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It worked once, but obviously it's still a prototype, so there's...

There's bound to be glitches. A few false starts.

Never apologise for your work, Connor.

You've earned your stripes.


New Dawn is ready and waiting.

If this works, we'll be making history.

Connor's hard drive is encrypted. I'm nearly there.

Please don't tell me I broke into Connor's lab for nothing.

Okay, I'm in.

What is it? What's he doing?

Anomaly readings?


What is it, Jess?

You're not going to believe where this anomaly is.

Try me.

Connor, open up! It's a direct order.

What have you done?

What have I...

How about "Congratulations"? No?

This is the first manmade anomaly in history and I made that.

Lock it.

I suggest you turn around and leave this lab immediately.

Because under no circumstances is anyone going to lock this anomaly.

Philip, we have to do our job.

Matt, if we lock this anomaly now, the readings just get weaker.

We might lose it altogether.

Oh, and that would be bad?


Abby, come on. It's perfectly safe. Look at the size of it.

You couldn't even get a T-Rex's toe through there.

I know what I'm doing.

No, you don't.

You really, really don't.

This lab belongs to Prospero.

It's not your jurisdiction, Matt. If I have to eject you, I will.


Abby, it's okay. I'll talk to you later.


-Philip knows what he's doing. -Come on.

You two seem to know what you're at, so let's leave it unlocked

and I'll increase security, yeah?

Philip, these results are incredible. You have to come over here.

April, I'm on my way.

-After you. -Sure.

Secure the room.

Sorry, I should have been cooler back there. I wasn't thinking.

Locking that anomaly is not enough.

With Connor's machine, they can open another and another.

Then we destroy it.

But Philip will know it was us.

So? It doesn't matter any more. We'll have won.

It's sending data somewhere else.

-This is bigger than just Connor's lab. -The power station.

Let me talk to Connor again. If he shuts it down,

Philip won't suspect a thing and then we can deal with it.

-Do you think he'll still listen to you? -I don't know.

But I've got to give it one last try.


I need to talk to Connor.

Listen, I don't want to fight any more.

I just want to know why it's so important for Philip

to open his own anomaly.

Surely you can tell me now, Connor?


This whole thing, Abby, has been about energy.

Free, green, infinitely renewable energy.

Now, harnessing the anomaly in a controlled environment,

that's the key, that could be the answer to the world's energy crisis.

There are wars going on right now over energy,

and shortages that cause economies to collapse.

We can end all that

because Philip's going to give the energy away completely free.

Nobody makes a profit from this.


You shouldn't be messing with nature like this.

We don't understand enough about the anomalies.

Scientists are always messing with nature.

It's what we do. It's called progress.

-Do you know what I think? -What?

You kept this secret because deep down you feared you were doing wrong.

No, I... I'm not doing...

This is exactly why I didn't tell you before.

I knew all this stuff would just go over your head.

I didn't mean that the way it sounded.

This isn't about us.

-Yeah, I know that. -That thing's dangerous

and we need to shut it down.

What would Cutter say if he could see you now?

He would never put people in danger for the sake of research.

Cutter was a scientist, just like Philip.

-He wanted to change the future. -No, he didn't.

He really didn't, Connor.

That's what Helen wanted.



Matt, look at this.

Has something come through?

What is that?

Oh, disgusting!

-No. -Insects? Gross.

Come on!

Matt, it's okay. He put it back through.

That's the last thing he should have done!





-We've got to get him out of there. -No! It's too late.

They're like piranhas.


(AUTOMATED WOMAN'S VOICE) Incursion detected.

Lock-down procedure commencing. Evacuate.

The beetles must have set off the bio-scan. That's a good thing.

My lab's an isolation zone.

It'll suck the air out of the room and kill them.

No, it won't. There's still oxygen coming through your anomaly.

Evacuate. Evacuate.

Hey. I want you to get on to Lester and tell him this is not a drill.

Emily, you should leave with the rest of the non-essential staff.

Who's he calling non-essential?

Look, it was an unfortunate choice of words, but he's got a point

and it is his call. I'm sorry.

What do we do now?

Once we've evacuated the ARC, we'll pump pesticide into the lab,

kill as many of them as we can before we lock the anomaly, yeah?

Get him out of here as soon as possible.

Lock-down. Lock-down. Lock-down.

Lock-down. Lock-down.

Lock-down complete.

Wait, Matt. Is it just my imagination,

or are there less of them?

They must be going back through the anomaly.

Or they're getting out some other way.

That's impossible. That room's sealed tight.


Those walls are reinforced concrete.



They're in the air-conditioning ducts.

That means they're going to be all over the building in minutes.




-Are you all right? -Yeah.

-Are you sure? -Yeah.

What now? Have we scared them off?


What's that?

It's the queen.

Hey. Matt, fill me in.

Well, we can't pick them off separately because they'll be outside ARC

before we get them all, but the good news is they won't leave the queen.

So, now that she's in the ducts,

we can track the movements and then hit them all together.

Our only chance is to get them together.

Jess, what's directly under us on the floor below?

Directly under you is...

Is me.

You're right over the hub.

Jess, can you get me up a map of the ducts, please?


Becker, Abby, go to the armoury and get me something big enough

to trap and hold the queen, then bring back as much pesticide as you can carry.

Okay. Sorry.

What about me? What can I do?

-Jess, any sign of those maps? -Got them.

Okay, where does the duct above you go?

-It runs right around the ops room. -Yeah, then where?

There's a junction. It splits into two smaller pipes.

That's perfect. That's too small for the queen.

Okay, Connor, make yourself useful.

Get down there and take a panel off the ceiling,

expose that junction and then wait for me, okay?

Okay, I'm going to lock the anomaly first.

No, you're not. You've done enough already.

I've given you a job, now maybe this time you'll do what I suggest.

Connor, if we're not there when that colony hits that dead end,

they're going to chew through that ducting

and we'll have lost our only chance, okay? Now, go. I'll lock the anomaly.

Shh, Shh.

They're quicker than I thought. Come on.



-Don't shoot! -BECKER: What the hell?

I gave you a direct order.

I know, I just thought you were wrong.

I assume this is what you're looking for?

There are plenty more back here.

What are you waiting for? Come help me.

We really need a clearer chain of command around here.


Oh, I hate insects.

It's worse than spiders. It's worse than dinosaurs.

-Here's your charge. -Thanks.

Listen, Matt, I know how you must feel about me right now,

but that machine is the most important thing I've ever worked on

and I never thought that anybody would get hurt.

You think that was bad? It hasn't even started yet.


It's Philip. He must have found out that you locked the anomaly.

-I'll deal with it later. -Come on.

-Where do you want the box? -Right there.


-She disobeyed a direct order. -Yeah? Get used to it.

They'll eat through this fast. Won't hold her for long.

As long as we get one or two minutes out of it, that should be enough.


-Matt, they're coming. -Okay, everybody this side.

Nobody fire until I say. We need to spray all of them. No stragglers.

And whatever happens, don't kill the queen.

-Why not? -Ready?

-Ready. -Go!





Don't stop! Don't stop!

-It's not working! -Here, stand still. Stand still.

-I'm out. -I'm out, too.

Okay, move, move! Go, go!

Move, keep moving.

They got the queen out!

MATT: Becker! ABBY: No, Becker!

She was our only way of controlling them.

Now what do we do?

-Jess! -Jess!

What's wrong with her?

I feel weird.

She's burning up. Abby, didn't you get bitten, too?

One of them bit my wrist but I feel okay. They can't be venomous.

No, you don't understand. I'm allergic to insect bites.

I need an EpiPen. There should be some in the medical bay.

Here, I'll take her.

-Okay. Emily, Abby, cover Becker. -(MOBILE RINGING)

Connor, you answer that phone and tell Philip exactly what's going on here.

Listen, I'll fix this. I'll make this right.

-Philip. -What the hell is going on there?

Why have we lost the data feed to the anomaly?

Yeah, we had to go into lock-down.

We've got a serious incursion

-of prehistoric beetles here. -I know that, because the bio-scan

has been triggered, but that does not explain what happened to the feed.

We had to lock the anomaly.

Philip, the guard you left here. He's been killed.

Jess got bitten and she's in a really bad way.

Connor, Connor. I know things are difficult right now,

but I need you to unlock that anomaly as soon as possible.

Did you not hear what I said? A man's dead.

The beetles are all over the ARC.

They managed to tunnel their way out of my lab.

Wait, are you telling me that they've managed to burrow their way

through reinforced concrete?

Yeah, they tore through that wall in minutes.

-Philip, I'm going to have to go. -Connor.

Shall I call Prospero?

Yes, under no circumstances is that lock-down to be lifted

without my say-so. Do you understand?

Okay, what did he say?

Uh... Yeah, he's a bit distracted at the minute.

-What? -Yeah.

Well, I'm all out of ideas, mate, so it's your turn.

We need something to deal with the whole ARC.

Can we electrocute them? Use sonar?

We haven't got the equipment for that. It's...

-Hang on, there is something. -What?

Follow me.

Hey. Come on, you're doing really well.

Not far now. How are you feeling?

-A bit insecty-bitey but... -Shh!


Here, Emily.

Come on.


What was that?

They've developed a taste for the wiring.

-Yeah, that's not good news. -What's the plan?

I'm going to open my anomaly, recalibrate it to send out a pulse

of gamma energy, that should wipe out all the beetles at once.

That'll kill everything in the ARC.

Never said it was a perfect plan.

-Here's fine. -Okay, thanks.

-You okay? -Yeah, thanks.


Carbohydrate gel, electrolytes.

Much tastier than walls and wiring.

There's no adrenaline.

Jess, you must have your own EpiPen.

Yeah, in the car, but with all these medical things,

I've never brought it in.

If we open the external doors, that's it. There's no controlling them.

We need to get her to a hospital.

If you keep the beetles in the ARC, you've a chance of wiping them out.

Yeah, and if we don't get your adrenaline...

We have to take the risk! Philip has to lift lock-down.

Get her to the loading bay exit. I'll meet you there.

Right, come on.

You okay?

It's all clear.

-We've lost power in here. -Well, think of something else.

Hang on.

We still have power.

That's strange.

See this, this doesn't...

This is not beetle damage.

We've got reports of electricity problems in 80% of the ARC.

But that means these creatures must be nearly out.

These things will breed. We're talking about a plague.

We can't risk New Dawn.

Not now.

Philip, there is one decisive way of dealing with the threat.

What you're doing here, it's going to change the whole planet.

If it comes to it, isn't that worth the sacrifice?

I might be able to retrieve some data from it.

-Just forget about it, Connor. -It doesn't make any sense.

This looks like it's been...

been blasted by an EMD.

You did this.


Was locking it not enough, Matt?

Do you not know how important all this work is?

We don't have enough time for this. We need to come up with a workable plan.

I had a plan.

A gamma ray would have killed everybody, Connor.

There's no adrenaline left in the building.

Get Philip to lift lock-down or Jess is going to die.



Philip, we need to get Jess to a hospital. Now.

I'm afraid that's impossible,

we can't afford to breach the integrity of the ARC.

Philip, Jess could die.

If these beetles get out, thousands could die.

Oh, so what's the plan, then? You going to just leave us in here?

We predict that these beetles

will be through the outer wall within 10 minutes.

That's the time limit.

There is another way to neutralise this threat,

given that the whole city is at risk.

Tell us what it is, Philip.

An auto-destruct programme was built into the ARC operating system.

If activated, the ARC and everything in it will be incinerated.

The radiation from the gamma ray, would it penetrate lead?

-It depends how thick it is. -Would we be safe in the panic room?

Maybe, but why are we even talking about this?

We can't do it. You fried my hard drive, remember?

If you had a back-up hard drive, could you re-start the anomaly?


But I don't have a back-up hard drive. April said it was a security risk.

Where are you going? What's going on?

Your hero is prepared to kill you and all of us. That's what's going on!

Through here.

How are you feeling?

I've felt worse, but at least there was tequila and dancing involved.

We need to get this fever down. I need drinking water and a cloth.

Have a look in the car.

How did he get in here?

I don't know. Abby locked him in the lab.

Yeah. It's directly above us. If he can get down here, so can the beetles.

Nice work.

Who... Who let the tigers in here, anyway?

-What? -Becker, cold water.

Quick, let's get her in the car first.

We copied your hard drive.

I don't understand.

So you were in my lab.

Is this what it's come down to?

You two just sneaking around and plotting against me?

We had to. You wouldn't listen to me.

We'll deal with this later. Right now, you've got work to do.

Matt, Abby, can you hear me?

Comms are down. Where the hell is Abby?

I need to get Jess out of here now.

I'm sure they're working on it.

They're on me! They're on me!

-They're on me! -Where are they?

-They're on my arms and legs. -Where? Where?

You're fine. Come here. Come here. Come here.

-I'm so cold. I'm so cold. -Shh, I know, I know.

You're safe. You've got a fever.

Here, you need to drink this. That's an order.

You're mean, you know that?

Yes, I do know that, I'm very mean. Now, drink this.

-Come on. -I hate you.

No, you don't.


I'm sorry. You're nice, really. You've got lovely hair.

Can I touch your hair?



Her pulse is getting weaker and weaker.


What was that?

No sign of the beetles.

Once the anomaly has been reopened, Connor is going to collapse it.

Basically send its energy into reverse.

Like when you lock an anomaly?

Way, way more intense than that. The pressure will be so great,

it'll produce a great blast of energy.

-Gamma radiation. -And that'll kill them?

Yeah, that should do the trick, if it works.

It'll be like an explosion ripping through the ARC.

Any living thing that's not in the panic room will be wiped out.

Abby, what about the creatures?

All the cells are lead-lined. They'll be okay.

As okay as us, anyway.

Right, I'd better get the others to the panic room.

What about you two?

Once this is open, there'll be time for us to get there.

Is that true?

This isn't some noble sacrifice Armageddon thing

where you blow yourselves up to save the rest of us?

-Well, I hope not, if I'm honest. -Good.

We'll be fine.

-Go. -Okay.

Emily, this way.

Come on.

-In here. -We're losing her.

It'll be okay.

Connor and Matt will get us out.


-He's still in my lab. -But Abby, he's not. He got out.


-I've got to find him. -Abby, no!


Was that true? Is there time?

I'm not sure. But if we don't try this, then everybody dies.

So what are we looking at here, 50-50?

60-40? I can live with those odds.

Let's just say it's better than winning the jackpot on the National Lottery.

That's like 10 million to 1.

Yeah. I did say "better than".

Well, if you're not in it, you can't win it.


We've got three minutes.


-Okay. We're nearly there. -Good.

What's that?

I'm sorry, Connor. I have no choice.

Philip, whatever you've done, cancel it.

I need one more minute. I'm nearly there.

Think what would happen if they got out.

Into homes,


Into schools...

Into New Dawn, you mean. Philip, please, just give us 30 more seconds.

Will he abort it?



-You ready? -Connor.

At least the others will be safe.

I'm not dying in here, mate.



Connor, I have an idea. Is the water pump system still intact?

Yeah, it should be. You good?

-Yeah. -Okay.

Oh, what the hell.



Rex, we don't have time!

-Where the hell are they? -(KNOCKING ON DOOR)

Where's Abby?

-She went to find Rex. -No!









-Oh, thank God. -Got him.

-Abby, about... -Connor, we've really got to go now.

-Okay. -We're still alive.

-Don't sound so surprised. -I always knew the plan would work.

-You okay? -Yeah.

Becker, wait. We don't know if it's safe yet.

She needs adrenaline.

See? He did it.

He aborted the programme.

Because if he hadn't, we'd all be burnt alive by now.


They did it. They destroyed the beetles.

Lift the lock-down.

Come on, Philip! Come on, what are you waiting for?

Five, four, three, two, one.

Her pulse is getting stronger.



I'm, um... I'm going to... I'm going to go and do some security stuff.


Everything all right?

Apart from the whole near-death experience thing?

-What's wrong? -I had to check, had to be sure.


The beetles must have chewed through the wiring so the failsafe didn't work.

But Philip did it.

He ran the incineration programme.

He was going to kill us all.


The man of the moment!

You pulled it off again. Well done.

Thank you.

Connor! You're all right!

We were so worried.

Were you...

Were you able to get enough data from the anomaly before the...

Oh, we did indeed. In fact, we've made huge leaps forward.

We're about to go and check over changes to the hardware now.

-Do you want to come? -No, no. I'm fine.

I just came by to say thank you, really.

For a moment there, I thought you were going to incinerate us all.

You do understand my position, don't you?

I mean, everything we do at the ARC is for the greater good.

Protecting the public comes first.

-I understand. -It's the same with New Dawn.

-Ah, gentlemen. I'll be right with you. -Yes, sir.

Oh, I should let you get on with your work.

Thank you. I'll see you tomorrow, then. It'll be an exciting day.

I wouldn't miss it for the world.


HELEN: I've seen the future, Philip, and I know our hopes rest on you.

You will find a way, you must.

The future is in your hands.

I should have listened to you.

It's just I felt like I was carrying on Cutter's work.

And that he might be proud of me.


Do you think Philip still trusts you?


And I am willing to do anything, anything I can to make this right.

But there's something I need to tell you.

The machine I made in my lab was just a prototype.

Philip built another one.

And it's a hundred times its size and it's infinitely more powerful

and now he's got the key and he knows how to open his anomaly,

because I showed him how.

It's too late.

There's no way we can stop him now.

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