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使用模块进行指导的计时器允许您与您的客户进行交互式指导会话 并向他们提供来自信息领域的有价值的信息 The timer for coaching with module lets you conduct an interactive coaching session with your clients and support them with valuable information from the information field.

与其他所有用于软件模块的木材相比 In contrast to all other timber for software modules,

你可以在看到客户之前或之后进行分析 with which you might carry out the analysis before or after seeing the client,

教练轮模块 the coaching wheel module.

在互动辅导期间 你坐在你的客户旁边吗 has you sitting next to your client during the interactive coaching session?

用你的计时器来做系统 With your timer for system?

因此 你和你的客户应该事先仔细考虑是否有必要的时间进行一次有效的培训 You and your client should therefore carefully consider in advance whether you have the necessary time to conduct a profound an effective coaching session.

这一过程的基本结构遵循了生活中最重要的14个方面的共同模式 The basic structure of the process follows the common model of the fourteen most important aspects of life.

教练组的第一部分包括自我评估 The first part of the coaching session consists of the self assessment.

这可以在会话中延长一段时间 This can amount to a longer period of time within the session,

包含客户的个人映像 comprising personal reflections of the client.

理想情况下 Ideally,

教练轮是圆的 the coaching wheel is round.

这意味着轮子的所有部分都被完全填满了 That means all parts of the wheel are completely filled out.

任何与这个结构的背离都代表了客户的实际个人挑战 应该由教练的能力来重建 Any deviation from this structure represents the actual personal challenge of the client and should be reconstructed by the competence of the coach.

在信息领域的支持下 With support from the information field.

评估是在与生活的相应方面的满意度相关的110个点上进行的 The evaluation is carried out on a scale of one to ten points relating to the satisfaction in the corresponding aspects of life.

如果你不想为你的客户使用某一方面 If you do not want to use a certain aspect for your client,

你可以把它设置为零 you can remove it by simply setting it to zero.

如果你不小心删除了一个类别 If you accidentally delete a category,

您可以通过双击另一个类别来恢复它的原始状态 you can restore it to its original state by double clicking on another category.

在你的客户对所有14个类别进行了定量评估之后 After your client has quantitatively evaluated all fourteen categories to the best of their knowledge,

您应该选择具有最高偏差的区域 以最优的满意度与鼠标右键 you should select the area with the highest deviation to optimal satisfaction with the right mouse button.

在以下模块步骤中更深入地分析它 Analyze it more deeply in the following module steps.

您所选择的区域将在图形的开始和结束时自动标记 The area you have selected is automatically marked at the beginning and the end of the graphic.

在下一步中 你要定义愿景和目标 In the next step you define vision and goals.

指导实际模块允许您通过在活动客户的信息领域中的分析确定三个最相关的问题来实现这一点 The coaching real module lets you do this by identifying the three most relevant question through an analysis in the information field of the active client.

最重要的问题是最重要的 The question with the highest relevance is on top.

如果你仍然觉得你想用另一个问题 If you still feel that you would like to use another question,

你可以点击这里的自动阅读分析 you can click on the automatic read analysis here.

在以下模块步骤中 您有相同的选项 You have the same option during the following module steps,

探索现实 explore reality,

发现可能性并创造行动 discover possibilities and create action.

计划 plan.

如果同样的问题 If the same question,

然而 however,

在重新分析的过程中会出现不止一次 pops up more than one time during the Re analysis,

我们的经验表明 这个问题尤其突出 our experience shows that this topic is particularly.

请填写这三个问题 Please fill in all three questions,

无论是以句子的形式 还是与你的客户一起的关键点 either in form of sentences or key points together with your client.

根据经典的木材 用于理想状态的配方 According to the classic Timber for Desired State formulation.

然后 这些被自动创建为tap中的优化列表 These are then automatically created as an optimization list in the tap.

在该领域指导问题创建优化列表 因此应该有积极的目标 Coaching questions in the area create optimization lists and should therefore have positive goal.

有方向的公式 oriented formulations.

如果你点击一个问题 If you click on a question,

菜单窗口打开 您可以更改 the menu window opens in which you can change.

现在的问题 The current question.

或者 Alternatively,

你可以通过输入一个减号来删除你自己或给定的问题 you can delete your own or the given question by entering a minus.

在同一个窗口中有一个键盘 With a keyboard in the same window.

然后 您还可以发现您在优化中制定的这些问题是为了发送而创建的 You can then also find these questions you have formulated in the optimization is to be created for sending.

这个选项在接下来的模块步骤中也可以使用 This option is also available in the next module steps,

探索现实 explore reality,

发现可能性并制定行动计划 discover possibilities and create action plan.

作为对现在和理想状态公式的重复 As a repetition to the topic present and desired state formulations,

请看一看专业基础训练的视频木材 please have a look at the video Timber for pro basic training,

少于三个列表和模板 less than three lists and templates,

视频 video,

概述和创建列表 a overview and create lists.

下一步 In the next step,

探索现实 explore reality.

更详细地描述了客户机的不希望的当前状态 The undesired present state of the client is described in more detail.

这反映在这里使用的问题的不同质量上 This is reflected in the different quality of the questions used here.

在信息领域的分析之后 这些问题按相关性的降序排列 The questions are displayed in descending order of relevance after analysis in the information field.

激活这个盒子 activate the box,

没有盐的形成会自动产生攻击 no salt formation to automatically create an assault,

换句话说 or in other words,

你的答案颠倒了 an inversion of your answer.

生成的优化列表的公式 Formulation for the resulting optimization list.

发现可能性 部分旨在改变客户对当前状况的看法 The Discover Possibility section aims to change the client's perception of their current situation.

有什么资源可以实现目标 What resources are available to achieve the target?

谁会有帮助 Who could be helpful?

请在这里以默认的状态描述来回答 因为将会从这里创建一个优化列表 Please answer here by default in desired state descriptions as an optimization list will be created from this.

如果 If,

在特殊情况下 你描述的是一个负的状态 in exceptional cases you describe a negative present state,

请再次使用新的盐组 please use the new salt formation again.

在下面的分析中 In the following analysis,

将自我评估与信息领域的分析进行比较 并在此显示最高偏差的类别 the self assessment left is compared with the analysis from the information field right and the category with the highest deviation is displayed here.

到目前为止 So far,

我们一直在客户问题的意识领域中运作 we have been operating in the conscious domain of the client's problem.

通过这一步 By taking this next step,

你也在整合客户的无意识部分 you're integrating the unconscious part of the client's situation as well.

从精神分析的角度来看 In the sense of psychoanalysis according to see,

要年轻 be young.

这是无意识引导我们的部分 并且经常变得独立 This is the part that unconsciously guides us and often becomes independent.

有意识和无意识的部分 The conscious and unconscious part,

这意味着 在接下来的步骤中 对自我评估和信息场分析的最大偏差进行了更深入的分析 which means the highest deviation from the self assessment and from the information field analysis is then analyzed more deeply in the next step.

关于信息领域可能的原因 With regards to possible causes in the information field.

或者 Alternatively,

您还可以在这里选择一个完全不同的区域 用鼠标右键选择一个完全不同的区域 作为后续课程的无意识部分 you also have the option here to select a completely different area manually with the right mouse button as an unconscious part for the subsequent course.

分析 Analysis.

时间考虑过根据相关性排序的几个级别的选定类别 Time ever considers the selected category on several levels which are sorted according to relevance,

环境 the environment,

物理的 the physical,

生化的 biochemical,

精力充沛 energetic,

情感上 emotional,

精神上 mental,

喜剧和精神层面 comic and spiritual level.

你可以通过单个课程的不同长度来识别圆形图形的百分比偏差 You can recognize the percentage deviation in the circular graphic by the different lengths of the individual course levels.

正的引用是顺时针和负的 Positive references are clockwise and negative.

相关性是我们的计数器 Relevancy is our counter,

顺时针以不同的颜色高亮显示 clockwise highlighted in different colours.

类似于子午线模块 Similar to the meridian module,

你可以在右边看到分析的平衡补救措施或提议的修正 you can see the analyzed balancing remedies or proposed amendments on the right side.

如果你点击其中一个课程杠杆 If you click on one of these course levers.

使用屏幕底部的两个滑块来选择适当的数字 Use the two sliders at the bottom of the screen to select the appropriate number.

当然是水平和相应的建议 Of course levels and the corresponding suggestions.

继续进行选择 Proceed with the selection,

正如在能量点模块中所解释的 as explained in the energy points module,

视频 video.

请注意 您在Create优化列表区域中的两个相关成本分析列表中的选择是用于在信息字段中进行平衡的 Please note here that your selection in the two associated cost analysis lists in the Create optimization lists area is intended for balancing in the information field.

所有为不同模块步骤创建的广播列表可以在菜单点找到 All created broadcast lists for the different module steps can then be found in the menu point.

创建在不同的选项卡中清晰显示的优化列表 Create optimization lists clearly displayed in different tabs.

在这里 您可以单独为每个列表设置发送选项 Here you can individually set the sending options for each list,

更改单个列表条目或重新分析整个列表 change individual list entries or re analyzed entire lists.

每一个更改都会自动转移到列表菜单点中的已经激活的优化列表中 当然 Each change is automatically transferred to the already active optimization list in the lists menu point here where you can of course,

也可以查看和更改这个列表 also view and change this list.

像往常一样 as usual.

在最后一步 In the last step,

具体的行动计划是在这里创建的 the concrete action plan is created here.

目标和时间窗口是精确定义的 the goals and time windows are precisely defined.

在教练组里 In the coaching session,

这个区域代表了会话的本质或客户端的红线程 this area represents the essence of the session or the red thread for the client.

您应该仔细查看到目前为止所生成的所有结果 然后一起创建行动计划 You should take a detailed look at all the results generated so far beforehand and then create the action plan together.

当然 Of course,

您还将在模块的优化列表区域中找到操作计划 you will also find the action plan as a tap in the optimization lists area of the module.

您可以将已知的优化参数添加到这里 You can add the known optimization parameters to this,

以及在会话中创建的所有其他列表 并使用打印函数将它们打印出来 或者以PDF格式将它们发送给客户端 as well as to all other lists created in the session there and print them out using the print function or sent them to the client in PDF format.

在课程的历史中 In the sessions history,

您可以回顾或删除过去的会话 you can review or delete past sessions.

The Description of TimeWaver CoachingWheel模塊操作