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- [Narrator] What up fam

and welcome to another episode of Honest Gaming History.

- Oh Shit

It's the OG opening.

You know what that means fam?

Donte couldn't think of anything to write.

- Yo shut your face.

Anyways, today we're covering a character

that I feel like has been asked

for since the first episode of honest gaming history

- He's one of the strongest ninja in the world.

But instead of waking up and choosing,

you know, stealth, he chooses violence.

- He's been saving the world since 1988

and after spending more than six years MIA, rumor has it,

that he may be returning in another Ninja Gaiden game.

This time on Honest Gaming History we're

covering the legendary dragon Ninja,

Ryu Hayabusa.

- Play that intro, son!

(energetic music)

- So since we're talking about Ryu

let's begin with some background

on the game he's from, Ninja Gaiden,

Ninja Gaiden started in 1988.

With the release of Ninja Ryukenden,

For the NES, in Japan.

Weird thing is that a Ninja Gaiden arcade game

came out at 1988 as well,

but only in America.

We ended up getting the NES version a year later in 1989.

And Japan got the arcade version in 1989 as well.

- So Japan and America, switched released dates?

- Yeah, I guess because arcades were more popular

during that time in the States.

Anyways, the game was posed by tecmo,

now known as Koei Tecmo

- After the first games release two more were made

for the NES and believe it or not

these guys actually put a story in this shit.

The series was praised for being one

of the first to present a story with its cut scene.

- After the NES trilogy ended up getting a game

on the game boy called Ninja Gaiden Shadow

a game on the master system, an anime,

and so on.

- Then 1996 happened under Tecmo a group of developers

led by the famous Tomonobu Itagaki,

named Team Ninja,

created a fighting game you may have heard of.

Dead or alive.

- This game had nothing to do with Ninja Gaiden story-wise

but guess what they put in it?

Our boy Ryu.

He would continue to show up in the series

as a playable character.

And surprisingly his stay in Dead or Alive

actually became canon to his full story.

- Then 2004 Team Ninja decided to bless the world

again Itagaki walked into the higher ups

at Tecmo like, listen, Ninja Gaiden was fire.

So what I'm gonna do is remake it

and make the best action game ever

but it will fall in line with my Dead or Alive plot.

- And with that Ninja Gaiden for the Xbox was released.

It received very high acclaim.

Being known for its obscene difficulty

and fast-paced violence.

From here, the new series continued

with the latest main installment

being Ninja Gaiden three.

There was also Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z

but that's not really about Ryu.

- As we said earlier

there are rumors about a Ninja Gaiden four,

but I'm gonna need more than that to say

it's set in stone yet.

- But now that you know a little bit

about Ninja Gaiden's history,

let's enter the world of the game

and get into the story of its main character,

Ryu Hayabusa.

- Long ago,

back before humans started walking the earth

13 dragons watched over the planet,

but evil deities lurked in the background,

waiting for the chance to be evil and shit

- The dragon gods waged war on the evil deities.

Then after mad years of battling,

the gods defeated the evil ones.

- This led to a time of peace with the dragons

and humans who now exist.

But that peace got snuffed out

when the 13th dragon betrayed his siblings

- He was influenced by the evil deities

and grew jealous of his fellow dragons.

So he stole their strength

in order to become the dark dragon.

- So you mean little bro just bodied 12 other dragons?

That's some shit.

- With nothing in his way,

The dark dragon plunged the world into chaos

and allowed the evil deities to return from the underworld.

- But the other dragon gods had one last strategy.

They poured the last of their strength

into one of their fangs forming the legendary dragon sword.

- They entrusted the weapon to an unknown warrior

and with it he managed to slay the dark dragon.

After this, the sword would be passed down

the Warrior's bloodline,

dubbing the bloodline the dragon lineage.

The bloodline makes it their duty to

protect the world from evil, supernatural forces.

Eventually the evil deities returned to power

and create a blade out of the bones of the dark dragon

to counter the dragon sword.

This one, named the dark dragon sword.

- For the dragon lineage felt the unbalance in the force

with the creation of this malevolent weapon.

So one of the dragon warriors beats them up

and takes the dragon sword

so his bloodline can keep it safe.

- Eventually the dragon warriors formed the Hayabusa clan

and over the years in line,

comes down to its last two members

Joe Hayabusa and his son Ryu.

As a child, Ryu went through the harshest kind

of Shinobi training.

He made some friends like Kureha,

who ends up becoming the clan shrine maiden.

Then over time he excels through the Ninja Academy

and graduates top of his class.

- Now that he's a full fledged Ninja

we can move to his first adventure

which takes place in the Ninja Gaiden arcade game.

- The year is 1999.

Joe Hayabusa hears about this cult,

called the cult of Nostradamus.

who was trying to end the world 'cause of some prophecy.

- Joe was like, Oh hell nah, can't have that.

So he makes plans to head

to San Francisco to pay them a violent visit

- But his son wants in on the action too.

So Ryu joins his father, they head to San Francisco,

and take out countless members of the cult.

Then they take out their leader Bladedamus

- Bladedamus, like blade,

then damus from Nostradamus?

- Yes, I know it's dumb as hell.

But, think about when this game came...

- Nah, nah, nah don't give them an excuse,


so-so we just putting weapons in our names now, huh.

But honestly, I shouldn't be surprised though.

Look at this man.

This dude's name was probably Keith who thought it

wasn't edgelord enough that he went

into some deep web rabbit hole and started a cult

just so he could name himself Bladedamus.

He probably doesn't even say it normally.

My men be like, call me Bladedamus.

- Yo, you need to chill.

So after Bladedamus gets bodied,

Ryu and his pops return to Japan to continue training.

Then a year later, a dictator named Emperor Garuda,

rises up with an army

and just takes over New York city.

- This takes us to the game boy game Ninja Gaiden Shadow.

That's right folks.

This is the first honest gaming history

with a Gameboy title in it.

- Ryu traveled to the land of chopped cheeses and Timbs.

Then single-handedly takes out Garuda and his army.

- My man said, if you mess my bacon, egg,

and cheese, you will catch these hands.

- Now we move to the first modern Ninja Gaiden game.

Ryu was entrusted with the dragon sword,

by his father, so now that's his main weapon.

- He gets called in for some special training

by his uncle Murai, but once he gets there

his uncle's disciple Ayane tells him

that his village is on fire

only to find fiendish warriors attacking the place

- He rips through the hordes of fiends

but moves forward only to find Kureha, dead.

The murderer,

this bitch-ass fiend samurai name Doku,

who's wielding the dark dragon sword the Hayabusa clan has

spent years keeping from the hands of evil.

Pissed, Ryu tries to take on the fiend

but Doku overpowers him and cuts him down.

Then the fiend leaves with the dark dragon sword.

- Now Ryu, seemingly dies here,

but then the Hayabusa animal spirit,

the Falcon,

appears out of nowhere and maybe revives him.

- All we know is that he wakes up three weeks later,

feeling completely fine.

Then Murai tells him about the fiends who attacked him.

The samurai is lord of the greater fiends,

of the Holy Vigoor Empire.

- With this new information

in hand Ryu exchanges his old school

blue ninja garb his dope ass black falcon one

then he heads to the Vigoor empire,

to get his revenge on Doku.

- As he tears through the hordes of Fiends

he meets someone named Rachel.

Then he eventually runs it to Doku.

- They have their rematch and he wins this time,

killing the fiendish samurai

but he doesn't have the dark dragon blade.

He tells Ryu that the emperor has it

and the awakening is soon at hand.

- So Ryu's like,

you fiends aint awakening shit!

So he changes his target to the emperor of the Vigoor Empire

- On his quest.

He finds out that his sword is not complete.

To unlock the true power of it,

he must combine it with the Jewel,

called the eye of the dragon.

- And it just so happens that as the shrine maiden

his late friend Kureha used to protect the jewel.

- So, upon visiting her grave.

He finds the jewel and combines it with the dragon sword.

This turns it into the Shin Ryu Ken or true dragon sword.

- Now his weapon is infused with divine power,

as if he wasn't enough of a problem.

- Godly weapon in hand,

Ryu resumes his quest to kill the emperor,

who he finds out,

has been completely controlled,

by the head dark deity, Vigoor.

- The fiend has big dreams of becoming the supreme deity.

So he plans on using the dark dragon sword

to aid him in achieving keeping his goal.

- On the way to stop the evil god's plan.

He runs into the spirit form of Doku,

who he defeats again,

but because he's salty,

Doku puts a fiendish curse on the Ninja.

- But, Ryu is too gangsta for this curse, son.

using pure willpower he prevents himself

from turning into a fiend.

Then to flex even more,

He makes his way to Vigoor,

after taking out even more strong fiends,

then defeats him too.

Yo, anyone who says Ryu

isn't the goat for this is straight lying to themselves.

- For real, my man just went through

the whole Pokemon league while poisoned,

no potions.

So with the emperor dead Ryu's curse lifts

and he grabs the dark dragon blade,

but as he escapes the place he was in, he drops the sword,

which gets picked up by his uncle Murai.

- Now you think Murai

would give the sword back to his nephew right?

They're family, why would you betray family?

But this is the Ninja world bruh,

everybody coldblooded.

- Murai reveals that this was all a part of his master plan.

He told the Vigoor emperor about the whereabouts

of the dark dragon sword to get him

to send an army to retrieve it.

That special training invitation

was just a way to get him away from his clan.

Now I'm not sure if he expected Ryu

to drop the sword like that,

but now he has it.

And the dark sword is infusing him with its power.

- But this sly bastard forgot one thing,

Ryu is fucking broken.

After all the shit he went through

including slaying the head dark deity,

while fighting off a curse,

he still has some more smoke left in the tank.

So my Ninja defeats his uncle then shatters

the dark dragon blade.

- In hindsight, they should have probably destroyed

that shit a long time ago.

- Yeah, but then there wouldn't be a plot.

Anyways, six months after slapping the shit out of his uncle

for not putting family first,

The Hayabusa village gets rebuilt.

- Ryu is currently training with his disciple Momiji

who was the little sister of his late friend, Kureha,

but shit hits the fan again

when the village gets invaded

by a black spider ninja thus taking us to

Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword for the DS.

This Black Spider ninja clan has had a rivalry

with the Hayabusa clan for years.

And they're trying to get their hands

on the dragon sword,

the eye of the dragon,

and all the dark dragon stones,

which have the power to revive the dark dragon.

- Their ultimate goal is to revive Vigoor though.

So, they kidnap Momiji,

since her sister used to protect the eye of the dragon.

- Ryu refused to let fiends kill Momiji

like they did Kureha.

So after searching for all but one

of the dark dragon stones,

he stops the ninja clan before they're able

to revive the deity.

- But then they bring back the dark dragon.

- Yeah, but Ryu takes it out,

so it's all good.

Six months later though,

Ryu and his father run into a vampire named Crimson.

Apparently, vampires have been enemies

of the dragon lineage for a long time.

So them fighting vampires is just a part

of an honest day's work.

- The two eventually take out Crimson and head back home.

But, Ryu finds out that the black spider Ninja clan

is planning to infiltrate Tokyo.

- Ryu's not trying to have that.

So he leaves his home to head over there.

- Once in Tokyo

he saves a CIA agent named Sonia from Black Spider ninja.

And luckily for him, she has very important info for him.

- Fiends are at it again.

They're working together with the Black Spider ninja clan

to revive the arch-fiend Vazdah.

Oh, and his village is about to get attacked again.

- Yo, can my mans get one year

without someone attacking his village.

- I mean, he does have legendary items

like the eye of the dragon over there

so it makes sense.

- Yeah, but all Ryu's going to do

is roll up in their base

and kill all of them.

These fiends need to hit each other up

and share their plans or some shit,

because this whole,

attack Hayabusa village plan, is not working.

- True, so Ryu rushes home,

only to find his village destroyed once again.

He tears through the invaders,

then he finds his father struggling against the leader

of the black spider Ninja clan, Genshin,

and a woman fiend named Elizebet.

- The lady dips with the demon statue,

the artifact they need to bring Vazdah back.

Ryu chases after her

but Genshin stops him.

- But his father steps in

to give him the chance to chase after the woman

- This sends Ryu on a quest around the world

to find this lady Elizebet.

- He kills a buttload of fiends on his journey,

and Sonia ends up joining him.

He eventually runs into Elizebet

Who reveals she's the ruler of blood

and queen of the greater fiends.

- They do battle and Ryu wins again

because y'all ain't seen him with the hands,

but after he beats her,

she just kind of swirls away in a pool of blood,

so she ain't dead yet.

Then Genshin shows up and is like,

so Ryu,

would you like to know where to go

so we can move the plot forward?

- And Ryu's Like,

"Um, sure."

Then Genshin tells him that Vazdah

will be summoned at the peak of Mount Fuji.

Then he dips.

- Ryu's like, I mean,

I'm not going to do this without my god-tier sword.

So he heads back home

and Ayane gives him the eye of the dragon

to once again, complete his sword.

And this is why y'all need to leave this man alone.

Now he has the Jesus dragon sword.

Everybody is going to die of

- Obscenely broken sword in hand,

Ryu shreds his way through the enemies defending Mount Fuji.

Then he finds Genshin,

waiting for him to show up for their duel.

- They have their ninja showdown

and Ryu barely wins.

Then he jumps to Mt. Fuji and enters the underworld.

- There, he kills even more fiends

and rescues Sonia again,

because she's been following him around all this time,

even though he told her to stop.

- He runs into Genshin once again.

who is now a fiend

but Ryu whoops that ass again.

then Genshin realizes that he was kind of wildin'.

So he gives Ryu the Black Spider ninja clans sacred weapon,

the Blade of the Archfiend.

And Ryu respects him for going out like a real warrior.

- But Elizebet shows up

and starts to direspecting the hell out

of Genshins' body.

So Ryu cuts her down once and for all.

Now with two broken-ass blades in hand

he pushes forward,

this is the after ritual meant to summon Vazdah.

- But the bitch-ass infernal high-priest uses himself

as a sacrifice to summon Vazdah at the last minute.

So now Ryu has another god that he needs to kill.

- He fights the God once, wins,

but then Vazdah bounces back,

so he beats the shit out of him again.

- With the arch-fiend defeated,

Ryu and Sonia watch as the sun rises.

Then later Ryu pay his respects to Genshin.

- After spending some time chilling,

Ryu's skills are called upon once again.

the Japanese self-defense force needs his help

dealing with the terrorist group in London.

Being led by an Alchemist,

who goes by the Regent of the Mask.

- Apparently this guy personally wants Ryu to come,

so he's looking for the dragon hands.

- So, Ryu heads out to find the guy,

But upon meeting him, the guy curses his right arm

with something called the grip of murder.

It's basically demonic fungus that thrives

on all the lives he took with the dragon sword.

If he doesn't find a cure,

then it will continue to eat at as body, until he dies.

- After Mr. Mask-man dips, then Ryu convenes with Mizuki,

a JSDF agent and the rest of the JSDF in their air ship.

There they watch as the Regent publicly demands

that the nations of the world surrender

to them within seven days.

If not, then they will end everyone.

- Ryu and friends are like,

welp, can't have that.

So they work together

to track down the group of terrorists.

The dragon Ninja finds the Regent once again

in the Rub' Al Khali desert.

And there, the guy continues talking shit.

He talks about how they're the same

and his right arm is proof of that.

They both killed mad people.

He's just mad because now he's facing the consequences

for it with that curse.

- This pisses Ryu off though,

because he kills to save the world,

unlike this V rip-off.

So he tries to slice the man,

but realizes that it's only a mirage.

- Then he's forced to fight a helicopter,

but he's Ryu Hayabusa.

So he takes it out, no problem.

- Later he reconvenes with the JSDF,

where he meets Mizuki's brother-in-law,

Cliff and her daughter Canna

and Hayabusa's is actually a pretty chill

and caring dude when he's not killing people.

So he tries to introduce himself to the daughter.

But she freaks out

when she sees that he has a murder tumor on his arm.

- A murder tumor?

- Yeah, you see that shit, bro?

And it thrives at all the lives Ryu killed?

Yes, a freaking murder tumor.

But after Ryu accidentally scares Canna,

Cliff reveals that the terrorist group calls themselves,

the Lords of Alchemy or L.o.A.

- Ryu was then sent to Abysmo island,

because the JSDF believes

that LOA may have one of their secret labs there.

Once there he ends up fighting cloned dinosaurs,

because why not?

Then he saves Mizuki after she gets captured.

- But then she shoots him with a tranquilizer round.

What the fuck, bro?

- Ryu then wakes up in a VR simulation being run

by a mysterious woman named Lovelace.

There, he fights his way through multiple places

that he traveled to in the past,

until he breaks himself out.

- He then fights through the LoA guards

and eventually he finds and rescues Canna.

Then together, they save Mizuki

from the Regent

and Lovelace who are working together.

If you couldn't already guess.

- Well they were, but the Regent has a change of heart.

After explaining how they plan on using Ryu's DNA

for their malevolent plans.

The Regent just kind of pushes her

into their prototype god-creating device.

This turns Lovelace into a mutated chimera,

which, Ryu is forced to kill.

Then he, Mizuki,

and Canna escaped the place before it self-destructs.

- But then they are caught

and arrested by the fricking US military.

Where the hell did you guys come from?

- The captain tells him

that by taking the world's problems into their own hands

and fighting the terrorist group.

They're putting the lives

of the other nations at risk.

So he tells them to cut the shit

and leave this to the modern day heroes.

- According to this dumbass,

ninjas have no place in this world.

Obviously he hasn't taken a look at Ryu's resume.

- Afterwards, Ryu and Mizuki talk about this whole situation

and how it seems mad sus.

The leader of this whole operation to stop the terrorist.

Ken Ishigami has went missing

and now they don't know what to do.

After the conversation Canna runs to them,

And I guess she really likes Ryu now

because she straight up asks him to be her dad.

- Bro, what?

This little girl better chill.

- I mean, she's had a pretty rough life

so I can understand.

Mizuki is not her real mother.

She's technically her aunt,

Canna's actual parents died

and Mizuki has been taking care of her ever since.

Plus Ryu was touched by the request saying,

he never thought about being a father before

- I mean, okay, but Ryu kills people for a living.

You really think he should be adopting

a little girl right now?

- I mean, when you put it like that, nah.

- So, later they reconvene with Cliff,

who is also confused

about what their next move should be.

- Ryu tells him that he must return to his village,

but before he gets there,

he heads to the grave of his old enemy, Genshin.

There he takes the blade of the arch-fiend

from the grave stating that he is borrowing Genshins soul.

- But on his way back to the village

his murder tumor starts acting up again,

and he collapses.

- Momiji who is now a shrine maiden,

nurses him back to health.

Then she suggests that they go talk with his father.

- But then Black Spider ninjas show up

and attack the village once again,

and this time they're being led by their old leader

who's supposed to be dead, Obaba.

- Luckily Momiji and Ryu defeat all of them

before they do anything crazy.

Then they meet Joe,

who Ryu hopes has answers about this curse.

- But unfortunately Joe has no answers.

He tells him that there was once a warrior who

had the same curse, but it took him over

and nothing was left but the dragon sword.

That doesn't help.

- Regardless, Ryu still has to stop these terrorists.

So he leaves his village to meet back up with the JSDF.

Then he heads to Antarctica

to go on a special mission with Cliff.

- With Cliff, the scientist?

That don't sound right.

- There he does his usual thing

of tearing through enemies,

but he finds out that LOA is out here making fiends.

after defeating them he goes up against a clone of himself.

Also created by LOA, using his blood.

- He defeats that thing,

then Cliff shows up with the chairman of LoA

- Cliff was working for LoA this whole time.

They originally planned for Ryu dying in London,

but that didn't pan out,

since Ryu doesn't believe in failure.

But Ryu wasn't even part of their main plan.

Their main plan requires Canna,

so that can't be good.

- Knowing this, Ryu tries to go for the two

but the chairman revives is clone

and leaves them to fight.

- Once the clones out of the way,

Ryu chases after Cliff

and the chairman but they dip.

Then Ryu is rescued by Ishigami.

The old man had a feeling that cliff was evil all this time,

but he wasn't able to stop him before Canna got taken.

Now Mizuki's trying to figure out a way to save her.

- Ryu agrees to help them,

and together they infiltrate the Black Narwhal

the vessel where LoA is keeping Canna

and their complete god-creating machine called a god egg.

- Once in, Ryu defeats the chairman but before he dies

he tells Ryu that the LoA's big plan

is to destroy this world

to bring rise to a new one.

And the goddess of this new world will be Canna.

- So they're going to turn this poor little girl

into a goddess.

- Yup 'cause plot.

He moves on her, and runs into the Regent,

looking at Canna and the god egg.

Then he beats the shit out of him

which removes his mask.

It's at that moment that he realizes,

the Regent is Canna's father.

- Wait, wait, what?

Isn't that guy dead.

- He was,

but this is where Cliff comes into the picture.

Cliff made this plan a while ago,

but his brother was obviously against it,

because it's crazy.

So Cliff caused the accident that killed him.

Then this guy revived him,

then erased his memories,

all for Ryu to be the one to kill him

- What is this man's problem?

- So thanks to his plan Canna now sees Ryu

as the murderer of her father.

And that completes the curse in his arm.

But Canna you did know that your father was dead, right?

- Ryu collapses from the curse,

then the brother killer uses this chance to stab Ryu,

and pull the dragon sword out of him.

Now it is pure,

and free from all the blood that was spilled on it

because that all got transferred over to Ryu.

Thanks to this curse.

We know it doesn't make much sense,

but bear with us.

- Cliff then tosses the sword the god egg

and it finishes the God creation process.

Canna then erupts from the machine as a goddess,

holding the dragon sword.

- The JSDF have tried to stop her, but she's a god,

so good luck with that.

- meanwhile, in a dream Ryu meets the spirit of Genshin,

but this time it's a good kind of spirit,

not a fiend or anything.

His old adversary gives him the spiritual part

of the sword of the arch-fiend,

which awakens the physical blade.

then he wakes up from his dream

to find Mizuki nursing him back to health.

- With Ryu conscious again, the good guys head

to Tokyo to save Canna

and by good guys, we mostly mean Ryu.

- They run into Cliff who is now also a mutated monster

and they almost die to him

but they're saved by Theodore Canna's father.

And he kills Cliff

- Even though this man died and had his memories erased

he somehow got them back.

And now he's here to help Ryu fight the good fight.

But you know, what was actually ridiculous?

When they asked cliff why he did all this,

he's like you guys always like my brother better than me,

I just want to be in the spotlight.

Are you deadass, bro?

You put the world in danger

and Canna just for the spotlight.

This man is wilding!.

- They push onward

but then Theo's randomly like actually I changed my mind.

I don't think we can save Canna anymore.

And it is your duty to kill her with that sword.

But as her father, I can't allow that.

- My mans, did you forget that both

of you are trying to save your daughter?

You good bro?

- With that the two fight but Ryu wins again.

But this time the Regent releases the curse from Ryu's arm.

Then he tells Ryu that this was just

atonement for what he's done.

So it looks like this was all an act to get Ryu to kill him.

- I mean, they're more like, Cliff's sins

since he was controlling him, but okay.

After Theo dies,

Ryu prepares to Challenge goddess Canna.

And he takes his mask off this time

because this shit is serious.

After a hard battle both their swords shatter,

but the true dragon sword of returns to Ryu,

and he uses it to free Canna.

- With that, the day is saved once again

and Ryu leaves his new friends to continue his ninja duties.

- Later, in Ninja Gaiden X, a mobile game,

Ryu is challenged by his father

to truly test his training over the years.

Using everything he's learned

he defeats his father.

Then Joe States that he no longer has any regrets

and claims that he will defeat.

Jaquio the king of devils.

- And this, goes into the first Ninja Gaiden game

for the NES.

Bet you didn't think this story would go back

to the old games, huh?

- In this game Ryu receives a letter from his father.

Saying that, he challenged

the king of devils to a life or death duel.

And if he doesn't return

that he should head to America and meet his friend,

Dr. Walter Smith.

- On the way to find this guy,

He runs into a CIA agent named Irene.

Who ends up becoming his girlfriend later on.

And she gives him a demon statue.

- He eventually finds Dr. Smith

and the doc tells him of Demon.

The deity of destruction.

700 years ago, he was sealed away in two demon statues,

by a Ninja from the dragon lineage.

But now that the devil King has returned,

he wants to use the statues to summon demon

and gain ultimate power

- Ryu eventually runs into the king,

who was using his father as a puppet

but he manages to save his father

and strike down Jaquio.

- Then with the help of Irene,

they tried to leave this place,

but then Demon gets summoned,

only for Ryu to cut it down too.

- The battle with Demon,

destroys the place they're in though,

And unfortunately Ryu is forced

to leave his dad to die in the falling rubble.

- Now we move to Ninja Gaiden 3,

the old one not the new one.

Ryu randomly finds out that there's a clone of him.

and it murdered Irene.

So he goes after the clone to clear his name,

but after defeating it,

he finds out that Irene is still alive

- Together, they discover the mastermind

of this plan is someone named Clancy.

So they take him out before he's able

to do more evil shit.

- Then in Ninja Gaiden 2: Dark sword of Chaos

Ryu deals with the sorcerer who was trying

to open the gates to the realm of chaos.

In order to release demonic hordes on the world.

- After defeating the sorcerer,

he fights a revived, Jaquio and wins.

- And that, is the end of Ryu's story,

When it comes to the main Ninja Gaiden series.

- Wait, we're not done?

- Nah, remember bro.

Dead or Alive is still canon.

And there's also Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z.

- Bro, how many times does this man have to save the world?

- As many times as necessary.

So Ryu's entry in DOA begins when he finds out

that his friend from the Mugen Tenshin Ninja clan,

Kasumi, left their clan to the avenge her brother Hayate.

If you didn't know Kasumi is the main character

of the DOA series.

- Kasumi joins, a DOA tournament.

The graph, to her uncle Raidou,

who'd almost killed her brother.

She gets to him and kills him.

But then she's captured by DOA tech for testing.

DOA tech, being,

the dead or alive tournament executive committee.

- Later, a supernatural being known,

as the Tengu of Destruction shows up

and plunges the worlds into chaos.

A DOA tournament is set up to defeat the being

and Ryu enters this one as well.

During the tournament, he goes up against Kasumi,

and beats her.

Thus preventing her from fighting the Tengu.

Then he runs into his old friend Hayate

but now he goes by Ein

and his memories are gone.

- During their battle though,

Hayate starts getting hit with

all of his memories.

Then after defeating his old friend,

Ryu proceeds to the Tenge and defeats it,

so no one else has to.

- Later DOA tech kidnaps another member

of the Mugen Tenshin clan named Genra

to experiment on him,

Ryu tries to get involved

but Hayate tells him that this is their clans problem,

so he backs off.

- But then Hayate calls him on the help

of Ryu after they kill Genra.

The Ninja is done with DOA tech messing with his clan.

So they team up and assault the DOA base

putting an end to them once and for all.

- And this takes us out of the DOA continuity

and throws us in the last game

that we're going to get into today,

Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z.

- In this chapter of Ryu's wild life,

he finds a ninja named Yaiba Kamikaze,

from the Kamikaze Ninja clan,

Ryu demands that he hand over his tempest blades

so the Hayabusa clan can keep it locked away,

but Yaiba's not trying to have that,

so they fight.

- Ryu wins because he's fricking Ryu.

Then he heads home.

But get this, two weeks later,

he hears about a zombie outbreak.

- A zombie outbreak?

Donte please don't tell me this man Ryu...

- Is about to buy some zombies?


- But, why?

He's already fought fiends, ninja, ninja fiends,

vampires, gods, and dinosaurs.


Why of all things,

do we have to add zombies to the mix?

- Because the team behind this game said,

all that shit wasn't crazy enough.

So Ryu and Momiji worked together to put an end

to this zombie outbreak in the background,

while Yaiba cares at the plot.

On the way Ryu fights Yaiba two more times,

because he refuses to stay dead.

- He wins both times,

but after the last battle,

Yaiba does something good for once.

He stops Del Gonzo,

the person responsible for the outbreak.

But then he leaves with a scientist named Ms. Monday

to try to make money off the zombie cure.

and that is the end of Ryu's story.

Like the actual end, no bullshit this time.

- Finally!

Geez, that was long.

- Well, this is Ryu Hayabusa,

so the long story was kind of expected.

And the crazy part is this story isn't even done yet

since he's going to return in Ninja Gaiden 4,

whenever that comes out.

But now that we finally covered the story

of the infamous Dragon Ninja.

Let us know how you feel about him,

in the comments below.

- Well, my opinion hasn't changed.

He's still the most badass Ninja in gaming history,

but the shit he goes through is just...

why though?

- Indeed.

I actually didn't know that Ryu was super chill

and compassionate when it came to his loved ones.

He's not as super serious an edgelord as I thought he was,

and I like that.

with that being said end slate.

- What's going on fam?

I hope you're doing well.

And thank you,

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This one took a while,

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