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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Emmy Eats India - an American tasting Indian treats

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Greetings my lovlies! Hi, it's Emmy. Welcome back to another Emmy Eats. Today I'll be eating India.

So this will be my first tasting of India and it was graciously sent to me by Little Miss S.

So, lovely Miss S. now lives in the U.S. but originally she's from India. She says the north and south of India are

like two different countries: "we look different; we dress differently; and speak

different languages and eat different foods. Northern Indians mostly eat wheat

and in the south they mostly eat rice." So the last time Little Miss S. went home she brought me back all of these treats for me.

She told her grandmother about me and what I do and she said that her grandma said that

I should make sure I brush my teeth after eating all of those sweets. So sweet! Thnaks you so much

Little Miss S. and let's go ahead and get started on the tasting. So the first thing I want to try is this:

this is called RasgullaI'm sorry about my terrible Hindi pronunciation, Indian

friends; please excuse it. So, this is called Rasgulla. This looks like kind of a dessert; it says it's soft cottage cheese dumplings

with rose-flavored sugar syrup. That sounds AMAZING. So let's open this. It's so handy: it just comes in this tin.

And you just — "pop!" — open it like this. Oh my gosh! Look at that!

There's a...

So there's the treat...

Oh my gosh, so it's just oozing with syrup. Looks like it's the same in the middle.

Ooh, I do smell some rose. All right. Let's give it a taste. Here we go. Itadakimasu.


Very, very, very, very sweet!

But very rose-like. Wow! How interesting! Has a very interesting texture: it's kind of squishy and spongy; and it's just soaked with this

rose-flavored syrup. It's a very interesting dessert because you get some

of those oily flavors that you get from a donut, but then it just soaked in the sugar

syrup of rosevery, very interesting combination and very, very sweet. In terms of levels of sweetness and

flavor, it reminds me a little bit of Turkish delightbecause it has that sweetness and that rose flavor to it....

but in texture it's completely differentvery interesting!

So now that we've had something sweet, let's do something savoryand let's have this one: and this is called KurKure.

And this is Masala Munch. And it looks like a Cheeto-like snack. There are the snacksand it looks just

like a Cheetobut it has a little more brown flecks rather than just being bright orange. All right. Let's give it a taste. Here we go. Itadakimasu!

Crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch... Ohh! It's got the same crunch and texture of a Cheetoa crunchy Cheetonice and hard and crunchy with a corn base...

The flavor is completely differentthis has some sour notes; salty; a little bit of sweetness; definitely some spice; and,

at the very end, some heat. Crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch, crunchI love it!

Next we have a cookie: and it's made by Sun Fest, and this is called Dark Fantasy Choco Fills. Sounds amazing!

So, let's open that up. They're individually wrappedhow cute! Look at that! Aw, how sweet! Look at this little cookie....


Mmm Hmmm!

And that's lovely. It's just a cookie biscuit, and the inside has a chocolate filling in the middlea bit like chocolate frosting. The outside, quickly, is chocolate-flavored as well

and has kind of the crumbly, buttery texture of like, a Nilla Wafer. It's greatnice and chocolatey; the filling is really nice and chocolatey as well.

Khatta Mheeta. Haldiram's Khatta Mheeta. "It's a sweet and spicey blend of noodles, puffed rice, green peas, and peanuts."

Wow! It sounds great! Some in here. Oh, it's beautiful. All right, let's give it a taste.


So, I was expecting a savory snackso, when I put it in my mouth, the first thing I experience is sweetness.

It's sweet....and then it's got a little bit of sourness....It's salty....and then you've got this really nice kind of spice blend in there.

I taste a little bit of cumin; maybe a little of coriander. It's delicious! I love it!

I had a similar snack like this in my Emmy Eats Bangladesh video, so if you missed that video, I'll put that link down below...but, really delightful...and I think would really go well with a nice, icy beer.

Next, let's have another cookieand this is called Kreams. It's made by the company Parlait, and these are "Gold Chocolate flavored Sandwich Biscuits."

Open. And there they areinside. Very cute patterning

on there. looks...on the inside looks like it's chocolate.

Oommf. Mmmm! I was really surprised by the texture of that. I was expecting the firmness

and the crispness of something more like an Oreo cookie. But this is actually much lighter.

It has a much flakier texture. I was also expecting it to have a strong kind of

chocolate punch, but to me it tastes little bit more vanillaed.... artificial

vanilla, granted, but more vanilla flavor with a little bit of chocolate; but I

think what is really delightful is the crunch of itit's very kind of soft and flaky.

So, Little Miss S. also sent me some Lay's potato chips, but sadly they got squashed en routelike terribly squashedso I won't be able to eat those.

She included India's Magic Masala and Chile Limón; but this one didn't get squashed, so let's have this one: and this is the West Indies Hot & Sweet Chili. Here we go!

Mmm! That is quite sweet for a potato chip....Mm.....It's good, though.

It has the same exact texture as a Ruffles potato chipkind of a light, ruffly crunch. It's quite sweet...and very garlicky! And then, at the very end, you get a little bit of heat.

Crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch.... Scrumptious!

Let's try another canned dessertthis is called Gulab Jamunand this is a soft

cottage cheese dumpling...with cardamom flavored sugar syrup. Ah! Sounds amazing!

Rip! Argh!

Wow! And just like the Rasgulla, these are spheres, but these are brown instead.

Ahh. I love how glossy they are.

Ohh! Similar kind ofoh! a little bit different texture than the Rasgulla...

a little denser...

but still soaked in syrup. This one smells nice too; floral as well. All right, let's give that a taste.

Ummm! Umm. I like this one better. This one too has a little bit of a floral flavor as wellI taste more of that cardamomand it's soaked with a very, very sweet sugar syrup.

But I like the texture of this one betterthis one seems like it might have some cornmeal or something in it. It's a little more denser. It reminds a little bit of like a hush puppy...

or that kind of a dumpling. It's very, very sweet but it has a really lovely perfume to it.


This is called Aloo Bhujiaand this is another Haldiram's mix. And this is spicy potato noodles.

Ooh, it smells nice and curried as well. Ahhh! It so delightful! It's so cute; it has a beautiful orange-yellow color to it. It's light and crispy: it reminds me of uncooked ramen.


It's like a really well-seasoned potato chipit has a different crunch of course than a potato chip. It has a potato flavor along with a really nice spice blend. You definitely taste the potato in there....

but you taste a ton of other flavors as well. When you first taste it, it's a little but sour; and salty; and then you start tasting some of the spices....

a little bit of coriander; a little bit of cumin; a little bit of cardamom, I think...

and salt; and then you get a fried flavor as well. It's delightful! Indian friends, do tell me if there's a better way of

eating instead of just dropping into my gullet -- I feel like I'm being, you know, ogreous.

But it's delicious! So the next one I have is thisand this one is another cookie. It's made by Good Day. And it's called Pista-Almond Cookie. Looks great.

Here it is.

A sweet looking cookie.

Hmm. And it's a very simple kind of buttery cookie. I don't taste too much almond, but I do feel a little bit of pistachio, kind of ground in I do feel it in the texture.

But in terms of flavor it just tastes more of, like, an almond-butter cookie. But it's greatI'm going to dip it in my tea.


And, of course, even better when dipped into hot tea. Delicious! Mm. So let's have another Haldiram's mix -- and this is the Kashmiri Mixture.

This one has a little ziplock top up here; pour some in here; ooh, this one has -- oh, look at that! look how fine those little threads are!

All right. Let's give this a taste! Here we go!

That was a disaster. Umm. That was great! I love the inclusion of the big cashews in there -- it really adds a nice crunch and richness to the whole mixture.

The texture of this crunch is a lot lighter and finer than some of the other ones. This is not nearly as sweet as the Khata Mheeta...

and, it doesn't have as much of the curried kind of flavor than the Aloo Bhujia.

But having said that, it's still very nicely seasoned. Delicious. Mm Hmm...

I have one more canned dessertand this one's a classic Indian Rasmalai....

Oh boy! So these dumplings are not sphericalbeautiful.

It has a similar texture to the Rasgulla. Itadakimasu!


To me, this is very similar to the Rasgullait has a similar kind of spongy texture to it; and it's soaked in this rose-flavored syrup so it's very, very, very sweet...but it's quite pleasant.

There's a little bit of textural difference in the sense that it feels like there's a little bit of maybe ground nuts or something in there?

Mmm! And there is a bit of a richness in there as well.Very interesting dessert.

Now this is called 20/20and this is a cashew butter cookie.

So let's give that a taste. Ahh, look at that beautiful pattern; I love that.


It's a flaky, crumbly, buttery cookie that has a nice kind of coconut flavor to it. I don't taste any cashew in there per se,

but it's deliciouslight and buttery, and I think it's perfect with tea.

All right, so that wraps up my little taste of India. Thank you so much Little Miss S. for sending this beautiful package of

Indian treatsand thank you guys so muchI wouldn't be here without you. I hope

you guys enjoyed that; I hope you guys learned something; don't forget to COMMENT, LIKE and SUBSCRIBE and

I shall see you in my next video. Toot-a-loo! Take care! Bye!

They say four to six, but I mean, really, you can't do four.

Let's do little rainbow guys.

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