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it is possible to make muffins of microwave banana

maybe you think no because the most normal is to bake them however

today we are going to teach you how to do it at microwave but it will also take you so

only five minutes but that you are not going to be in the shape of a cupcake or

a muffin of those of a lifetime but they will be just as rich as you know in

home cooking we like to get to the point and not waste your time just commenting on you

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the ingredients are an egg face half a banana two large tablespoons of

honey a quarter cup of flour oatmeal or the flour you prefer half

small tablespoon of cinnamon and another half small tablespoon of baking powder

for the elaboration we will use a microwave safe container by

example a cup that endures the temperature

we start by throwing an egg white doing it carefully and avoiding that

drop the egg yolk we add 2 tablespoons of honey and what

let's stir everything very well with the help of a fork

now we take half a small spoonful of cinnamon and another half small scoop of

baking powder and a quarter cup of oatmeal or flour that

we prefer and we remove everything again during a

good time until well alright homogeneous the mixture now we add half

sliced ​​banana and we return it to remove for the last time

and now we take it to the microwave and what we will have for 60 seconds at maximum

power although this will always depend of the power of your microwave is

matter of digging days trying until it fit you perfectly

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know just right it's time necessary for your microwave

finally we can decorate it with sugar glas with cinnamon and cream with chia so

that we prefer

and it's already that easy we have a good snack that hasn't reached us five

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