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Yeah, so did you guys know that the best people to-to get in a relationship with or to marry are-are

goalies in soccer?

Yeah, they're keepers

*Tobu - Such Fun*

Hey, what's going on guys? SSundee here and welcome back to lucky blocks. Today, this lucky block episode is not going to be fun.

Crainer then Maddie: Why?

We are playing Fifa in

Minecraft and as you guys know Crainer and Thea live in Denmark

*SSundee struggling to say "Their country"* Their country sport is football. Or soccer. (actually, it's both, but "football" is actually "fútbol")

Crainer: Get rekt nerds! Get rekt! SSundee: Crainer, Thea, take it easy on us please

so, uh, back there

We have Brozziest, uh, TSTS, and keehan. TS made this game. From what I understand, it's gonna be sick

It's gonna be- It's gonna be, a

*pause for effect*

"kicking-ly" fun game

*ba dum tss*

No. No.

Crainer: Ian, no. SSundee: I apologize. Anyway, so you guys ready?

Crainer: Think so. Okay, okay, so let's go open our lucky blocks, Madeline!

Let's go over here. G-guys! If you think Team USA can beat team Denmark, hit the like button down below.

No! Team USA! Team Denmark, get out of here. Get out of here, you freaks.

Let's do this! Alright, Madeline. You ready to open our lucky block, very lucky block, in our very lucky spot the toilet?

Okay, here we go. Let's do this.

*weird sound*

Please don't kill us!

*we are number one but it's a roblox death sound remix*

I've actually never played roblox is that this sound it Madelyn have you ever played roblox? No. I didn't know that's what it was either

Roblox, death sound is that is that the new meme?

Alright Madelyn, it's on you go ahead. Okay. I'm guessing this is gonna. Be roblox go ahead

This wither will always love you

oh My gosh he's taunting me Madelyn

Should I do it should I do it? Yes? You should just do it. I'm not gonna do it ah it's to scary

Fourteen lucky blocks left you ready. Yeah, okay here we go. What are we get?

This kind of looks like the roblox oh it does

That is cool. Good job, Kehaan you did good all right Madelyn it's all on you go ahead

Let's do sure. You don't don't kill me don't kill us right here. Okay? Okay? Go ahead

that is so mean that we're making fun of them

that not a good spot, it was not mistakes We made. alright Madelyn 13 lucky blocks left. Let's do this. What is this?

Don't freaking know okay, it's on you go ahead. Yeah x-files. Okay, go ahead execute order 66


Can please all right Matt?

Let's go on some lunch date. You want to do that. Please can no more rape headphones users go ahead, please

They'll kill me. Oh you just disappeared, okay?

That was sick what is that from?

No idea that was pretty good. I'm lucky blocks left. Let's keep going another lunch game. Let's do this. Please don't kill us

Roblox of nyan cat I'm at least there's diamonds up here, I'll take those

Ok metal. It's it's odd. You get go ahead. Just don't kill us

Now let's go on a no lunch date. I'll put this down. Okay. Okay, ready don't kill us

Baby don't hurt me no

More, are you gonna? Serve me something you got go ahead taking orders. Okay today? Oh?

My gosh The X Files are so good

Okay, ten lucky blocks left matt'll I'm gonna cook you. I'm gonna make you a sandwich ready making you a sandwich here we go

That is so sick. I love marshmallow that is sick

I'm Adil you have nine lucky blocks left right. Yeah, what let's do a pretty off

Ready whoever's luck here is the prettiest three two one go

Madeline I had two beacons you got nine diamonds. I think I win

Alright we have eight lucky blocks left, maybe we'll do another one so you could possibly come back

We'll see ain't lucky blocks left matter. I'm gonna go tanning. I'm going tanning okay here we go

They thought you were too hot they had to cool, you down kid what is wrong with you

I'm at Alette sign here. Go ahead. Thank you good


You need help oh, I want to sing that song now alright Madol. We both have seven lucky blocks left. Let's do a tan off

Okay, I'll go tanning down here you go tanning down there. Whoever gets lucky. Here is the tan teehee wrist in three two one

Go Oh

Oh my gosh, oh, it was so loud. What did you get I got a beacon and a block of diamonds?

Not only am I the prettiest I am the Tanner Dadaist so am I the fairest of them all

Anyway, six lucky blocks left. Let's do this ready, okay?


This potato is very sad okay, all right Madeline go ahead. It's on you

Okay 6 into 6

Don't hurt me no more

That is sick. I'll take it we each have five lucky blocks left. You ready, let's go on it

Let's go on a lunch date another dinner gate a dinner date

okay, here we go I

Just can't I can't I can't with you anymore. He's gone you see what you get

Last time you're gonna take me can that's the last time you're gonna tempt me I did it ran

That'll just leave it there. What craignerin t a deal with it for lucky blocks laughs. Let's do this ready yes

Not only don't I?

Get the emeralds get the lapis, let's get out of here all right Madeline go ahead. It's on you for left

Just happened all right madam three lucky blocks left. I'm gonna deal you in are you feeling lucky. Yes here we go

No words go ahead Madeline - deal me in okay. I'm feeling lucky. Go ahead Madeline. See what you get I

Have Madeline two lucky blocks left go ahead. It's on you. Okay. Don't kill us

Kid I know

All right - lucky box left let's do this right here. You ready, okay?


Don't know I don't know if that was cooler if that was extremely sad

I Madeline we both have one lucky block left. This is your Redemption if you are if you are luckier than me

You are the prettiest in three two one


Nothing you got nothing there's gonna be a silver fish, but what's in here a Golden Apple?

Madeline won the pretty off

Dang let's go start our training Madeline. This is the luckiest we have been since we started this Oh

18 19 20 21 almost twenty two stacks of nether stars

So go ahead take those, that's your so what this round is as you can see by the nether star

We're playing a soccer or football so the first thing we need to buy come over here the the knock back sticks

Get one of each of these right, so there's a weak knock back stick

this is to kick the soccer ball into the net so you have a week's a weak kick then you have a

normal knock back kick for a longer distance

And then you have a heavy knock back kick to kick it across the arena so grab one of each of those

It's gonna be sick though also I believe we're on red team

So by the red armor for the lulz we got a represent a market got a represent murca

Also, what we can buy we can buy like a people NPCs?

villagers to help us play, Madeleine

We get a defect we can get defenders with different stats

We can also get a goalie with different sets of stats like this one this one size is big


oles I

Don't know let me ask two hours later. Yeah

We could only get one goalie so we do we want a big goalie a medium goalie, or a small goalie?

That's really fast. I think it's a small one. That's fast. You'll have two small one this fast, okay

We've got that yeah get a bunch of defenders. I'm gonna get a bunch of attackers Madeline. Let's just fill up on attackers and defenders

Okay, so we have our goalie we have a bunch of attackers here, and you have a bunch of defenders, right?

Yes, okay, are you ready Madeline? We have our armor which gives us a speed buff. Let's do this table America vs.

Team Denmark we got this and it begins Team America vs. Team Denmark

Let's do this

This arena is sick though look at this make my MC

Tsts let's do this. Okay, so it's team red versus team blue

We can only have one goalie one defender and one attacker. That's the rules are you guys ready okay?

One defender

There we go get an attacker

Madeline Center it to me Madeline

Madeline go to the center. No go to the center

Madam I'm going back out defense okay here we go get it to me attacker. No one ever hit it to me

Attacker set me up Madeline hit it here. We go we go

There we go okay. I'm going to get it Craner. Don't you touch that?

We got five seconds left

Get it away. Okay. I got this I got this there. We go there. We go there. We go okay

I'm going in go ahead. Go ahead go in it. I got it. I got it. I got it. I got it

Okay, I got this I got this I'm into

Metals we gotta defend we gotta defend we got a fan Madeline

We got 15 seconds left we got 15 seconds left

Gigi gosh that was intense

good trainers

Done good. Go crater is here you guys you guys think a good game. You know

On behalf of my country, I'm sorry for letting you down in my

But anyways dudes we're gonna end this here if you guys have enjoyed of course hit the like button down below

Team America has won


Country we need to move to another country now. Also hit the subscribe button if you new to any of our channels

Yes, we'll see you dudes next time Note: hello this is Jake Paul check out my channel and I am so glad to e here,peacful.

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