Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Winter or Summer Wedding?

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Yeah, it's time for "Ask Wendy".

Now, Tyronica is in St. Louis.

How you doin'?

How you doin' Wendy?

Good, Tyronica.

How can I help you? What's your question?

My question for you Wendy is,

we're getting married again.

We were married 18 years.

I can not decide whether we're having a winter wedding

or a summer wedding.

Any suggestions? (laughs)

(audience laughing)

Are you serious?

I'm sorry and we got divorced also.

I'm sorry.

So we're getting re-married, Wendy. I'm sorry.

No, no. I get it.

Congratulations on rekindling love.

How long were you separated

before you got back into the romance again?

One year.

One year?

Do you have children?

Yes, we do four kids.

My oldest will be 22 tomorrow.

What made you just say, oh we're getting a divorce?

What was the fight?

I wanna say it was

over a lot of communication differences that we had.

So you had counseling for the last year or.

Not of, we've been looking for that maybe.

You've been stuck in the house Corona virus thing.

Yeah you go.


We did know each other that better year.

All right.

So you're gonna get the counseling

after you get married.

No before, before.


So we don't have the same.

But we're in winter right now

and you wanna get married in the winter?

Cause I would say we'll just get married tomorrow.

Why are you asking me?

You know, I don't care.

You know, I just want everybody to be happy,

but why don't you wait until the weather gets nicer

and you know

and do the counseling and congratulations

on finding love the second time around.

(audience clapping)

Thank you Wendy.

You're welcome.

All right, Joe is in Maryland.

Joe. What's your.

Hey Wendy how are you doing?

Hello Joe. How you doing?

I'm good.

So I'm 36.

I'm the oldest of my two siblings.

I have a brother who's 30,

a sister who's 21.

So how old are you Joe?

I'm 36.

All right.

So I've been the father figure

to my siblings since we were younger.

Are you a father?

I am a father. Yes.

How old are your children? Joe.

I have a son who's 13.

13, almost out of the house.

Now, how old is your wife?

My partner is 40.


How you doing?


Now Oh damn.

(audience laughing)


I was trying to let the rhythm hit you.

All right.

So the issue is

my siblings are pretty spoiled and entitled.

I've helped them financially with loans

with even apartments.

I've helped raise their kids

but no matter what I do, it's never enough.

So the main issue is my sister over the holiday break

asked for a substantial loan

which I declined because I'm trying to set boundaries.

She went to social media

and blasted me all over social media.

So my question is,

am I wrong for wanting

to cut ties with my entitled siblings?

Yes. You're not gonna cut ties with them over this, Joe.

See I'm angry at him so much for being how you doing.

Okay, Joe, you're very, very handsome

and you're only 36 and you need to focus on your own life.

Don't put things in your siblings who are grown names.

Don't buy them things unless you want to.

And definitely don't extend loans to them.

They've got to grow up

and the best way for them to do it

is to do it on their own individually.

By the way, where are you all's parents?

just asking.


Okay. All right.

Well, Joe, you've done the right thing too much

as far as I'm concerned.

Now it's time to back off and enjoy your life.

Your life, Joe.

Thank you Wendy.

You're very welcome.

(upbeat music)

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