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Why did you suddenly put your head in there?


Happy birthday.

Dear Triplets

Mr.Butler : I'll blow out the candles.

(Clap )

Mr.Butler : Oh? Raon was next to me.

Mr.Butler : Congratulations.

[ The house you live in. ]

Mr.Butler : Are you curious?

Mr.Butler : What's in it?

Mr.Butler : I think it's a house.

Mr.Butler : Iz?

Mr.Butler : I think it's a house.

Mr.Butler : But you know the word "house"?

Mr. Butler: Iz suddenly stood up.

Mrs.Butler : Wow.He's going in right away.

Soul: Brother, let me in.

Iz: I was already sitting first.

Mr. Butler: I guess Raon wants to go in, too.

Iz: No. No, go away.

Mr. Butler: No, wait a minute.

Mr. Butler: What a scary cat.

Iz: It's my house. Go away!

Soul: Greedy.

Mr. Butler: I think they prefer the box house. lol

Mr. Butler: Do you like it here?

Iz: I want that too.

Mr. Butler: Oh? He's coming out.

Mrs.Butler: I guess He wants to go in there.

Mr. Butler: Iz, that's your sister's.

Mr. Butler: Why are you trying to take your sister's?

Mr. Butler: Yours is here. Why?

Mr. Butler: Yours is here. here! here!

Mr.Butler : Suri goes in the house.

Iz: Wait. Mom? Mom!

Mr. Butler: Iz came to keep Suri out of the house.

Iz: This is my house.

Mr. Butler: Look at Suri.

Suri: The cat sitting first is the owner.

Mr. Butler: LOL. Iz lost his house to mom.

Mr. Butler: Iz..

Iz: Is that my mom?

Mr. Butler: He's depressed.

[ a slapstick cat ]

Mr. Butler: What is this?

Why did you put your head in there? All of a sudden?

I didn't do it.

Mr. Butler: He put his head in there.

What's wrong with him? lol

Mr. Butler: Noel?

Mr. Butler: He just popped his head in.

Mr. Butler: Are you putting your head in, too?

Oh, He's putting in, too.

What are you doing?

Mr. Butler: Let's pull it out now.

Mr. Butler: No

Mr. Butler: Your head looks so small.

Mr. Butler: I'll take it out.

Mr. Butler: Why are you putting it in?

Mr. Butler: They're all putting their heads in here.

Mr. Butler: You're putting it in again?

Mr. Butler: I hope not again.

Mr. Butler: What? Why are you putting it in again?

Mr. Butler: Iz. Happy birthday!

[ a greasy cat ]

Mr. Butler: Noel

Noel: Wait! What is this smell!

Mr. Butler: Noel. Don't you like it too much?

You like it too much, don't you? LOL

Mr. Butler: Cute Noel

Mr. Butler: No, is it that good?

[ I like Dad ]

Mr. Butler: Oh, Iz.

Mr. Butler: Noel hasn't seen him.

Mr. Butler: Do you like your dad that much?

Mr. Butler: Iz really likes his dad.

Mr. Butler: He pushed Noel out with his butt.

Why are you trying to put your head in there again?

Raon: It's not funny anymore. Dad.

Noel: Uh... Yeah.

Iz: Dad? Huh? It's not.

Iz: Where's Dad?

Noel: Here am I.

(Thank you for celebrating the triplets' birthday.)

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