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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: He Got Kicked Out?! | FBE Studios Vlog

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- So today, I think we're gonna start off the day right,

the only way I know how. (snaps)

And then, you don't need a cut, but that was

where it's supposed to be a cut.

It's an easier place to cut for Adam.

Here we go. Starting the day off right.

Going in here. You gotta start every day off right

with a balanced breakfast.

(laughs) I don't give a [bleep]. I just wanted a bowl of cereal.

Now that we got cereal, we're starting the day off right

without Eric. Byee.

You coming? - (Eric) Yeah, yeah, yeah.

♪ (mellow electronic music) ♪ - (Brandon) So, Eric has been

putting mustaches on every single character

in every single poster in this office.

And if you take a look at the John Wick one,

it's not a very good mustache, but it's a really good sad face.

He looks like he's doing this.

- (Tori) It's 'cause his dog died. - (Eric) Whoa!

- Wait! He has a second dog and it dies in the second movie too?

Someone needs to not give John Wick any more dogs.

- I never learned how to tie it off, how to finish it,

so I always just do a million knots.

- And hope my beanie doesn't come undone. (chuckles)

- Yeah. Right. - (Eric) Kristy, I'm gonna be honest,

it's just so-so. - Excuse you.

- (Rebecca) Best beanie I've ever seen.

- (Eric) No, but it's so-- no, 'cause it's "so-so."

'Cause, sew-sew. Oh, I offended everyone at once.

I have to go. So, as you may have noticed

by my chest, we've got these sweet new shirts

that are only gonna be available for a limited amount of time,

and Tom and I are about to go film some promos

promoting them. Hence, promos. Let's go!

Man, you look so old. So, we only have one black shirt,

and it's a double XL. But I think I still rock it.

Does it make me look skinny? - No.

- No! - (laughs)

- That's a lot of words. - (woman) It is a lot of words.

- Before we get into this After Reacts,

we just wanna let you know that this limited edi--

[bleep] yeah. Cool. I knew the lines, too.

I just stuttered. - Oh, you got it.

- (man) It was great. - Hold on. Why are you

so much taller than me? - 'Cause I have a long torso.

- Thank you so much for watching this episode of Staff Reacts.

- Guys, this limited edition throwback generations tee

is only available at fbeshop-- [bleep] [bleep] [bleep]

[bleep] is all the swears I can fit into a sentence.

- [Bleep]. All right, guys.

I gotta get some work done, so I'll see you later.

Hey, Derek! - Hey.

- Now that we started the day off right,

we're gonna continue it off right.

We're shooting in studio one.

♪ (mellow electronic music) ♪

- Surprise! We have a challenge for you.

- (Tom) Yayy. - Yay, we're gonna play you a part

of a song, but instead of you guessing the artist

and the title, you have to guess the movie that it's from.

- (Kennedy) What? - (Tom) Ohh! Okay.

♪ (upbeat electronic music) ♪

- I have to go now. - (Eric) Do you not have someone

to hold it? - Kristy!

- (Eric) Kristy, hi! - (Rebecca) Let's do it.

- (Eric) Go! Run! - I actually don't know

where I'm going. They never let me leave my desk.

- (Eric) Fourth floor. - Do you wanna show me the way?

- (Eric) Yeah, let's go! - Okay.

- (Eric) All right, Rebecca, so you're about to be

on your first ever episode of Sharing Buds.

- Yes. - (Eric) You're a huge music nerd.

Are you excited? Are you nervous?

- Yes, both. Both. - (Eric chuckles)

- (Eric) You've been on Staff Reacts and stuff before, right?

- Only a handful, not too many.

- (Eric) But did those make you nervous or is this more,

like, weird, 'cause it's kind of up your alley more?

- This is definitely way more up my alley,

but not as nervous, 'cause Tori's awesome.

- Hi, nice to meet you. I'm Rebecca. - Hi. I'm Tori.

I don't know if we've met before. - I don't think so.

- You work here, right? - I do.

- What do you-- what do you do here?

- I'm actually the receptionist. - Ohh! Okay!

- Yeah. - I think I've seen you around

a little bit. - Yes. You don't usually--

- (whispers) They're being sarcastic.

Our desks are right next to each other.

- So, the first three songs that we listen to are audience picks.

- Oh, cool. - So, they choose.

And then it'll be your pick after that.

And then it'll be my pick. So, we don't know each other's picks.

- Okay, sweet. - (Eric) Hold on. Hold on.

- Eric said that Rebecca has the job of Pam,

but the personality of a Jim.

- (Eric) 'Cause you always deadpan into the camera and have one,

like, little quipy one liner. - That's true.

♪ (Office theme song) ♪ That's true.

- (woman) That's the look. - You're doing it.

- (Eric) How have the shoots been going today?

- Pretty good. We've only had one.

Had Kostas. And it's my first time

kinda sitting here and helping Tori do it like this

by myself, and I'm nervous, but it's fun.

Sharing Buds is super fun to do. ♪ (mellow electronic music) ♪

- All right. So, they're shooting Sharing Buds upstairs,

but I actually don't have time to get BTS of that shoot,

because we are about to go live, streaming some Jackbox.

We're gonna party in so many packs.

Are we ready? - Oh! We're ready.

Yeah, we're actually-- (music stops abruptly)

- (Eric) Oh, we actually are? - Yeah, we're actually ready.

- I forgot how much I like yo-yos.

- (Eric) Honestly, this could be the stream.

- Me yo-yoing? - (Eric) Yeah, just yo-yo here.

- Dude, I'd do it. - (Eric) You ready to stream?

- Yeah! I'm really excited. We're playing Jackbox 4,

so we're not-- we're going back in time from 5,

which was last week. Now, we're on 4.

- (Eric) Are you nervous that since we're from the future,

we could possibly change the outcome of the universe?

- Nah! When has that ever affected anything?

- (man) Five seconds. You ready?

- (Eric) Tom, I broke your yo-yo. - Are you kidding?

- (man) Yes? Yes? - (Eric) No, ow! It's still stuck

on my finger! It's still stuck on my finger!

Yeah, we're ready. let's go live!

Five, four, three, two... one!

Lift-off! - (Eric and Tom) Whoa!

- (Eric) I almost hit you in the face with a lens.

- Yeah, I almost had a black eye.

- (Eric) Oh my goodness. Hey, Twitch? What's up?

And there's us! What's up, YouTube?

We see you guys. - My phone disconnected

for some reason, so I can't start the game.

So, I'm gonna have to back out and then do it again.

- Can you restart-- (sighs). - Yeah. So, everyone

that got in there, that was a practice round!

- Everybody's warmed up now. Everybody's ready to go now.

- (Tom) Warm #BlameTom. You know what they always say,

third time's the charm. It kicked me out again.

And you, so I'm not the only one to blame.

Let's get Furry McBoots up there and let's try this again.

- (Eric) Furry McBoots? - That's the cat's name.

Look behind you. There's a giant cat.

- (Eric) Wow! - (Tom) What's the coolest way

to give yourself a hernia? Extreme twister or a kickflip?

I'm gonna say extreme twister. Kickflip's pretty lame.

I didn't even come in first?! I got knocked out of first?

I was in the first the whole time. (voice distorted) Ahhh!

Stream's over. - (Eric) All right. See ya, guys.

- (Tom) End the stream. - (Eric) Gotta go.

♪ (mellow electronic music) ♪ - (JC) Eric!

- I was just talking about you. - (Eric) Why?

- Look at this winter wear you're wearing.

It's very comfy looking. - (Eric) Stop. I was trying

to get fuel, but then you all... - Want fries?

- (Eric) ...started talking to me. Do I want fries? Sure.

What was what now? - I was just talking about

how the vlog doesn't come in here as much as it used to.

(music stops abruptly) Bye.

- (Eric) Ayy! Look who's back.

- How did my shoot go? - (Eric) Yeah. You share some buds?

- I did. I did. - (gasps)

- (Jeannie) You got to do it? - (Eric) She was on it.

- (Jeannie) That's so awesome. - (Rebecca) It was a lot of fun.

- (Jeannie) With Tori? - With Tori. I was sweating

a little bit. Don't say anything.

- (Eric) Sabrina, you're on next, right?

- Yes. - (Eric) Have you been on

Sharing Buds before? - No. I'm really excited.

- (Eric) Are you a huge music fan?

- Yeah, I really like music. - (Jeannie) Who doesn't like music?

Who doesn't like music? Why would you ask her that?

It's like, "Do you like water?" - (Eric) What's happening?

What did I hear? - I have never signed the wall.

(chuckles) - (Eric) You've never-- how long

have you been on the show? - Since March. (chuckles)

- (Eric) Dude! - We're all gonna watch you

sign the wall. - Listen, we're gonna support you.

It's gonna be so great.

- We're gonna watch you. We're your followers.

- I love this. Thank you, guys. - (Eric) Aww.

Rebecca, you gotta come. - Oh, okay.

- ♪ Bam, bam, bam ♪ - (Eric and Dionte) ♪ Bam, bam, bam

Bam, bam ♪ ♪ Bam, bam, bam, bam

- What song is this? - (Eric) I thought you liked music,

Jeannie! - Ah, shut up!

- ♪ Bam, bam, bam, bam ♪ ♪ Bam, bam, bam, bam, bam

- (Dionte) Pomp and Circum--

You know he's not graduating, right? - I know, but still.

- Is this also a good time to say that I've never signed

the Staff React wall? - (Eric gasps)

- What?! - (Eric) Guys...

we gotta get Rebecca on the wall. - Are we doing this?

- (Eric) Come on. - All right, all right, all right.

I'm gonna go right here. This is where we're going.

(audio fast-forwarding) - (Dionte) Put a lightning bolt.

- (Ulises) Yeah. - Put a lightning bolt next to it.

- That's all we got. - (Eric) Why a lightning bolt?

- This is a big moment for me. - (Eric) You guys made it.

- I made it. - It's a big moment.

- Thank you all for being here. - I don't think I signed the wall.

Oh, I did. - I was like, did you not?

Listen, is this the sign day for everyone?

- It's upside down, though. Why?

- (Eric) Is that our fault? - That's probably our fault.

I'm gonna let not myself do that. - Well, thanks for watching

this episode of the vlog. We gotta go. Bye!

See ya later. I don't know if this

is gonna be the end, but there might be a scene

following this, but no one's following me.

Yet. - (Kristy) Hey, Eric.

You don't need to be so nitpicky about everything I do.

- (Brandon) Whoa! (laughs) (electricity zapping)

- (woman) She came back with a good one.

- That has to be the best knitting pun I've ever heard.

- (Eric) That happened two hours ago, Kristy.

- Hey. And I'm "knot" joking. - (Tori) Kacey, it's the last one!

- I know! It's so crazy! Time flies!

But it's a big transition from child to teenager.

- (Tori) Aww. (chuckles) - And now I'm coming of age.

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