Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 바삭바삭 촉촉 사과 파운드케이크 초고속 초간단 사과빵 만들기 이보다 더 쉬운 레시피 없을 것 같습니다 겉은 사과 비스켓 속은 에플파이 Easy Simple Apple bread

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Hello ? I'm Hojugyver

Even if you eat only one a day

Is there a fruit that says you have nothing to see your doctor all your life?

That's an apple

Today I use an apple that is good for the body

I'm going to make apple cake.

I think someone waited for this video right now.

She have some boxes of apples.

She asked me to make a bread with apples

Let's make apple cake

The apple I'm going to use today

It's a little small so I use two

If you have a big apple, you can just use one

I'll wash the apples first

Soak with some water

Put some baking soda on the apples

I will rub it with my hands

I will do it for another one.

When washed it little bit,

Put it in a bowl

Put the apples in the bowl so that they are submerged

Let's leave this for a minute

1 minute has passed.

Now I'll wash it with running water

Isn't the apple sound different?

Now I'll cut the apples

Cut an apple into quarters

I will peel off the mess.

The clean up is over.

I'll cut it now

I cut all the apples

Now I'll start the batter

Put the sliced ​​apples in the bowl

Put half a cup of sugar here

And I'll put a pinch of salt here

mix all in this state

I simply mixed the sugar and salt with the apples

I'll put 1/3 cup of cooking oil here

I added 1/3 cup of cooking oil

3 eggs

With cooking oil and eggs

I'll mix again

Not much.

This is enough

Now add flour and baking powder

I'll finish the batter

Isn't it really simple?

Today i need 2 cups of flour.

2 cups of flour.

One tablespoon of baking powder.

Now strain the flour

I'll mix

The apple bread batter is done with this

I'll put it in the pan and bake it in the oven

It's a baking pan.

I'll spray oil in it.

Put the batter in the baking tray

I'll spread it well

I expect delicious apple cake

To make the apple cake pop well

I'll spray cooking oil in the middle

It's ready

I'll put it in the oven and bake it

I think the cake is done

Now I'll turn off the oven and take the cake out.

Now i cut this

Delicious cake was completed

I'll cut it now

Can you see it?

The apples are not too big or small

Evenly inside

It looks really delicious

And as you may have heard

It's really crunchy on the outside

The inside is very moist

Delicious bread was completed

Apple Bread, Apple Pound Cake

Now I'll try

You have to make this by yourself.

Crunchy on the outside

Incomparable taste

Some apple flavor

Biscuits, sweets I feel like eating a delicious biscuit

It feels like eating apple pie inside.

The apples are chewed as they are. Delicious.

You have a lot of apples at home.

Make this cake, it's delicious

Easy, simple and delicious

Apple bread. Apple Pound Cake

Make this by yourselves too

Thank you for watching

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