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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: "10 useful Italian slang phrases" by Tia Taylor from the USA – EF Guest Vlog

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Hey YouTube!

Im Tia from America and Im todays EF Guest Vlogger.

Although Im from America, I live in Italy and I speak Italian.

One of my favourite things about the Italian language is the way the people express themselves.

Some of the most fun phrases to say in Italian are slang words and other phrases

that you just dont learn in the classroom.

As an American who didnt have a great grasp of Italian before going,

it took me a while to pick up on these phrases.

So, Im going to help you guys out and Im going to tell you guys what I think are

the 10 most useful and fun phrases to know if youre going to study abroad in Italy.

This first word youre going to use is in the place ofI dont know

except its a million times more fun to say thanI dont know.’


Whats he talking about? Boh.

Its just a B with a very …. ‘oh.’

If youre going to study abroad in Italy, youre going to take exams there.

This phrase is going to be pretty useful during exam time.

When you want to tell somebodygood luck,’ You use the phrasein bocca al lupo.’

Literally, this meansin the mouth of the wolf.’

Now, theres this crazy back story to it as to why people say it when they want to saygood luck,’

but I dont remember it.

All you need to know is that when people sayin bocca al lupo,’

theyre sayinggood luckto you and you have to respond by sayingcrepi.’

Since theyre sayingin the mouth of the wolf,’ it doesnt really make sense to saythank you.’

You have to saycrepiwhich meansIll kill the wolfor something like that.

Practice with me!

Oh yeah, I have an exam today. In bocca al lupo! Ah, crepi.

Now, Ive been told that this phrase is mostly used in the north and the centre,

but I use it all the time to refer to my friends. Itsraga.’

Raga is a shortened version of ragazzi and it just meansguys.’

Hey guys, whats up? Ciao ragazzi, come va?

This phrase will probably be one of the most useful for you guys.

Itsfigoorche figo!’

Figomeanscool,’ andche figomeanshow cool!’

So now, whenever something cool happens, youll finally know how to respond to that situation.

Che figo!

On the opposite spectrum we haveche palle.’ You use it whenever youre irritated.

Is someone annoying you? Che palle!

Do you have to do something that you dont really want to do?

Che palle!

I didnt study for this exam and I didnt know that we had it today.

Che palle!

Another one of my favourite words isdai!’ In Italian, its spelled D-A-I.

And it literally meanscome on!’ Dai! Hurry up! Sprigati!

If youre going to be studying at EFs language school in Rome,

you might more commonly heardaje.’

Dajecan meandai,’ but I guess it can also mean a million other things.

Dajeis kind of a placeholder in the city of Rome.


Schifo. Che schifo! This one meansgrossorhow gross.’

If something happened and its kind of disturbing you in an uncomfortable way,

you would respond by sayingche schifo!’

If you want to say that somebodys gross, you would sayfai schifo!’

Figurati! Figurati meansno problem.’

If somebody does something for you and they say thank you, you can respond withfigurati.’

Or it meansdont mention it.’ Grazie mille. Figurati!

Zio or Zia.

Literally, this means uncle or auntie,

but you can use it to refer to your friends as brother and sister.

I know, I know.

The next one isnt so much slang

as it is a phrase that people use a lot.

Itsbuonbla bla bla bla bla. Buon anything!

Buon lavoro, buon studio, buona giornata, buon manga, buon pranzo.

You could saybuonin front of anything and it lets people know

have a good whatever youre doing.’

Buon lavoroisgood work’, ‘buon studioishave a good time studying,’ orgood study,’ literally.

Buon pranzoishave a nice lunch. ‘ ‘Buona giornataishave a nice day.’

If you putbuonin front of just about any action,

Congratulations! Youve passed your first lesson on Italian kindness and manners.

Those are my top 10 useful phrases and slang words for incoming Erasmus and study-abroad students.

Theyre Italian words that arent usually taught in the Italian classroom,

but I think could be pretty useful for everyday life.

And now you dont have to live in Italy for two years to finally get them.

I hope that this video could be a help to you guys and I hope that you found it entertaining.

Moving to a new country and learning a new language has really been one of the best experiences of my life.

Im always recommending and pushing other people to do it as well.

If you guys want to know more about my international life, go into my channel.

Its going to be below in the description.

I hope you guys liked this video and Ill see you guys around!

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