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- [inaudible] - I'm coming.

She's Only Five The parents talk about Pologuo2Go

What's the problem?


We, as her family. we understand her

But for her, it's frustrating not being able to communicate

with her friends, and all the people outside.

- Store. - [inaudible]



I went.

When the speech therapist introduced to us Proloquo,

We said great, It is a great tool

and it looks awesome, except that the kid is only 5.

So, absolutely,. She can't read

There's a lot of icons. It's very very rich.

And we said: "Yes, Yes. Let's give it a try,

No worries."

But in fact, in my head, I thought it will never work.

And in the store, what did you buy?


And we got surprised in a few weeks.

Within a few weeks of work with the speech therapist.

She has learned where are the main pictograms,

how the app works and she was able to tell us

some a few things because on top of that it is fun.

A pair of jeans, a skirt, a coat.

And finally, it works very well

and we regret even not having it before.


Is it true?

I was still a little bit scared

because I am absolutely not good with computers.

But really not at all. I'm not interested.

And I said to myself, we will still have to get started.

And in fact, it is not required to do more than that

even if we aren't very familiar with tablets.

It's very intuitive and I'm used to it.

My five year old daughter is used to it, so, I figured

" Why not! "

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