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[Keith] There are birds called demoiselle cranes

that cross the Himalayas each year

to reach their wintering grounds.

You could probably get there the same way.

[Lily] As the cranes?

Head to the northern cliff.

Northern cliff?

[Keith] Yeah. You'll have to jump off the cliff

at a speed of at least 15 kilometers per hour.

After falling for two seconds,

you'll reach this point, and then whoosh!

That's when I spread my wings.

Then, if you can catch one of the updrafts

that occur there during this season,

it'll carry you above the clouds without you doing any work.

Once you get above the clouds,

you can start your ascent toward Canopus.

Toward Canopus? What's up there?

A white ship hidden among the stars.

A ship?

An enormous airship that was built during the war.

It's called the "Moby Dick."

It's Market Maker's base of operations.

If she's being kept anywhere, she's there.


Do you think she'll be waiting for me?

I told you, didn't I?

You do remember I'm the one

who deciphered the Jetblack inscription?


It was said that the glyphs couldn't be cracked.

No one could figure out that their meaning was changing

based on their direction and combination.

Vertical, horizontal, diagonal,

even, odd, prime, roots--

countless patterns exist,

with each configuration forming their own sentence.

Not many people are aware of this...

...but that one stone slab

contains a massive amount of information and mythology

that's even on par with the Bible.

But the thing was full of metaphors,

so it was complicated making heads or tails

out of all of the information.

However, one passage is hard to ignore.

"Tale of the Two Shrine Maidens."

On the night of the 13th full moon,

the man who was chosen by the two shrine maidens

gained power, companions, and wings

and became the black-winged king.

Having fulfilled their purpose, the two maidens

presented the king with a blade that burned blue.

"Decapitate one of us," they said.

The maiden whose head was cut off turned to ash

and merged with the king, granting him yet another power.

He married the other maiden,

and the two fought together atop Cremona's summit.

She then shared his tragic fate at the end.


[Keith] Does that sound familiar to you?

Both me and my old man--

No, it's happened to everyone who's come into contact with it.

Our actions became driven by that tablet.

If God is something we define as being eternal

and having the ability to bend fate to its will,

then that tablet itself could be considered God.

[Koku] If our actions really are driven by that tablet,

then the connection I have with it will cause Yuna to die.

If fate actually plays a part in this world,

you'll just have to accept it.

If you can not do that,

then you're gonna have to fight back.

Koku, don't allow the future to scare you.

The hope, the despair,

see it all for yourself.

[Minatsuki] It's beginning.

We will save our brethren by working together.

It won't be you.


His world is strictly below the clouds.

Even if he should try to fly up and reach the stars,

his wings will be burned by ice,

and he will plummet to oblivion...

just like Icarus.

[Yuna] He's going to come.

I know Koku.

He'll come.

[woman vocalizing]

He probably won't use the main streets,

so we can't predict travel time.

I think these roads over here are the safer bet.

But he'd stick out like a sore thumb.

Right, because he's on the run.

Then would he use a street he knew was prone to traffic jams?

None of that matters.

As far as he's concerned, this is just an ordinary day.

[Eric] I'm not sure this is an ordinary anything.

Nonetheless, we'll never make any headway at this rate.

We have to narrow down the search somehow.

-[Kaela gasps] -What is it?

That crowd search software I used earlier...

it might be what we need.

Of course.

We just need to tweak it a bit so it detects cars

that are behaving erratically. Can you do it?

Yeah, I can, but there's one small problem,

not enough satellites.

In order for me to pull this thing off,

I'd need a radius of 1.8 kilometers.

Tell me how many.

Just two more.

Do you approve of this?


[Eric] There you go.

[Kaela] What did you do?

[Eric] Something this old guy taught me a while back.

[Eric] Lily's life is on the line. Hurry.

[metal taps]

[Gilbert] No one's coming.

He won't have enough time to find us here.

When he arrives, it'll be too late.

[Kaela] Got it.

Where is he?

He's heading straight for the harbor.

The harbor?

Kaela, display max travel distance

centered around those spots.

-By ship? -That's right.

And speed?

Use the average. There's no traffic at sea.

22 knots.

So it would be around half a mile.

Margin of error?

Make it a different color.

What's this?

That's the Ramon Harbor.

It's military-controlled,

so it's closed off to the public.

Ramon? Where have I heard that name before?

[Eric] The Ramon Psychiatric Hospital.

Dead Kyle again.

Yes, it's the hospital where he was being treated.

A hospital?

I believe his adoptive father was in the navy.

so there's a good chance

that he pulled some strings for his son.

[Kaela] Looks like they have ties to us, too.


Look here.

Apparently dead bodies with no one to claim them

are delivered to the lab to be used as cadavers.

Corpses delivered?

[Gilbert] It's the anniversary of her death.

Time sure flies by.

Are you still searching?

It's been seven years now.

That book by Melville?

You lent me a copy ages ago.

Erika would never listen to music like this.

...worst craving for a cigarette.


[Koku] This country is crawling

with more discarded Reggies than you can imagine.

The answer you've been looking for

has been right underneath your noses.

Another cadaver?


[Keith] No.

That's not it.

Another cadaver?

[door buzzer beeps]

[driver] No problem.

Kaela, I need you to go through Gilbert's exit logs.

From the lab? Hang on a sec.

Huh? No way.

If these logs are up to date,

Gilbert Ross hasn't left the lab.

-What? -In the last eight years,

how many times has Gilbert stayed late

and worked past midnight?

37 times.

Black hair, fair skin.

Don't forget the brown eyes.

Around 25 years old and under 5'3".

How many missing women are there that fit the profile?



There's no doubt.

Gilbert's lair...

is right beneath us.

Kaela, can you pull up the blueprints?

[Kaela] There are a bunch. Which one?

All of 'em.

[Kaela] It's been altered a lot.

[Eric] Well, it's been added to constantly for 300 years.

[Kaela] That explains why each floor

is a different architectural style.

Kaela, display the plans,

but see if you can separate them by year.

Just a second.

[Keith] Also, show us attics and crawl spaces...

-Okay. -voids between the additions.

-Done. -Show me any dead space

larger than 180 centimeters.

[Kaela] That's this one. Done.


It was right under our noses,

but we completely missed it.

Kaela, call for backup.

-We can't. -Why not?

Just think about it.

There's no way he pulled this off by himself.

It's not possible.

You mean...

We don't know how many people he has working on the inside.

It is very likely that there are a lot more of them

than there are of us.

If we don't land a decisive blow,

they're going to decimate us.

So what are you suggesting we do, then?

We will put an end to this madness by ourselves.

Please take 'em off.



Let's go.

[Eric] Yes, sir!

When we finally apprehend Gilbert,

what do you plan to do with him?

[buzzer whines]


A space like this was in the station house?

There are just so many of them.

[Keith] Puzo.

Who's he?

He's Albert Puzo, Chief Executive of Jaula Blanca.

It was the organization that made its sole purpose

to revive the divine bloodline.

In addition to that, he's Gilbert Ross' father

and has the distinction of being his very first kill.

This is where he began.

He killed everyone here himself?

This is far more than just 37 people!

-What could he be planning?! -I don't know.

Don't know? You must be joking!

This is utter madness, Keith!

What the hell are we supposed to do here?!

I've been investigating him for a long time.

In fact, he was probably aware,

but his behavior hasn't changed.

He kills people like the rest of us breathe,

and then he behaves like nothing had ever happened.

Days later, someone else is arrested,

and after they confess,

they end up dying in one way or another--

suicide, murder, sickness.

After everything has been reset,

he goes back to his daily routine until the next kill.

That's just insane. He couldn't possibly--

He most certainly could.

You'd need immense power

and a guiltless conscience combined...

with an intellect superior to others.


[cell phone buzzing]

[Gilbert] Hello, Keith. Are you still there?

Where's Lily?

She really does look like Erika, doesn't she,

right down to the color of her skin and eyes.

Tell me, what do you want me to do with her?

Do whatever you want.


I see you only used one scalpel.

From the looks of things,

you bolted out of here in quite a hurry.

Did we crash the party early?

You don't have Lily with you, and she isn't dead.

Had you killed her,

you wouldn't have been able to use her to slow me down.

Look, Gilbert, I'm not the same person that I used to be.

I have teammates this time.

[Gilbert laughs]

Don't make me laugh. Teammates?


It seems as though you're going to escape tonight,

and for now, that's fine. Run.

But no matter where you run to,

the only things waiting for you will be darkness and despair.

I'm going to hunt you down and find you,

and using my own two hands, I'll end your existence.

I'm so happy to hear you say those words,

my dear friend, Keith Flick.

Pardon me.

Is this--


[Eric] Lily!




-[Eric] Keith? -Over here!

She's been drugged.

[Eric] Lily!

-Lily, hang on! -I've got her.

Just move that one off her.


-Lily! -She'll be fine!

Get an ambulance here, and set up a cordon!

-[Eric] Kaela! -[gasps] Yes, sir!

Gilbert escaped. Lock down the area

around the station house right away!

Roger! And is...

She's in one piece, thankfully.


She's been injected with some kind of a drug.

Call for an ambulance immediately.


Is this what he used to get away?

You know, you're quite something.


I'm moving up the timetable.

I want you to kill everybody with ties to the Royal Police

as quickly as you can.

Use the gas if you have to.

[Minatsuki, distorted] I'm busy now.

You're what?

Our hands are full at the moment.

We can't spare any time to deal with you.

Bastard! Are you trying to be funny?

Not at all.

[altering to Minatsuki] You have our eternal gratitude.

You saved us.

But don't forget...

we saved you as well.

[Gilbert] Minatsuki.

Well, I have things to do. Goodbye now.

-Wait! Minatsu-- -[beep]


Damn it! Damn it!

Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!




I just knew it.

I knew I couldn't beat Keith.

I just knew it.

And yet, he still...

Don't go. No.


Erika! Erika!

Erika! Erika!


Erika, don't go.

I beg you, please don't leave me here alone.

[gasps] Erika.


She's finally dead.



It's almost funny,

Every last one of them is behaving so predictably.

They're so simple.

All that's left now is the epilogue.

Let's finish this, Genie.

Someday I'll be gone

There's somewhere That we belong

And God Has never played his role

'Cause I'm the one Who saves my soul

It's a perfect world We're longing for

So long

Cursing shadows

Hunt and gather

In the city of no answer

As we follow Endless questions

Hands up In the same reflection

Sometimes we try to feel

How things just used to be In yesterdays

Now or never, Make it better

No one ever lives forever

Wake me up, and let me go

Someday I'll be gone

To somewhere we all belong

For so long

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