tourists.

Here's the lobby.

Probably just a nice shot with empty pools.

It's a cool swimming pool. -The weather is better than yesterday for exploring.

Yesterday was killing right? We should have done the other resort today.

He's skinny. -I should have brought cat food.

Indoor swimming pool, with decay.

You have a nice place to stay. -Indeed, all for himself.

Outdoor bar.

It looks unfinished. Everything is gone, like wood.

This is a nice view.

2-3 years ago most hotels looked like this. Maybe in a slight better condition though.

This hotel isn't that special besides the exterior, so we go to the next.

This one is enormous, but how do you get inside? -From the beach, easy.

Next hotel. -It starts to rain. We'll be inside soon.

It's in a better shape as the other one.

Here's the kindergarden. -It looks like a Soviet building. Indeed.

Interesting? A lot of colors and a puzzle floor.

Not worth the effort. -It's nice.


This interior is crazy, ow my god, pillars etc.

Guess it's clo.. wtf it's open?

Hope the other one is open.

There are ropes.

Should we knock and ask?

They must have heard us. -There are people already.

We can take a right here. -I gonna walk around the pool.

There's a scooter parked there.

Right? Ok I go with you. Guess we'll be seen again. -Doesn't matter right?

I mean by the same people who we just spoke to.

It was nice to taste the atmosphere.

You can tell they are working here because everything is open.

Maybe we should leave.

I have the feeling they just have an appointment here at this moment.

We're going to another resort. -Number 12.

Unbelievable. -It doesn't stop.

Idon't get it that thre's such a big gap between the resort and the beach. -Not smart indeed.

You should put the rooms closer to the beach. -With a seaview.

Now you look at 1 mile of desert.

We are at a giant resort now, perhaps the biggest so far.

Let's hope it nice. -We'll be here for the next hours.

No signs of maintenance.

There aren't any smashed windows here. So strange, it's easy here.

It's open, everywhere. The lock is removed.


Wanna check this corridor?

Seems also abandoned for a while. What's this? -A squash court.

This looks nice ! A bar in traditional style. Closed.

I get a Disney Carribbean feeling.

Ah there's the swimming pool.

We have found the jackpot.

A cool view with the palm trees . -Indeed, and nice they're still alive.

I want to swim right now.

It's a pretty deep pool.

A tiki bar. Nice that the palm trees are implemented.

The palm trees grow through it. -They build it around the palm trees.

It feels like we're in Hawaii. -It's tropical. Yeah I like it.

We've already seen a wide variety of resorts.

There's a new coat hanging here.

A new coat from somebody. -It will be fine I guess.

There's a scooter.


There's a scooter parked in front of this door. -Better leave.

There's somebody there. Already thought that with that coat.

I left my water. -We go to the car soon.

You scared to death. -It's better we warn you.

Better than there's a guy suddenly next to me.

Everytime it's not that abandoned as we think. We think there's nobody but we've seen people everywhere.

The only benefit is that it's Ramadan. So they aren't as active as normal because they don't eat and drink during the day.

The resorts are big, so the chance is smaller you bump in them.-It's still tricky, you don't want to be caught here.

Especially not without a passport.

We go this way and I make some more pictures.

We going to try to find some hotelrooms. We have seen many resorts but no rooms yet. - A lot is closed.

A huge fireplace.

Probably good food. BBQ.

Where did we come inside.? Here.

It dried up. I still smell the chlorine.

Most boring swimming pool ever.

You never know what you will see. -When you really explore indeed.

What's that? -Souvenirs.

What are you looking for. -A dinner hall.

Exploring resorts is good for excercise.

The hotel we stay is 33 hectare and this one is bigger.

From all the empty resorts we have seen. Imagine how many people it must have been. Tens of thousands. -Unbelievable.

Can somebody press the shutter?

The rooms are closed again.

faded glory.

Why are they all locked?

It's the same everywhere.

They fixed this one. Not recent. -Not over 1 year ago.

It's like you said. They want to preserve it in case they open again.

On our way to the next hotel.


Camera's. Where?

First floor.

Strange place. -There's another one.

Strange. -Left? I would go straight.

There was a guy walking in the distance.

There's a camera pointing at us. -Big chance we bump into somebody.

Maybe keep off the path a little. Did he see you? No.

It's pretty well maintained. -It looks clean.

I still wouldn't swim here. -The dog is gone?

He's at the pool.

I like the reflection of the palm trees.

It's a modern style resort.

What's floating in the water? Spawn? -Algae.

There should be another pool. Let's look through the windows.

I'm curious when we will be kicked out.

Doesn't look interesting.

Not worth the hassle.

There are 2 other dogs.

It's a real paradise here. Even Janine is found of these resorts. -I really like them.

You can't show on video how big these resorts are. You walk here for hours.

I didn't see any fence, I don't feel like trespassing.

It's strange to see a modern futuristic resort abandoned.

Here's the other pool.

That dude walked right here.

Should we go inside there aswell? -Maybe wait a little.

Gonna make some pictures before we get in trouble. -I can see myself relaxing here.

He'll be here soon.

No smashed windows and no vandalism. Haven't seen a broken window in three days.

Maybe we can go through here. An oasis of peace.

This resort is Janine style.

It's a dead end here.

Could be a homeless guy aswell.

If i was homeless I would know where to stay.

Every night another room.

All the toilets can be flushed 1 more time. So you can spend easily a year here.

Guess this hotel will be opened soon.

A lot was covered in plastic so we didn't take the effort to go inside. -Everything is packed.

Not really interesting for us. -But it was a cool atmosphere.

Yeah it was pretty cool to walk around with sunset.

And the biggest benefit. You can park the car in front of the resort.

Convienient. Our ramshackle.

That's it for today, it was nice.

Curious if there is somebody. The lights are on.

Def. somebody inside.

And here's somebody aswell.

Can you zoom in? No, but I guess you can see him walking. -He's coming. I don't care.

A new day has arrived to visit some more hotels.

O my god, what's that?

Is there somebody there?

Something is hanging there. It looks freaky.

That doll.

It's a bit maintained.

A nice loungeroom.

I like the details. -I like it too, you also see those tiles at the pool.

It's not really antique, but it gives a nice atmosphere.

I'm exploring alone at the hottest moment of the day, 2-3PM.

I'm going to check a long abandoned hotel. There's security sitting at the gate so I'm going to check it from the beach.

Look at these beachhouses, on one side you can see still doors and windows.

And when we look to the left you can see it's buried under the sand.

Maybe it's completely covered in a few years.

Nice view.

Nice overgrown and again these nice tiles.

Guess it was an outside buffet/kitchen.

You get some nice views with the vegetation.

It's soo hot.

Endless appartments.

What's nice to see is that even the paths are overgrown. There's a palm tree blocking the way.

Can't pass it.

On the background I hear a snake charmer.

Let's check this.

We arrive at the biggest building.

A barber with a Mickey Mouse mural.

Probably the leftovers from Mickey Mouse.

Only rubbish.


Just a few nice elements.

It's totally stripped. It's abandoned for too long.

A fountain.

Supported by bricks.

The front side is well maintained, so I have to take care here.

The lobby.

They really try to keep people out.

Someone's running 7/7 to keep this hotel closed. An impossible task.

It's not the best month to visit. It's june and i'm sweating like crazy.

Here's the animation stage.

The location of the hotel is epic.We gonna check the view. It's a headland, so there's a beach on both sides.

Here's the swimming pool, pretty unique.

It's half buried under the sand, it's a strange sight.Another kind of decay compared to Europe.

There's a bit of water.

But no animals.

This one had a cool location, but it was pretty empty, on to the next one.

Not a good sign, someone sleeps in this shed probably.

This is more Asian style. -That bungalow looks open.

This is a bungalow from the inside. -Looks pretty nice.

The bathroom is here.

Just a toilet? No shower?

Strange. -Maybe it's seperated.

It's here.

Tight. -But clean.

Would be a nice place to stay.

It was nice when it was still active.

Another one which closed before 2015.

Don't be scared if a dog shows up. -There's a dog.

What a coincidence. -Very.

I thought it would be an area for dogs.

He looks exactly like the other ones we saw before. -ILike that everything is half outdoor here.

Quite some chairs.

It's really nice to explore the place, not having seen pictures.

Looking forward to eat, drink beer.

You can take nice pictures here. -Yeah I like the vegetation.

All that sand.

It reminds me of Kolmanskop. -Indeed.

They left boats here, check this.

With the engine? probably not.

It looks open.

Looks pretty decayed.

Strange that the electricity is still running. -It's just an emergency light.

Check the regular light.


It's really decayed.

I want to eat and have some drinks. -Shower. Drinks.

We can walk back soon. Guess we've seen the most interesting parts.

We can just check the lobby.

Strange they have no paved paths.

Oh no, dogs. Relax, I guess it are guard dogs.

Shall we go?

-I don't want to be caught here.

The dogs had a collar.

I think it are guard dogs. -Yeah they ran straight to the gate.

And a different behavior than all other dogs.

A lot of hotels are being renovated. We're here too late.

Tourism is slowly returning, which is good to see.

After three years you can fly again from Brussels.

So more tourists are returning and hotels are being renovated.

Just the sleeping beauty resorts other resorts are beyond repair.

Most hotels in a good condition will probably be opened next year.

The interiors still look good, just a paintjob on the exterior.

We've seen a mix of different grades of decay. It was nice to see.

But here we arrived and you see them walking with wheelbarrows and yesterday we saw them moving the interior.

Things are changing. We should be here 1 year earlier at least.

Story of our life.

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