Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Assistant Hunts for Paw Patrol and Lion Guard in Hawaii Hide and Seek

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- [Girl Voiceover] Family fun for everyone!

- [Cameraman] Assistant, where did Marshall go?

- I don't know!

- He's on your head, silly goose!

- Ah, let me get him off.

- Whoa, you got him off.

- Is he off?

- You better go get him!

- Okay, I'll get him.

- Marshall...

(water splashing)


- Assistant, you gotta find Marshall,

do you know where he's at?

- Oh I see him, right there!


- Oh, here is is!

You found him.

Good job, assistant. Way to find Marshall.

Assistant's gotta find Marshall.

Where's Marshall at?

She's looking under the water.

Where did he go, do you see him?

- There he is!

- Where?

- Right there.

- You see him?

- Yes!

- Oh, good job you found him!

Good job!

You gonna go hide him from me?

- Uh-Huh.

- Okay.

Now, I've gotta find Marshall.

Hmm, where could he be.

Maybe he's under the water.

Not under the water, where can Marshall be?

Is he up here?

Let's look over here.

Is he in there?


- [Girl] You're cold right now.

Hot, hot.

- I bet he's right up here.

Is he up here?

- [Girl] You're very cold.

- Marshall.

- [Girl] Hot, hotter.

- Assistant, where did Marshall go?

- I can't tell you.

- Where did he go?

- Ask him!

- Let's ask him.

People at home, do you see Marshall?

Is he over here?


There he is!

Good job, I didn't know where he was at.

You did a good job hiding him.

Now should I hide him?

- Yeah!

- Where did the Assistant go?

Oh there she is.

You gotta find Marshall!

Where could he be?

Do you see him?

Oh she sees him, but where?

Can you show me?

Point to where he's at, point to where he's at.

Way up here?

Okay I've gotta find Marshall, right?

- [Girl] Right.

- Where could he be?


Assistant, where could he be?

Where's he at?

- You're getting really close.

- Do you have him?

No? Are you sure?

I think she's got him.

Do you got Marshall?

Is he in the water, where's he at?

Wait a minute.

There he is.

That was a tricky spot to hide him.

Oh boy.

Okay Assistant we gotta find Marshall in the dark tunnel.

Where could he be?

Do you see him?

Assistant, do you see him?

- No.

There he is!

- You see him?

There's Marshall there!

Wow, he was hiding in the cave, wasn't he?

- Yeah.

Now it's my turn.

- Okay Assistant, you're gonna hide him?

- Close your eyes.

- Okay I'm gonna go, you hide Marshall.

Okay the Assistant hid Marshall

now I've gotta find him.

Where could he be?

Assistant, where did Marshall go?

- I don't know.

- Marshall! Marshall!

- Marshall!

- Marshall are you here?


Assistant, look right there he is.

- Whoa, good hiding spot!

- There's Marshall right there,

what a good hiding spot!

Good hiding spot Assistant.

- Thanks.

- Okay Assistant let's see if you can find Marshall.

Where could he be?

Marshall, Marshall.

Are you in the waterfall?

- There he is!

- What a minute did you find him?

There he is right there.

Wow, good job Assistant.

- Thanks.

Let's go back to headquarters.

- Gotta get back to the lookout, right?

- Right.

- Let's go play one more time.

A different spot, okay?

- Okay.

- Okay let's see if you can find him.

Let's see if you can find Marshall.

Let's see if you can find him.

He's hiding really really well.

Let's see if she can find him.

You think she can find him?


You think you can find him?

(kids chatter)

Think you can find him?

Assistant, Assistant.

Assistant, think you can find him?

- [Kid] It was over there on that rock.

- [Cameraman] You found him! Or did you.

There he is!

- Found him!

- Good job!

Okay we've gotta find it.

Where do you think it is?

Hmm, where could it be?

Where could Marshall be?

Let's see.

I think he's under the water, what do you think?

Do you think he's under the water?

Let's look.

(underwater noises)

- [Girl] I see him, right there.

- Assistant sees him.

Where's he at?

There he is! Good job.

- You went underwater for nothing.

- I did, good job.

- We have go down this lazy river

to find a lion.

Let's go!

- [Cameraman] We gotta go find 'em, don't we?

Hmm, I wonder where they're at.

Hey Assistant we've gotta find, Bunga, Kion

and all the members of Lion Guard, right?

- Yes, let's go.

- Let's go, they could be anywhere.

- Yeah, I'll do it.

- Where could they be?

Hey Assistant, where are they at?

- Maybe they're in the cups?

- You think they're in the cups?

- I don't know.

- Where could they be?

We gotta find Kion and Bunga, right?

- Right.

- Whoa there's a bridge that we're going under.

They could be anywhere, couldn't they?

- Yeah.

- I don't see 'em yet.

Wow, is there alligators in this river?

Are you sure?

Is there anything dangerous in this river?

- No.

- Really?


(kids screaming)

Where are they at?

We're not having any luck

trying to find Lion Guard among this river.

I don't see 'em anywhere in these rocks.

Oh boy.

There's the Assistant, she's right there in front of me.

I wonder if she sees 'em yet.

Because they're nowhere to be found on this river.


Hey, wait a minute, is that a cave?

Is that a cave right there?

With a waterfall?

I wonder if they're in there.

(rushing water)

Oh boy, we're in this cave with all these waterfalls.

We gotta find Lion Guard.

There's the Assistant ahead of me,

looks like she's getting water on her

from the waterfall.

Do you see the Lion Guard?

Gotta be in here.

I'm getting wet from the waterfall!

Look at all this water!

Where's Kion and Bunga?

We gotta find 'em.

There's the Assistant.

Let's look in there.

Do you see 'em?

No? Neither do I.

Hmm, where is the Lion Guard?

Assistant did you see 'em in there?

Did you see, where you do think they're at?

- I don't know.

- We gotta find 'em.

Assistant, where's the Lion Guard?

- I don't know!

- I don't know either.

Let's look along these rocks.

Do you think they may be in here?

They're along these rocks you think, huh?

I sure don't see 'em anywhere.

We're gonna have to keep on looking, right!

- I wonder if they're back in that cave.

- Back in that cave?

- Yeah.

- I don't see 'em anywhere, do you?

- No.

But we can go for ice cream already.

- Should we go for ice cream?

- Yeah.

- Let's go find 'em.

Then maybe some ice cream.

I wish you knew where they were at, Assistant.

I wish we knew where the Lion Guard was at.

Maybe they're up here.

Maybe they're in there.

- We can't find them.

- I think we're getting close Assistant.

- Yeah.

- So let's see, are they up here?


Where can they be?

- [Girl] Look!

- Look, there they are!

- There's Kion, and Fuli, and Bunga and Beshte,

and even back there is Ono!

- We've already checked here.

I bet these came back.

- Good job, way to find them!

- Thanks!

- So there they are Assistant, we found 'em.


What's gonna happen?

Bunga, Bunga.

Ahh, Bunga fell in the water!

- Oh no, we have to go underwater and save Bunga!

- We gotta save Bunga.

- I got him!

- You found Bunga, good job. Wow.

- I hope nobody else tries to go down.

- I hope no one else falls too, right?

- Right.

- So there's Bunga, we saved Bunga.

Uh-oh, I think somebody else is gonna fall.

Oh Kion!

We gotta save him, Assistant!

Let's go save Kion, he fell too.

- Okay.

We found him!

- We found him, good job.

Wow, we saved Kion and Bunga.

- Yeah, I hope nobody else falls.

- Let's put him back up, okay?

- Okay, back up to the Pridelands.

- That's the Pridelands right there.

That's their own secret hiding spot.

Alright, so you saved Kion and Bunga.

Oh no, Beshte, Beshte's in the water.

Gotta save him too.

Hey Assistant you gotta save Beshte.

Wait a minute.

- Beshte floats.

- Beshte floats, that's silly. Good job.

- I know a way to put him underwater, watch.

- Okay see if you can put him.

- Come down with me.

- He floated. Way cool.

Let's put him back.

- Back to the Pridelands.

- Back into the Pridelands.

Cool. Just like that, right?

- Right.

Okay everyone now we need to find PAW Patrol right away.

- Yeah where'd he go?

- I think they're up here.

- You think they're up there?

- Yeah.

- Let's look.

I don't see them, do you?

- No.

- We gotta keep looking.

You think they're up there?

- No.

- Now the Assistant's gonna go all the way up

to the very top of the structure

and see if she can go down the waterslide

and find PAW Patrol.

Okay Assistant, you gotta look for PAW Patrol.

See if you can find them.

Ready, set, hey let's go down the waterslide.

Whoa, have fun Assistant.

Hey, did you find PAW Patrol?

We need to keep looking if you didn't.

- I didn't!

- Where could they be?

- I don't know.

This way!

- Let's go this way, see if we can find 'em!

We're on the look out to try and find PAW Patrol.

We gotta find Chase, Marshall, Rubble,

Everest, Skye, we gotta find 'em all.

Oh you're taking a shower.

Oh, you think they're there?

You think they're in this door?

PAW Patrol, are you in there?

Nope, they're not in there either.

Hmm, we gotta keep lookin'.

Hey look, there's a statue there though.

Do you see 'em?

I don't see 'em either.

Look at that statue.

It looks like the statue's asleep.

Hey, there's a statue.

- Ah, I see it.

- Hm, no PAW Patrol though.

We gotta keep lookin'.

Let's see if we can find 'em.

How about behind there?

Oh look.

(rushing water)

You think they're in that pipe?

- [Girl] Maybe there's a secret PAW Patrol map.

- You found a secret PAW Patrol map?

- Yeah it was in the water.

- You think they're in the cave,

is that what it says?

- Yeah.

- We gotta find that cave, don't we.

- Go to the cave.

- But they're not in there.

Whoa, Assistant watch out!

I think you're getting close.

Hey, wait a minute.

I think we're getting close.

Is PAW Patrol in here?

- No I don't see them.

- Let's keep looking right.

Maybe under the water.

Whoa here it comes, watch out!

(rushing water)

Let's keep going a little bit closer.

Let's see if we can see PAW Patrol in here.

I don't see 'em.

Wait, maybe up there, what do you think.

Or under the water, right here, no.

Where are they at?

(upbeat tropical music)

Assistant are they in there?

- No. I don't see them.

- I don't see 'em either.

- Not in the cave.

- They're not in there.

We gotta find 'em don't we.

Let's keep looking in this cave.

Now that the Assistant has her special map,

she can lead us right to the cave.


Hey it's so wet under here, so much water.

Do you see the cave?

I think she see it, look, she sees it!


- Hey the map says to look inside this cave.

Just in time, this map is about to fall apart.

- The map's falling apart,

so you think they're inside this cave?

- Yep.

- Which way do we gotta go assistant?

Assistant which way is the map?

- Look!

- Where are you at Assistant?

- Right here.

- There you are, there you are!

Look, wait a minute, you're right.

You found 'em!

There is Skye and Rocky.

They're inside the cave aren't they.

And there's Rubble.

Hey Rubble on the double. Good job.

We found Rubble and Marshall,

And Zuma and Chase.

Those are the all-star versions, aren't they?

- Yeah.

- Wow look, there's Chase in the cave, we found Zuma,

we're way deep in this cave.

- Mmhmm. We better collect 'em before the hot water stars.

- Well wait a minute assistant,

first we need to talk.

Good job in finding PAW Patrol.

- Thanks.

- So we got to go across the bridge,

down the slide,

and all kinds of cool things, right?

- I want to get one more thing.

They say that they have special supplies,

and look brand new goggles!

- Wow, and the PAW Patrol left you these goggles

to go snorkeling, didn't they?

- Yeah they did.

- Wow that's great.

- Welcome to my new fort, everybody.

- What kind of tree house is this, Assistant?

- It's..

- It's inside of a tree, whoa look at that.

- It's a Tarzan tree.

- It's a Tarzan tree, look.

Whoa the Assistant's way up there.

- Yep.

- Assistant can you come down?

Show me all around your fort, okay?

- Okay.

- And you said those are Tarzan vines?

- Everywhere.

- Wow.

So let's see if we can find the Assistant.

Where did she go?

Oh there she is.

- Here I am.

- Just come on out.

Hey wait a minute, look, there's a vine.

Can you climb that vine?

- Where, here?

- Whoa look at that vine,

show them you can climb up it a little bit.

It's like a Tarzan vine.

She can climb it.

And this is a real tree, isn't it?

- Yep.

- Hey let's go show 'em

the rest of our cool tree fort, okay?

Oh boy I lost the Assistant,

where did the Assistant go?

- I'm right here.

- There she is.

Hey show me the secret passageway.

- Okay.

- Wow, so this is how you hide from Captain Hook, isn't it.

Or from any of the bad guys.

- Yes it is.

Maybe I could climb from right here.

- That's how you get to your lookout, right,

is climbing up this tree right here

into the lookout perch.

- Yep.

- Wow.

Hey where did the Assistant go now?

Let's see if we can find her in the treehouse.



- Coming!

- Where did she, there she is.

She found another secret room that she's climbing into.

- Yes I did.

- All the way up onto another lookout branch.

This is called a Banyon tree right, Assistant?

- Right.

- And what happens is the roots actually come down

from the branches,

and then when they touch the ground they become roots.

- Yes they do it's true.

- So these are roots that are trying to come out

and touch the ground.

Be careful, Assistant.

Assistant are you stuck in there?

- Yeah.

- Oh no it's like you're in jail.

Can you get out?

- Yeah.

- You're stuck inside your fort.

Oh, good job.

Oh, you're still stuck.

Whew, she made it out, good job.

- I made it.

- Climbing up into your tree fort.

So where are we at?

We're still inside the tree, right?

- Yep now we have to go up,

so let's go up!

- You're gonna climb up it?

- Yeah.

- Whoa, now this is a real tree isn't it?

- Yes it is.

- Wow.

Look, there's like a little fort up in the tree isn't there?

- Yep.

- Right there.

- Yes there is.

- Look Assistant at how high you are up in this tree.

- Yes it's amazing.

- Whoa look at our big view way down there.

Whoa Assistant, it's like a big fort, isn't it?

Like Swiss Family Robinson.

- Yar, yes.

- And there's vines that you could climb up like Tarzan.

- Yeah but that is a little bit dangerous.

- I could be, couldn't it.

Let's look at more of your fort

and see you swing on some vines, okay?

- Okay.

- Assistant, can you show us more around your fort?

- Yes siroo.

- Yes siroo.

Well there's a vine, are you gonna swing on it?

- Yes, yes.

Maybe this one.

- Wow.

So cool.

- Cool.

- Wow look, there's secret hiding spots.

Look Assistant, there's like a little tunnel through here.

Here's the Assistant swinging on the vines.

- I'm gonna go on a different one.

- That wasn't swinging.

Super neat.

Wait a minute, look,

there's another secret hiding spot in your tree fort.

- Oh.

- Wow.

- It's so big I haven't seen all of it yet.

- Look it goes all they way,

you could probably sit way up there right?

So look Assistant there's a big lookout up there too

isn't there?

- Yeah I could probably climb up there,

like from over here.

- You could probably climb up there,

then that way it's like your lookout,

like PAW Patrol, right?

- Right.

Okay, starting to climb up.

- Hey Assistant, where you at?

- Right up here.

- Look you're in the lookout part of the tree,

way up there.

- Yes I am.

- Wow.

Hey what's your favorite part

of this super cool treehouse?

- My favorite part was climbing.

- Climbing, huh?

- Yep.

- That was a lot of fun.

And did you like swinging on those vines?

- Yeah.

- Just like who?

- Tarzan.

- Tarzan can you go (howl).


- The Assistant and Tarzan.

Hey so there's lots of cool things.

Hey down here what does it say to do?

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- I'm gonna get down but that could be dangerous.

- Well that could be dangerous.

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