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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: CityView Zilker Trees

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And now for a little tree talk

volunteers recently came out to rake, shovel and scoop mulch

all to enhance the soil conditions of Zilker Park trees

Park lovers of all ages got dirty while doing their part to preserve some of Austin's

oldest residents.

Child talking while shoveling

I shovel more at a time.

crowd chatter.

The Austin Parks Foundation is working with the Austin Heritage Tree Foundation

and the city of Austin Parks and Recreation Department to mulch about 600 trees

in this area of Zilker Park

We've had a number of trees here in this area of Zilker Park

that died from really just the same drought that we've had over the last couple years

and unfortunately the rains that we had earlier this year didn't really help

It's going great. We've got great volunteers and we've got great City staff out working with us.

We'll probably have one or two more work days

in September to help kind of finish with this area. We mulched about

half to two-thirds of the trees so far so we've got a little more work to do.

Mia and I are here helping out with the mulching a Zilker Park. We do this maybe three or four

times a month. It a a good volunteer opportunity, indoctrinating my kid in it.

We read about it on line and thought it would be

a great way to spend a Saturday morning. At the end of the day, it's probably going to be about two hundred cubic yards which is quite

a bit, quite a bit.

So one wheelbarrow at a time, but we also have the city using some equipment

helping us haul, carry some

larger amounts 0:01:27.439,0:01:29.439 So, great, great group of people working

out here today

To learn more about what volunteer opportunities with the Parks Department visit

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