Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Electrified S2 & X2 | How to swap your Smart Cartridge

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- Today we're going to show you

how to swap the Smart Cartridge on Electrified S2.

And for that we're gonna start by taking out our seat.

Use our Torx 30 for that,

the one supplied with the bike.

Gonna remove it completely.

Like so.

Then we're gonna grab our Torx 10,

that one is supplied with the cartridge.

I'm gonna remove the four screws underneath.

One here and three down here.

And the last one.

Good, gonna put those aside

since we'll need them later, the screws.

And now we're gonna remove the cartridge itself.

Before we do that we're gonna make sure

the charger plug is completely pushed in

then gonna push the cartridge out backwards

with our thumbs.

Like so.

We slide it out.

And grab our new one

and slide that one back in.

I'm gonna push it as far as we can

and push the light in, like so.

Then we're gonna put our four screws back in.

And they just have to be hand tight.

That's one.


That's three.

And the last one.

This one is a little bit tricky.

Here we go.

Let's go in here.

So, those are back in.

Now we're gonna put our seat back in.

If you can't get it in

make sure the seat post clamp, in here,

is in the right position.

We can just push that back, like so.

And put it on the height you prefer.

Then we can just tighten it.

Now we're going to give it a reset with our pen.

Do that on the bottom in the front here.

You will hear a small static pop

and that's the sign that it has been reset.

Now we can just press it on

and that's how we replace our Smart Cartridge

on the Electrified S2.

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