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Why work out when you can play in?”

Improve Immune System function, strength, energy and flexibity, from the safety and

convenience of your home or office.

For 30 years Dave Hall (aka MrRebounder) has been teaching his Cellercise® program.

His portable, compact and lightweight rebounder uses TriDaptable® spring technology so the

WHOLE FAMILY can use it!

Get a toned body and improve immune system health in just ten minutes a day with this

weight bearing, low-impact daily routine!

For senior citizens to young athletes looking to maintain or improve their health and fitness,

Cellercise can target increased lung capacity, weight loss, endurance training, core strength,

flexibility, energy, balance, knees, hips, back, shoulders and much more.

With Dave Halls new patented MrRebounder app, you now have access to over 30 pre-made

routines for beginners, intermediate, advanced, and Senior users or customize and save your

own routines.

For a fun, effective and efficient form of exercise, visit or and browse our recommended core exercises.

Cellercise anywhere, anytime.

Why work out when you can play in?”

Head over to or call 800-856-4863 to learn more about how you can stay fit and

improve Immune System health anywhere in your home.

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