Practice English Speaking&Listening with: GUESS THAT FOOD CHALLENGE #3 (ft. FBE STAFF)

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♪ (upbeat theme music) ♪

- (FBE) Today, we've got a tasty challenge for you.

- (gasps deeply) - Ooh!

- Ah, [bleep]. - Word!

- (FBE) We're gonna feed you some food while blindfolded

and see who can guess the most right.

- Okay. - Great.

I'm excited. - Yeah.

- Scared but excited.

- This could go a number of ways. - (chuckling)

- From very good to very not good.

- I'll eat anything. Bugs, they're delicious.

(giggles) - She can go first.

- (FBE) Time to put on the blindfolds.

- Just this part alone is kind of terrifying.

- There's something a little bit alarming about how good these blindfolds are.

I can't see anything. - Yeah.

- And that's like-- there's no escape.

- (FBE) Your first food is in front of you.

- Where is the spoon? There it is.

- Okay.

- It's moving. - (distressed) It's moving!

Like, rolling? - It's moving! No-ho-ho-ho!

(both laugh)

- Don't say that! Now I'm scared.

- It doesn't smell like anything. - No, not a smell.

Oh, wait... - (both giggle)

- Did I hear a crunch?-

- Egh!


(delighted) Ooh!


- It's puffy.

- It's crisp and airy and not very dense.

- (FBE) So what's your guess? - It's a cheese puff.

- I was gonna say cheese ball, but cheese puff?

- (FBE) This was a cheese puff!

- All right! - Yeah!

- It's like a cheese ball of some sort?

- Cheese puff. - (FBE) Correct!

- Cheese puff. - Cheese puffs.

- I believe it is a cheese ball or a cheese puff.

- It's a big ol' cheese ball. - Yeah.

(bell dings)

- Three, two, one: - (both) Pirate's Booty.

- (Mel giggles) - Give us our prize.

- (FBE) This was actually a cheese puff. (buzzer)

- (both gasp) - What?!

- Dun, dun, dun!

- Not too tough on that one.

- Yeah, that's a pretty common snack for me.

- If they're all gonna be like that, then we're gonna be okay.

- If it's just various chips, I'll be fine.

- (FBE) The next food is ready for you.

(plate clatters)

- Goin' for the sniff.

Oh! - Oh.

I know that smell.

And it touched my lip. It's real wet.

- It's kinda heavy. - Yeah. Mmm.

- And it smells.

- (whimpers) I don't want to put this in my mouth.

- Yeah, what the heck is that?

Wait... (sniffs) it is a very unnatural smell.

- Ah. Mmm-hmm.

(crunching) Yep. There it is.

- Mmm-hmm.

- So far, I'm really enjoying this actually.


- It's fresh, crunchy, and aromatic.

- Whoa!

Oh! Oh! (crunching)

I love this!

- It doesn't really have that much of a taste.

- (FBE) So what is your guess for this one?

- Um, that was a bell pepper?

I'm gonna even say it was a green bell pepper.

- I thought it was a red bell pepper. - Ooh!

- (FBE) You both get a point, but this was a green bell pepper.

- Yeah! - Yes!

- Bell pepper. - That's a bell pepper.

- My first thought was celery. - I think it's a bell pepper.

- (FBE) This was a bell pepper.

- Yeah! - Ooh!

- That's actually pretty good. I never eat peppers.

- The closest thing I can think of to try it would be a pea pod.

- This would be a bell pepper. (bell dings)

- Oh, yeah.

- I've eaten it.

I just am at a loss for what it is.

- Ready for this? - Yes.

- It's a bell pepper! (bell dings)

- Yes! - It's a bell pepper.

I don't know what color, but it's a bell pepper.

- I feel like you're kind of sweetening us up for the bad stuff.

- I do fear that it's probably gonna get worse from this point on.

- (FBE) The next food is in front of you.

- Okay, it's really heavy.

- I don't wanna eat this. - I don't smell anything.

- It doesn't smell strong, but it definitely smells recognizable.

- This is not my favorite.

It doesn't taste like anything, but it's just kind of gross in your mouth.

- Mmm. - That is weird.

I know what this is.

Oh my gosh! It's like right there.

- That was the smell that I got, that I didn't like.

- Oh! Oh my god! (laughing)

- Oh!

- Do I have to eat all of it? - I'll have it.



- Mmm! - Mmm.

Oh, I know what this is.

- I kinda want to gag. (laughs)

- I don't mind this.

- I don't like them like this.

- (FBE) What's your guess for this one?

- Um, I've never had a hard-boiled egg,

so I imagine this would be what the white outer part would taste like.

- It's totally a hard-boiled egg. (laughing)

- (FBE) Correct! That was a hard-boiled egg.

- Well done!

- I'm surprised I got that right.

- Uh, that would be a hard-boiled egg.

- Yeah, I thought it was hard-boiled egg also.

- Tofu.

- I'm gonna guess it's a hard-boiled egg.

- (FBE) Nick, you're right!

- It's funny. It didn't taste like an egg white to me.

- It's a hard-boiled egg? - Yes!

- Okay. - You good?

- I got it.

I think that is a portion of a hard-boiled egg.

- I agree. (bell dings)

- There was two textures. - That's what it was.

It was the two textures that threw me off.

- I think I brought some. I have some in the kitchen.

- (laughing)

- You guys could have used those.

- Kudos to whoever hard boiled them.

It was done to perfection.

- That was the tricky one. I think we're good from now on.

- You think so? - Yes.

- All right. I think we're in this together.

I think we're gonna get all five of them.

- (FBE) Here is the next food. - I can smell it from here!

- Oh, wait... (groans).

- Oh my god! - Wait, but, it's familiar.

- (whimpering)

- I think I can already smell something. - (whimpering)

I don't want to eat this at all!

- It's almost like a piece of bacon you puréed and then--

- Ew, yeah, it's like someone chewed bacon and then put it in our mouths.

- Oh god!

- All right, I'm gonna go for it.

- (quizzically) Hmm.

- That is bizarre to eat blindfolded.

- Oh! Mmm.

- Ooh, that's salty.

It's got a flavor very similar to bacon.

- Oh my god!

(laughing) I don't want to taste this one!

I want to gag!

- What is--? - (gagging)

- (laughing) Oh my god! - What is this?

- The flavor wasn't bad, but the texture was really kinda gross.

It's kinda slimy, chewy. Like, it's probably raw?

- I don't like all seafood, but that was really good.

- (FBE) So what is your guess as to what this is?

- Is it... (popping mouth)... is it like some kind of flavored Spam?

- I was gonna guess hot dog.

- (FBE) This was actually a piece of smoked salmon.

- Oh! - What, really?

- That was salmon?

- I'm just gonna go with ham. - Yeah.

- (FBE) Incorrect. This was actually smoked salmon.

- (groans) - What?

- I'm gonna guess prosciutto.

- I'm gonna say ham, but that is probably right.

- (FBE) This was actually smoked salmon.

- (both) Oh!

- Is it smoked salmon? - I'm gonna guess smoked salmon.

- I'll go with salmon. Smoked salmon.

- It's some kind of beef jerky.

- (FBE) That was smoked salmon. (bell dings)

- OH-HOO! - Oh, nice.

- Ugh, now I'm getting a fishy taste, now that I've thought about it.

And it's grossing me out. - Immediately.

- This is our last chance in here.

- I know it's gonna get grosser as we go. I just know it.

- Lightening round! - Dessert! Dessert! Dessert!

- (FBE) All right, here is your last food.

- All right.

Ooh, this smells good.

- Oh-- ooh, that smells chocolatey.

- Yep.

- Hey! - Oh.

If you've ever done any kind of Halloween, you know this candy.

- (softly) Oh, I think I've got this. - It smells like chocolate.

- Yeah, baby! - (giggling)

- Mmm! - Mm-hmm.

- Mmm. (smacks lips) - You like that one?

- Delightful! (laughing) - It's a good one to end on.

- (both) Ooh!

- Oh, I know what this is.

Mm-hmm. Oh yeah-- - Oh yeah!

- Mm-hmm.

Yay, I like this one!

- Without a doubt, I could feel the letters

on the top of it with my tongue.

- (FBE) So what's your final guess? - Kit Kat.

- Crunch Bar, Nestle.

- (FBE) This was a Kit Kat bar. - (both gasp deeply)

- That's great 'cause I don't know what a Nestle Crunch Bar is.

- I demand a retaste.

- This would be a Kit Kat bar. - Oh yeah. Kit Kat.

(bell dings)

- (both) Kit Kat bar. (bell dings)

- (both) Kit Kat bar!

- It's either a Crunch or a Twix bar.

I'm gonna say Twix bar.

- Kit Kat. - (FBE) This was Kit Kat bar.

- Oh! Nice.

- Give me a break. - Give me a break.

- (both) ♪ Break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar

- (FBE) You can go ahead and take your blindfolds off now.

- Oh, that's gonna be bright. Oh, I hate this part!


- (FBE) Congrats, Mel, you won! - Thank you!

- Congratulations. - Thank you.

But really neither of us won 'cause we had to eat warm salmon.

- If I had some more Kit Kat, I'd probably feel a lot better about it.

- It feels pretty good. - I got a couple. I'm happy.

- (both) Yay!

- Finally, I win at something!

- (FBE) You guys tied.

- All right! - Yeah!

- Good job. - My eyes-- yeah, you too.

We tied it up!

- I think the hardest part was actually eating the food,

trying to find my mouth with the spoon.

- That was a close game.

- Good game. - Good game, good game.

♪ (playful interlude) ♪

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- From all of us at FBE, bye!

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- ♪ Give me a break

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